Ubucon Sevilla, University of Seville, Sevilla, Spain - Saturday 5th May 2007

"Five years after touch-down!"






Todo list:

  • (./) Figure out how to do <strike>in moinmoin wiki</strike>, ask the ubuntu-doc team. PaulSladen 2007-03-26

  • (./) Mail the sysadmins to ask for a simple, quick easy 'ubucon-sevilla@' mailing list Done waiting for response, PaulSladen 2007-03-26 (2007-03-29: still waiting...).

  • (./) Contact "John Mark" about the previous Ubucons. Melissa Draper 2007-03-26.

  • Better wording/introduction. There's some good wording on the following which says: Part un-conference, part installfest, and part user group meeting, The UbuCon will take place simultaneously in one large auditorium and 3 - 6 small (~20 people) conference rooms. and sums things up really well in one sentence. From

  • (./) Catering. We've got funding for 50-100 people, and up-front funding to cover at least 50 people. This means that we can go to the caters and sign-up for food/buffet for a minimum of 50 people and tell that there final numbers will likely be bigger. [*] Done, Luis de Bethencourt 2007-03-27, trying to decided what/when to have for drinks/lunch.

  • Need an RSVP page to give an idea of numbers and help people to car-share.
  • Find out central-point-of-contact for the University. Eg. The building is locked and we need to get in... [*] [Ask Guadalinex].
  • Contact for the IT department at the University for network/bandwidth details. [*] [Ask Guadalinex]. luisbg has emailed Guadalinex 2007-03-26.
  • Work out format for talks (eg. 45minutes talk+questions and 15minutes faff/gap between sessions).
  • Work out time-table, a Spanish local tells me people have breakfast at 09:00, lunch at 14:00. So if we run 10:00-17:30 that should allow people to travel from Madrid on the morning.
  • What do we need for a party?
    • Answer: "<luisbg> everybody there... food, internet, drinks (coffee's and beers) and cool stuff to do"

  • (./) Contact the local LUGs. Done GatoLoko (I've wrote to all LUGs listed in 2007-03-30

  • Write a mail "calling for assistance/helpers" and it'll get seen by the spanish linux community.
    • Somebody (PaulSladen?) to draft in English and send to luisbg to translate/copy around everyone.

  • Poke Rob/Lifeless about an "ubuntu on tap" (box setup to do net-installs), useful for not only any new users that may be around, but anyone who wants to reinstall, and especially those without functional cd drives,
  • (./) Poster for the Ubucon

    • Melissa Draper did a poster that is available for download at

    • Poster was posted in various places through the university and some computer stores that support us.
  • ensure proper promotion on-campus at the University. Easier to target the locals than pursading people to come from Barcelona.
  • Publicity:
    • Melissa might be able to do, OSTG, Newsforge and they will also publish Press Releases on spec
      • Use material from hopefully interviewing John Mark about experiences of organizing the previous one
    • LWN, (and our own Fridge). <1 months means it's probably too short notice for the paper press.

    • Ask Slashdot: How to throw a party. What do we need, what are your worst install-fest experiences.
    • Ant30 publish a spanish introduction on a style in spanish and on a Digg like system .

  • On the day:
    • Organise Posters
    • Direction signs (to Ubucon, Food, Toilets...)
  • On-going: Translation, keeping everything in sync.

* - ask guadalinex

Ask Slashdot

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