Ubucon Sevilla, University of Seville, Sevilla, Spain - Saturday 5th May 2007

"Five years after touch-down!"






Ubucon Sevilla Speakers

If you can come, have an idea, or know somebody else that has a burning issue, or just wants to demo their new application (Wobble windows anyway?) in a lightening slot---Add yourself and a note below:

Contacted Speakers

The following people have confirmed that they are willing to speak if we ask them to:

  • FabianRodriguez (Canonical), "Ubuntu Support Ecosystems" (in Spanish and/or English), a talk given at Ubucon NYC 2007. Traveling from Montreal, Canada.

  • Jono Bacon, The Ubuntu community (Canonical)
  • Paul Sladen, laptops, history, magic, anything Ubuntuish (Nineteen Inch)
  • Juan Conde, Guadalinex and the Spanish regional goverment (Junta de Andalucía)
  • Billy Cina, Ubuntu training (Canonical)
  • Melissa Draper, LoCo-teams (travelling from Sydney)

  • Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá, Ubuntu Studio (travelling from Madrid)
  • ? Belinda Lopez, Ubuntu-Women (traveling from Houston, just turned into an unknown b/c of a potential work conflict) Melissa will take
  • Jordi Alins, Catalan LoCo Team (traveling from Lleida) Ubuntu diffusion between adult population, from a construstivistic pedagogic perspective [in Spanish]

Local Helps

The following people have confirmed that they want to help:

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