Warning /!\ Ubuntu Touch is no longer maintained as a core product by Canonical. However, the Ubports community are continuing development.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Update

Image numbers

As each channel and device has separate versioning, the following list shows the respective image numbers corresponding to the released update:

  • BQ Aquaris E4.5 : ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en - krillin: #31

  • BQ Aquaris E5 : ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en - vegetahd: #11

  • Emulator : ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en - generic: not yet released

  • BQ Aquaris M10 : ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris-pd.en - frieza: #2

  • BQ Aquaris M10 HD : ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris-pd.en - cooler: #2

  • Emulator : ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris-pd.en - generic: not yet released

  • Nexus 4 : ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en - mako: #29

  • Meizu MX4 : ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en - arale: #11

  • Meizu PRO 5: ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en - turbo: not yet released

  • Emulator : ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en - generic: not yet released

  • Meizu MX4 : ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.zh - arale: #7

  • Meizu PRO 5: ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.zh - turbo: not yet released

  • Emulator : ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.zh - generic: not yet released

  • Nexus 4 : ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu - mako: #29

  • Nexus 7 : ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu - flo: #7

  • Emulator : ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu - generic: not yet released

On a device, this "image number" is shown as the "OS build number" in System Settings > About this phone > OS.

Overview of changes

This list is only a highlight of the few changes available in this update. Please check the detailed changes for all the changes included in this OTA.

Also worth noting. OTA-10 is the first update for our newly enabled devices - the two tablets: frieza, cooler and the new smartphone: turbo.

Framework versions

This update provides a new framework version: 15.04.4

Important features

  • Completely new Out of the Box experience
    • New welcome wizard
    • New first-use edge tutorial
  • New colour palette - apps can use one of the two colour themes: Ambiance (light) and Suru Dark (dark) (Details)

  • VPN support (no PPTP yet)
  • Per-application download queues
  • Japanese keyboard support
  • Updated pinyin support (libpinyin7)
  • Separate external microphone volume control
  • Changes to visuals in the messaging-app, audio/video attachments for MMS
  • Webbrowser-app changes
    • Touch selection with select/copy/paste ability
    • Video-specific actions in the context menu
    • Convergence teaks, better support for cases when mouse is connected
  • Allow webapps to request access to accelerometer, vibrations, camera and microphone
  • Tablets: 3-finger gesture to move from main to sidestage
  • Online account support for SASL authentication
  • Ability to download system updates through 3G
  • Pocket-desktop devices: special desktop mode toggle
  • Filters for scopes
  • New pre-installed applications: calendar-app, uNav and the Dekko e-mail client


  • Multiple audio routing and volume fixes
  • Fix emulator touch events
  • Minor improvement of application startup smoothness
  • Multiple security fixes in Oxide
  • Camera performance improvements

And many many more...!

Detailed changes

Known issues

The following is a list of issues that notable enough for explicit mention in the release notes.

  • Issue with translation of the 'Tomorrow' word in indicator-datetime (LP: #1566341)

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