This set of pages is primarily focused on assisting new Ubuntu Touch telephony developers, packagers, testers, and bug triagers.


This section gives a brief overview of the major components that make up Ubuntu Touch's telephony stack.


Telepathy is a flexible, modular communications framework that enables real-time communication via pluggable protocol backends. Telepathy is used to provide the high level voice and messaging services to Touch applications. For more information on telepathy, please refer to the Telepathy Wiki.

Network Manager

NetworkManager is a daemon process which manages network connections on the Ubuntu Desktop, and Ubuntu Touch. It integrates with oFono to provide mobile data connections, similar in function to NetworkManager's existing Modem Manager code.

oFono / rilmodem

oFono is an open source telephony daemon which provides a high level set of DBus APIs for interacting with modems for the purpose of providing a full set of telephony services including voice, SIM IO, short messaging service, and GPRS. It also provides a low-level plugin API for integrating with various modem hardware and/or third party telephony stacks.

rilmodem is an oFono modem driver which provides telephony services based on Android's RIL ( Radio Interface Layer ) API.

Please refer to our oFono development page for more information on contributing to oFono/rilmodem.


RILD is an OEM-specific hybrid FOSS/proprietary daemon which provides initialization and control of modem hardware on mobile devices.


oFono uses the AOSP APN database for obtaining configuration data to set-up cellular data. Due to the increasing numbers or virtual operators, it might be the case that your operator is not included in the DB. In that case, you have to use the APN editor to configure the APN. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could follow these steps so we can include your operator in the DB.

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