Event : Code Name

1. Introduction

  • (Short abstract about event type: install party, Ubuntu dedicated event, Ubuntu-tn stand alone event, ...-objectively- )

2. Event context

Venue :
Date :
Time :
Organizer :
Target public :

3. Talks

3.x Talk N°1

(for each talk: presenter, topic, duration(or time slot), number of attendees, link to the supported documents)
Presenter :
Topic :
Duration :
Number of attendees :
Link to the supported document :

4. Workshops

4.x Workshop N°1

(for each workshop stand: responsible, materials, time slot, number of attendees, link to supported documents )
Responsible :
Materials :
Time slot:
Number of attendees :
Link to supported documents :

5. Install Party

6. Invited/Joined talks or teams

6.x Team/Person name

(for each one: Identifier(person or team name), Web link, participation type, ...)
Identifier :
Web link :
Participation type :

7. Expenses

7.x (travel, CDs, Photocopies, rent for material,... )

8. Sponsors

9. Acknowledgements

10. Press release and documents

(Web link of the event, flyers, poster, photos, videos, blog posts, newspapers...)


12. Feedback

12.1 To retain

12.2 To avoid

13. Testimonials

Credits : Rached ALEYA, ubuntu-tn editorial and ubuntu-tn LoCo Team

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