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We, Club des Futurs Informaticiens (CFI), wish to thank first of all the UBUNTU-TN group for accepting our invitation for the UBUNTU day in FSEG of Sfax.We also thank Mr. Chaker Zaafouri who wished to be present despite its majorimpediments; we also thank him for providing us with the necessary number of free CDs to support the needs of our guests. We also thank Mr. Rafik Bouaziz for his valuable help for organizing this day.

2 From the beginning of the beginning

  • • At 8:00 guests were already in the auditorium waiting impatiently for ubunteros. • 8:25 ubunteros were ready to get started. • 8:30 President of the CFI Achraf Ayadi took the floor to open the day and then he gave the floor to Mr. Rafik Bouaziz who did not hesitate to thank again ubunteros.

3 Presentations

As expected, the 1st presentation was ”PRESENTATION D’UBUNTU” by Mr.Wajih Letaief (MaWaLe) and this was well appreciated by the public because of its contents and the way it was presented by MaWaLe.

  • The 2nd presentation was ”LES PROGICIELS DE GESTION INTEGREE(PGI) OPEN SOURCE” by Ms. Rihab Loukil Haddar. The presentation was so important as everyone was expecting. In fact, this presentation was in our field

of study. But unfortunately it did not meet the needs of the audience (teachers and students). It was not clear enough because of the lack of some ERP system examples. It was expected that Mr Abid Rochdi would be holding a workshop on ERP systems but unfortunately due to the time constraint this was not possible.

  • The 3rd presentation was ”LA VIRTUALISATION” and as always MaWaLe attracted us by his presenting way and even more by the Snapshots example keeping the whole audience speechless.

    • 1

    The last presentation was ”LIDE NetBeans” by Rached Aleya who introduced NetBeans in its version 6.5. He talked about the features offered by this IDE then he spoke about plugins. He planned a small demo in which he demonstrated the ease of implementing an application with NetBeans. Bare in mind also that Rached was invited to SFAX radio to talk about this famous IDE during the program ”LA TECHNOLOGIE D’INFORMATION” presented by Ms. Houda Hadj Kacem.

4 Lunch

The Faculty of Economics and Management of SFAX has shown its sense of hospitality to our distinguished guests ”ubunteros” and booked a meal for twenty persons.

5 Install Party

The Install Party! That was really the moment of glory of UBUNTU!

  • The number of attendees in l’Espace Etudiant Entreprise (EEE) was unexpected. It was planned the presence of about 50 persons, however, more than 70 guests formed by teachers and students were all excited to see Ubuntu running

on their machines.

  • The presentation on installing Ubuntu 8.10 began with Mr. Wajih Letaief who explained the different possibilities of installation (complete migration, dual boot, installation in Windows). Fortunately the idea to install Ubuntu

in Windows was not appreciated by the public which shows its intention to use UBUNTU on a daily basis.

  • All attendees have chosen either a complete migration or a dual boot and then the whole UBUNTU-TN team was there to bring aid and assistance for that. We were really surprised by the team spirit that was gathering all ubunteros. A team that was able to manage attendees and was able to support them throughout the installation process in complete sympathy and coordination. We have also to mention that in addition to the technical assistance, ubunteros has explained all the steps and options that arise during the installation process.
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    After the install party, everyone began discovering this new open source world through UBUNTU. Lots and lots of questions were asked to UBUNTU-TN team. This shows the enthusiasm of new users of Ubuntu.

6 Ambiance

In a calm atmosphere with nice people, it was the discovery of a new magic OS called ”UBUNTU”. After the event we were full of victory feeling with a pleasant surprise that the amphitheater was full of both students and teachers. We burned 70 CDs that were distributed during the Install Party.

  • The dinner was also an act of hospitality to our esteemed faculty to our dear guests. The CFI team prepared a surprise to UBUNTU-TN members. It was a cake on which was written ”A lot of success for UBUNTU”. At the end of this pleasant event everyone left with many pleasant memories.

7 Mr ubuntero, what to do if you need help?

  1. www.ubuntu-tn.org get registered in the mailing list and in the forum so you will be aware of all the news and you can ask all kind questions.

  2. www.mibbit.com click on ”start chatting NOW”, select ” freenode” IRC then choose a nickname (Nick) and choose the Channel ”ubuntu-tn” then click GO and you will be in good hands .

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