Translated from French to English by Wassim Derguech

21/03/2009: Youth Club of Ras Jebel

1.1 Introduction

This day was organized by Association "Assistance Informatique" Ras Djebel in collaboration with the LoCo Team ubuntu-tn. We thank them very much and I hope we can make other similar days in the next future.

1.2 10am: Start of the day

We (Karim, Rached, Chourouk, Ghassen) accessing the conference room: a room of 15m * 7m, we install our PCs on the tables, a video projector, and two digital cameras (the one of Chourouk and the one of Karim Fathallahs uncle ).

  • At 10am there were only 4 attendees, at 10:30 the room is almost full, with more than 35 persons. Karim has opened the day by welcoming all attendees and presenting the Ubuntu-tn team for 15 minutes (then he was looking for MBB, it really made a huge logistical effort). I was talking about 5 minutes about the Ubuntu community, Ubuntu and the Tunisian team, meanwhile Chourouk was preparing the video-projector.

1.3 10:20: Presentation 1

Chourouk Lahiani began the introduction of Ubuntu (the presentation is the framcophone community one, updated by Rached Aleya, during the trip to RasJebel). He exposed different subjects such as : Ubuntu, open source, four liberties defined by Richard Stallman, linux, Linus Trovalds, Mark shuttelworth and and his foundation Canonical (it was an answer to the question of MBB:)), applications of Ubuntu: desktop, internet, development, graphic design , playing music and videos .. and of course she presented how to find assistance by joining the community: mailig list, chanel irc, launchpad ...

1.4 11:40: Presentation 2

Normally Mohamed Ben Bouzid has to begin his presentation on AptOnCD, but he has spoken about Ubuntu-tn and spirit of the community for 10 minutes, so we took the opportunity to end this ”representation” and take a break: paw + coffee + cookies :)

  • After the break, MBB started his presentation on AptOnCD, he explained how to install programs using synaptic manager and adding CD in its installation sources, then via add/remove method through the application menu and

command line typing: sudo apt-get install PackageName, explaining of course what is sudo apt-get. This presentation was done through a demo.

1.5 12:40: Presentation 3

Before starting his presentation, Rached Alaya launched VirtualBox. He began playing with Compiz effects by writing Ras Jebel with fire effect, changing desktop and then asking :

  • -Rached, ”What do you see in front of you? ”
    -Attendees: Windows
    -Rached, ”Can you guess if I have windows or Ubuntu installed on my PC? ”

Some said windows, others said Ubuntu and 3 or 4 of them already know VirtualBox, so they replied that it is a virtual machine running under Windows.
Now he starts the presentation, by defining virtualization, its use and its benefits, ending with a demonstration by installing kubuntu on a virtual machine. He also explained how to make a ”snapshot” and its usefulness, it was great to see the crash of windows (although it failed because I forgot the procedure, in short, it worked the next day :)). The presentation ends at 13:45.

  • Ubuntu FATHALLAH Karim and his uncle Abd Elaziz ended the session of that day, we answered some general questions and we distribute 47 CDs between ubuntu desktop and ubuntu server 8.04 and 8.10 (A big thanks to Chourouk who brought with him 8 Cds ubuntu desktop 8.10 and 5 stickers) before leaving.

2 22/03/2009: Youth Club of Ras Jebel

2.1 10:00: Joomla Presentation

Karim FATHALLAH gave a presentation on Joomla 1.5.9. He printed the slides that he prepared for that and distributed them to the attendees. The presentation was performed via a demo where he created a website with the minimum necessary. The presentation was very active: there were lots of interventions, questions and answers too.

2.2 11:30

End of this session, and this is the pleasant surprise, many questions from those who attended the previous day about Ubuntu, some of these questions were: I installed VirtualBox, then Ubuntu but it is not displayed in full screen. Another question: I tried to install ubuntu in dual boot, but I made a mistake → it was a great opportunity to make a very mini install party :), other questions about registration to Mailing List, and launchpad ... it was really great.

3 Ambiance

3.1 20/03/2009

  • • 21:30: Dinner
    • 22h: Cafeteria
    • 23h: Sea
    • 23:30: Sleeping

3.2 21/03/2009

  • • 14:20: Lunch
    • 15h: Visiting Rafraf
    • 19h: Dinner
    • 20h: Cafeteria
    • 21h: visiting the house of the grandmother of karim
    • 23h: going to the house of Karim: Sleeping

3.3 22/03/2009

  • • 13h: Lunch
    • 14h → 20.30: Visiting Ras Jebel by Karims car → Matlin (nice coffee break) → Kaalet LAndaloss → ... → Ariana→ Geant (dinner break: thank you Karim) → Barchalona
    • 20h45: Train Tunis/Sfax: no availability because of the football play between CSS and CA

  • Ubuntu The common points among all these are the wonderful atmosphere, the full exchange of ideas, the discussions about everything, the laughing for lot of situations, the drinking and eating lots of delicious food and drinks, the visiting of nice places and especially knowing a lot of good people Smile :)
    Ubuntu here is some photos : I hope you enjoy it Smile :)


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