Ubuntu-tn in the Software Freedom Day

One day before the release of Ubuntu 8.10, the Ibex interpid, Hardy Heron or Ubuntu 8.04 celebrated free in the Technological Pole El Ghazel under the Software Freedom Day 2008. This global celebration of free software is an annual opportunity to meet various clubs and groups active in the field of open source software in Tunisia to promote the culture of free and show the public the potential of free software.

Ubuntu-tn, the community gathered around Ubuntu

The SFD2008 was a great opportunity to bring together users of ubuntu in Tunisia. Several members of the Tunisian team moved to Tunis to meet on behalf of ubuntu. T-shirts, caps, pens and brochures were also at Ubuntu appointment and the essential CDs to distribute.

A conference to present Ubuntu

To begin, Mr. Rafik Ouerchefani gave a lecture entitled "Ubuntu: The spirit, the organizer and the community." It was a presentation of Ubuntu operating system as reliable, free and free by highlighting his spirit and his community. This conference was the less technical among all conferences of the day namely VoIP, Clustering and providing free software in the architecture of information systems. The visitors impressed and curious have triggered a very interesting debate.

Ubuntu-tn stand

In the afternoon, the ubunteros have hosted several workshops in which they presented to visitors this Linux distribution in its various editions and variations: Ubuntu desktop or server, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, ubuntume, etc.

The Ubuntu LiveCD

The Ubuntu community in Tunisia prepared very interesting workshops with the presentation of the Live version Ubuntu including. More than 350 LiveCD and 20 LiveDVD were distributed to guests who have also talked about the adventures with Ubuntu. In addition, ubunteros introduced,too a customized version which was prepared by our friend Hani Hbayeb carefully.

UbuntuME, Linux for Muslims

Ubuntume, Ubuntu Muslim Edition, is the only Linux distribution customised for muslims. It is a set of software packages that customize the distribution Ubuntu pre-installed software Islamic (hourly prayers, study the Koran, learning Arabic etc ...) and changing the look of the system. This is our friend Abdelmonam Kouka who offered to us to discover this beautiful version of Ubuntu.

Virtualization, a technique for multiple OS coexisting

Virtualization is a technique that continues to revolutionize the world, it allows the installation of other OS on the same machine and run along together. Our friend Zied Alaya prepared a workshop that focused on virtualization Ubuntu: He presented the tool VirtualBox to visitors who were either inexperienced and were surprised to see a Windows that runs on Ubuntu, either because they were professionals who came even as a response or seek additional information on this technique.

Simple as Ubuntu

Ubuntu has always been one of the variations linux easier as they say "simple as ubuntu,". Our friends Djait Sleh, Nizar Kerkni Wajih Letaief and the others have proved this in their workshops: Wubi, installation packages, software, and Ubuntu updates, Install party.

Compiz Fusion in the first place

For a year now, Ubuntu has an area increasingly important for graphic effects Compiz or GNOME which during the day were the most attractive workshop. I congratulate you Meher Bouaneni Nizar Kerkni for your choice.

The success of ubuntu

It was a real success that the team has gathered consequently to his participation in the SFD. Many people joined the Tunisian community accordingly, but many more visitors were true ubunteros and they were pleased to share their emotions and experiences. Among the visitors there were even companies that are already convinced by Ubuntu since it is free but with free updates. From these experiences I quote one of a company that buys Pentium I and II and III and sells them in Africa after installing edubuntu. The initiative came from a technician who has been tested and officials were surprised by the lightness and efficiency.

Futurs Evenements

The Tunisian team gathered a great success consequently to his participation in the SFD this year , I hope that many others follow. However, the community must find new strategies to attract a large number of Users and especially educate a large number of users of the importance of collaboration in the free world.

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