Event : Salon Nationale d'informatique et Bureautique

1. Introduction

  • 23/11/2010 Theme Contain a Presentation of Ubuntu and committee of ubuntu-tn 27/11/2010 Install Party and CD distribution

2. Event context

2.1 SIB 2010

Venue : Boukari Sabri-Sarhane Aissi -Ahmed Sghaier
Date : 23/11/2010 AND 27/11/2010
Time : 10.00 To 19.00
Organizer : Chemesseddine Ben Jemaa
Target public : Student And Simple Users

3. Talks

3.1 Talk N°1

Boukari Sabri :Introduction To Ubuntu
Presenter : Boukari Sabri file .ODP
Topic :Ubuntu 10.10
Duration :30 Mn
Number of attendees :30 Persons|Minister of Telecommunication
Link to the supported document :.ODP

4. Workshops

4.1 Workshop N°1 27/11/2010

Boukari Sabri And Aissi Sarhane And Sghaier Ahmed
Responsible : Boukari Sabri
Materials : Laptop Pc |Projector
Time slot:1_Hours
Number of attendees :Uncoutable(~ 50 or more)
Link to supported documents :.ODP

5. Install Party

27/11/2010 14.30h Assistant Boukari Sabri And Aissi Sarhane

6. Invited/Joined talks or teams

6.1 Team/Person name

Ubuntu-tn Committee
Identifier :sabri_icone
Web link :https://wiki.ubuntu.com/sabri-icone

Participation type :Presentation||Install Party Assistant

7. Expenses

7.1 (travel, CDs, Photocopies, rent for material,... )

Printing of 30 Ubuntu-tn présentation Printing of 10 Pages that describe how to join ubuntu-tn Distribution of Canonical CDs (10.04LTS Ubuntu-Kubuntu-Server edition 64bits)

8. Sponsors

TraiNux, Filiale LPI au Maghreb

Credits : Rached ALEYA, ubuntu-tn editorial and ubuntu-tn LoCo Team

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