February 2009

ISETS Event 9.02

As part of our noble activities to disseminate the concepts of free culture, we continued our road. And this time we have participated in the event EventISETS9 .02 Sfax and precisely in the ISET (Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Sfax). As usual we presented the Ubuntu OS and the philosophy of free software . We were followed by a large and active audience, the director of the Institute and teachers. The whole team working to achieve the various planned tasks, was divided into groups. The install party was a capital part in our work, in fact we help students to migrate to Ubuntu in two more reprises .We presented several software solutions and several actual and real cases to help them . Customization Workshops, graphic effect, VBox and the "How to "of using Ubuntu for new users of ubuntu was an important part of our mission in Sfax.Working with IDEs, programming in C / C + + and Java, the installation of Postgresql and Oracle in the Ubuntu OS was also an evidence in our work. We presented the various community support and of course the IRC Channel of the Tunisian team. It a good and amazing job leading to a good result. (see Report(En) and Report(Fr) for more details)

Credits :Aymen AMRI, Rached ALEYA, Ubuntu-tn editorial Team & ubuntu-tn LoCo Team

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