At the beginning of a new development cycle, Ubuntu developers from around the world gather to help shape and scope the next release of Ubuntu. The summit is open to the public, but it is not a conference, exhibition or other audience-oriented event. Rather, it is an opportunity for Ubuntu developers -- who usually collaborate online -- to work together in person on specific tasks.

Small groups of developers will participate in short Forum and Workshop (formerly called "BoF"/Birds-of-a-Feather) sessions. This allow a single project is discussed and documented in a written specification. These specifications will be used for planning the new release of Ubuntu, as described in FeatureSpecifications and TimeBasedReleases.

Many of the Launchpad team will also be present. They will be available to discuss Launchpad features and problems, and will invite volunteers to help them test Launchpad’s usability.


You can stay at the Hotel @ MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - http://www.hotelatmit.com/

If you book online at: http://www.hotelatmit.com/ then in the Group/Convention Code field, use the code: UDS to get the UDS Summit discounted rate.

Unfortunately, according to Doubletree Reservations, this discount rate availability expired on 21 September.

Be aware that Hilton and DoubleTree are part of the same group and you may be linked to the DoubleTree website during the booking process.


If you plan on attending the UDS, please add yourself to the Attendees page so we know you plan on coming.

If you cannot attend in person, you can still listen to the conferences or take part in them remotely. For details please see here

Directions from the airport

After arriving at Logan International airport, exit your terminal and follow signs toward the bus stop for city and municipal buses. There are many types of buses that stop at each terminal and most go to parking garages and rental car lots. You should find the stop for "MBTA" or city buses. Once there, you should wait until you see a "Silver Line" bus which will be say either "Silver Line" or "SL1" on the front and will be the only bus that is either double length (with an "accordion" center) or silver in color. The bus will cost USD 2.00 and you need to pay with exact change when boarding the bus. Alternatively, you can buy a "Charlie Ticket" from a MBTA vending machine. An unlimited ride pass will cover both the bus and subway system or you can buy a stored value card which will work on either as well. Change should be available from the MBTA vending machine or you can buy using a credit or debit card. The bus comes at least every 15 minutes and more frequently in peak hours.

The silver line is designed to be something between a subway and a bus. It will eventually go underground. Stay on the bus until the end (4-5 stops) which is "South Station." At South Station you will be able to to transfer to the Red Line subway line without exiting the station or paying again. Take the Red Line going "Inbound" toward Alewife.

Go on the red line until you hit CENTRAL SQUARE.

Exit to street level. You will be on Massachusetts Avenue. Look for a Starbucks on the corner. While facing the Starbucks, walk to the right three block. The hotel will be on the opposite side of the street after the fire station onto Sidney Street. Walk down one block and entrance to hotel is on left on Green Street. See a map of this walk.

MBTA Notes


In Boston, you only have to pay when you enter the train system. At the station, you'll need to buy a ticket at one of the electronic kiosks. You can put however much money you want on it, and it accepts cash and credit cards. After buying a ticket, insert it into one of the entrance gates and it'll pop out the top. Grab it and walk through.

Another thing to note about the train station is that depending on what station you are in and what line you're going on, the direction of the trains are specified either as Westbound / Eastbound, Inbound / Outbound, or the destination station of the train.

As for the cost, it is $1.70 if you purchase a refillable-plastic "Charlie Card" per traveled leg. If you choose to use the paper "Charlie Ticket," it is $2.00 per ride. For those who will be in town for the entire conference, it may make sense to purchase the 7 Day "Link Pass" which offers unlimited rides on both bus and subway for 7 days, for only $15. This means after 9 rides with a Charlie Ticket or even less with a Charlie Card, you will have broken even, and will be saving yourself money.


We arrived on Friday night and took the free 33 bus to the blue T-station at the airport. We then bought a $2 "Charlie Ticket" at the machines (which take cash [notes/coins] and cards - although another (local) guy had problems with his card, don't know if that was the machine or his card). Once we got on the train we were told that there was a problem with the train and it would go only one stop (and not all the way to Government Cen - our intended destination) and we would have to get a bus (laid on by the transit company). The train was pretty packed, and as such so was the bus. We arrived at Government Cen and took the Green line for one stop to Park Street, then switched to the Red line (track 6) to the Central station (one after Kendal). Upon leaving the station, we did as instructed, with Starbucks behind us we crossed Mas. Ave., turned left and walked 3 blocks. In front of us was The Asgard (pub) and next to that is the Hotel. --AlanPope

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