Plenary Ideas and Suggestions

At UOS we have an hour of plenary talks to give people an opportunity to address Ubuntu developers as a whole. Usually will be broken up into 4 15 minute sessions. If you want to do a plenary then please add your topic below. Here are some hints:

  • The intended audience is the group of Ubuntu Developers and upstreams/downstreams in attendance. This may also include attendees from partners, ISVs, OEMs, and any one who has an interest in the Ubuntu ecosystem.
  • "Here's what's going with this upstream project and how it will affect Ubuntu" makes for great plenaries.
  • The plenary length will be 15 minutes.
  • The presenter should not bore people to death, remember it's right after lunch. We have limited slots and we expect presenters to be prepared with slides and for the talk to be relevant to the wider Ubuntu development audience.
  • Presenters are expected to be ready to present the week of UOS. Due to changing travel schedules on occasion we may need to shuffle people to a different day, we expect presenters to be prepared prior to arrival at UOS and not doing slides the day before.
  • If your talk is not accepted then we instead encourage you to condense your talk into 5 minutes and do a lightning talk on Friday instead.

If your talk is accepted and when scheduling starts MichaelHall will slot your plenary into a session and it will show up on the schedule.

Proposed Plenaries



Lightning Talks

Lightning talks will be on Wednesday on TBD, feel free to add yourself in, the order will be first come first serve, 5 minute each!



Plenaries and Lightning Talks You'd Like to See

If you'd like to see a topic covered put it down here so we can hunt presenters down:

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