This will be the seventh meeting of the UKTeam, starting at 21:00 GMT and finishing at xx:xx GMT


Please type PRESENT at the start of the meeting to ensure we are all clear who is online and paying attention. Active Atendees:


When adding an agenda item please "sign" it by leaving your name next to it. If you won't be attending the meeting please also spell out your item in detail, otherwise we can't fruitfully discuss it.

  • Getting things moving. , NikButler says lets focus on wrapping up items from previous meetings and tabling other items until a later ( agreed ) date.

  • Comic Relief , NikButler says yes/no/maybe to LUG/local events you can do.

  • Expos and Events, NikButler reviews upcomming meetings and who will be responsible for event organisation e.g Guadec, Lugradio, LWE2007 .


Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The chairman of the meeting should endeavour to ensure that key points are discussed in an appropriate time. Key Topics from the Agenda should be tabled in the channel using a market such as [ TOPIC ] or * TOPIC * Followed by the agenda item. Where Suggestions or Ideas are put forward and considered as acceptable to the group then it should be noted by the Chairman as [ IDEA ] or * IDEA * . Where a concept is discussed and agreed the use of [ AGREED ] or * AGREED * should be defined by the chairman and should signify the topic is discussed and the meeting is to move on. Be clear on the channel when the meeting is concluded and how and when the minutes will be posted.


22:02:09  <LoudMouthMan> #startmeeting
22:02:09  <MootBot> Meeting started at 22:02. The chair is LoudMouthMan.
22:02:23  <LoudMouthMan> AndrewWilliams cheers, grrr im in three modes tonight.
22:02:42  <LoudMouthMan> okay so do we have everyones attention, give me a present at least ?
22:02:43  <DaveMorris> [PRESENT]
22:02:55  <AndrewWilliams> [PRESENT]
22:03:01  <X3N> [PRESENT]
22:03:09  <X3N> MootBot owns
22:03:12  <e30Andy> [PRESENT]
22:03:45  <medders> [PRESENT]
22:03:49  <Sionide> ?
22:03:51  <LoudMouthMan> Anyone else or are we just quit tonight , Ill give it a extra  minute just to be sure
22:03:52  <Sionide> [PRESENT]
22:03:58  <medders> X3N: I'll second that :)
22:04:06  <Owdgit> present
22:04:08  <James_Pain> [PRESENT]
22:04:15  <Sionide> what is supposed to happen?
22:04:16  <bugbot> New on planetuk: Toby Smithe: Reply from the BBC regarding pro-Microsoft bias in Vista news reporting <http://tibsplace.co.uk/blog/index.php/2007/02/21/reply-from-the-bbc-regarding-pro-microsoft-bias-in-vista-news-reporting/>
22:04:44  <LoudMouthMan> nothing much its just nice to know that everyone has returned from having a break, grabbing a drink or reading the planets.
22:04:47  * X3N gives Seeker` a cookie for furfilling a need so well
22:05:52  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Getting things moving from NikButler : its been a while weve built up some things to do , are we in general happy that things are a) happening and b) moving forward and if so shall we give ourselves space to achieve them ?
22:05:53  <MootBot> New topic:  Getting things moving from NikButler : its been a while weve built up some things to do , are we in general happy that things are a) happening and b) moving forward and if so shall we give ourselves space to achieve them ?
22:06:36  <James_P> i hste my router, anyway i'm back
22:06:48  <James_P> hate*
22:06:54  <DaveMorris> what are the goals/projects?  Is there a list of them?
22:07:19  <LoudMouthMan> Davemorris, well mostly the meeting minutes help set the agreed goals and projects.
22:07:53  <LoudMouthMan> as well as the projects page itself . but since in 4 months weve built up a small list of tidy up and get done jobs I think its probably okay to just wrap them up
22:08:06  <DaveMorris> ok
22:08:13  <constrictor> my xserver has gone wonky
22:08:25  <constrictor> i log in and it brings me back to the log in screen
22:08:32  <constrictor> fiesty :(
22:08:43  <DaveMorris> constrictor: meeting ;)
22:08:44  <LoudMouthMan> I had planned to review the discussions and take time to round up the  various members and see if we are moving, peddling or dropping things as it goes.
22:08:45  <X3N> constrictor: you've just walked into a meeting ;)
22:08:54  <constrictor> oops
22:09:03  <neuro_> meeting?
22:09:09  * LoudMouthMan Waves at constrictor and says "hey join in anyway , your opinion much appreciated"
22:09:09  <constrictor> forgot
22:09:24  <LoudMouthMan> neuro_ like you dont know <wink>
22:09:26  <AndrewWilliams> someone needs to adjust the topic
22:09:33  <AndrewWilliams> channel topic that is
22:09:43  <X3N> go on then :p
22:09:51  *** LoudMouthMan changes topic to " Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://www.ubuntu-uk.org | Ubuntu FAQ: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/Gallery/Members add your picture | Next UKTeam Meeting is in #ubuntu-uk on 21st February at 21:00 and in Progress | This isn't a support channel, but we won't turn you down if you want support. #ubuntu is the official support channel"
22:10:08  <LoudMouthMan> I had edited it earlier as well to include the Agenda details !
22:10:28  <X3N> I thought that this /was/ a support channel
22:10:38  <LoudMouthMan> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/MeetingNotes/20070221Meeting
22:10:38  <MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/MeetingNotes/20070221Meeting
22:10:38  <DaveMorris> are there any oprhaned projects which need wrapping or dropping?
22:10:51  <LoudMouthMan> wow thanks Seeker` links are implemented ! heheh
22:10:54  <DaveMorris> s/wrapping/wrapping up
22:10:58  <AndrewWilliams> thanks to me :)
22:11:17  <LoudMouthMan> DaveMorris yes I believe there are and weve talked about it before.
22:11:22  <Sionide> this is a support channel, but only for "UK" related problems... heh
22:11:51  <LoudMouthMan> but when we agreed stuff and whom was going to do the next step its nice to leave a chance for those things to happen.
22:11:51  <X3N> it's local support which is the point of a loco group.. anyway offtopic sorry
22:12:26  <X3N> I think things are ticking over quite nicely, people seem to be quite busy at the moment
22:12:40  <LoudMouthMan> X3N , Sionide, indeed<grin> but just staying on topic it seems the relevant thing here is to find people on channel here ( including me ) who will effect the shriving and review of projects and agreements
22:13:25  <Sionide> what's the comic relief thing about?
22:13:26  <X3N> LoudMouthMan: maybe we could be doing more in collaborating our efforts with the testing of feisty
22:13:28  *** James_P is now known as James_Pain
22:13:38  <LoudMouthMan> X3N , yes i agree with that also ( god knows I am ) . but for dead / completed / discarded projects ideas a once a month review or email to relevant people may help keep the weeds down.
22:13:54  <LoudMouthMan> Sionide, We can get to that later.
22:14:04  <Sionide> alright
22:14:11  <LoudMouthMan> X3N . A very good point. I'll shove that into AOB though but yes we could .
22:15:12  <LoudMouthMan> If I take into account Jonos Herding Cats conversations I ( like X3N ) feel that things are moving forward and things are getting done, or does anyone not feel this to be the case ?
22:15:34  <X3N> were you thinking of any specific projects when you put that item in LoudMouthMan ?
22:15:47  <LoudMouthMan> its actually really good that we have nothing NEW or Distracting to be doing <Grin>
22:16:24  <X3N> yeah i agree
22:16:42  <X3N> not much point in coming up with ideas if we don't give ourselves time to impliment them
22:16:48  <LoudMouthMan> X3N , Its a return to the discussion about cleaning up the wiki and to recognising that that things are happening . unless people feel differently . its a chance to say .. "hey actually it all seems static"
22:17:28  <X3N> maybe a reminder to people to update their project subpages
22:17:40  <LoudMouthMan> so okay , shall we agree to set the next meeting date at least 6 weeks in the future and give time for things to change/grow/happen ?
22:18:05  <LoudMouthMan> X3N , yep , oh and AndrewWilliams I just caught up your Seeker` so cheers <grin>
22:18:19  <X3N> I think it would also be benificial to find out which projects have gone stale
22:18:33  <X3N> so a mini report from the people in the project would be quite good
22:18:46  <LoudMouthMan> gods yes , if only to bench them and allow them time to grow at their own rate.
22:18:52  <DaveMorris> and no report means it stale
22:19:00  <X3N> I know my project has had quite a few developments recently which people probably don't know about
22:19:22  <AndrewWilliams> no, i'm helping seeker with the bot :)
22:19:29  <X3N> so, next meeting a /breif/ report on the activity on the projects ?
22:19:31  <LoudMouthMan> it think no feedback or comments or connection means its stale but we discussed butting a update on each wiki page suggesting it would be archived.
22:20:06  <LoudMouthMan> X3N yes good idea ( can you phrase that as IDEA ) and we will make that a time to review projects ..
22:20:11  <X3N> ok
22:20:21  <LoudMouthMan> it might give us something to write about for the fridge and for local magazines.
22:21:20  <X3N> [IDEA] A short report from a nominated memeber of a current ubuntu-uk team project to be presented to the list and discussed in the next meeting
22:21:21  <MootBot> IDEA received:  A short report from a nominated memeber of a current ubuntu-uk team project to be presented to the list and discussed in the next meeting
22:21:33  <GazzaK> eeek, meeting?
22:21:42  <DaveMorris> yep
22:21:42  <LoudMouthMan> I think we can agree to that and move on ? yes
22:22:03  <X3N> I agree to it :p
22:22:05  <GazzaK> yay, I made it, a bit late but meh
22:22:21  <GazzaK> +1 from me too
22:22:34  <DaveMorris> [AGREED]
22:22:50  <LoudMouthMan> So to be clear a date for the next meeting to be at least 6 weeks away and to include short reports ?
22:23:00  <X3N> yeah
22:23:10  <DaveMorris> [IDEA] a wiki page with the moot bots tags for people to use
22:23:10  <MootBot> IDEA received:  a wiki page with the moot bots tags for people to use
22:23:20  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] A date for the next meeting to be at least 6 weeks away and to include short reports from avaliable project members.
22:23:20  <MootBot> AGREED received:  A date for the next meeting to be at least 6 weeks away and to include short reports from avaliable project members.
22:23:25  <LoudMouthMan> moving on then
22:23:27  <GazzaK> if I can make it, I'll give a short report on taking over me local LUG :-)
22:23:44  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Comic Relief , Has anyone any further thoughts/ideas  ?
22:23:44  <MootBot> New topic:  Comic Relief , Has anyone any further thoughts/ideas  ?
22:23:45  <Sionide> [AGREED] a wiki page with the moot bots tags for people to use
22:23:53  <LoudMouthMan> there was a wiki page ( let me go find it )
22:24:07  <X3N> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam/MootBot
22:24:10  <X3N> beat you :p
22:24:29  <willskills> hey X3N
22:24:34  <willskills> did you get DSL booting off the pen?
22:24:39  <willskills> I can run in windows np
22:24:42  <willskills> off the stick
22:24:43  <Sionide> well, for comic relief i'm taking part in an event my student radio station is doing called Hearing Aid, it's nation wide so you might hear about it.. not ubuntu related, but it could be
22:24:47  <willskills> tested at work today :p
22:24:50  <Sionide> somehow
22:24:56  <willskills> but when I try to boot off the pen
22:25:15  <X3N> willskills: we're in a meeting right now, but no i went to bed and haven't tried much more
22:25:20  <GazzaK> once for comic relief I dyed my hair bright red, I ain't doing that again
22:25:24  <willskills> ok mate, sorry to disturb :)
22:25:31  <X3N> join in :)
22:25:36  <Sionide> GazzaK, dye the ubuntu logo in
22:25:38  <LoudMouthMan> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/CharityWork/ComicReliefIdeas
22:25:38  <MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/CharityWork/ComicReliefIdeas
22:25:39  <willskills> ok :)
22:25:42  <Sionide> parts of it are red, heh
22:25:51  <GazzaK> Sionide, http://www.kearley.net/images/redhair.jpg
22:26:15  <GazzaK> it was a bad day okay... permanent hair dye is a pita to grow out
22:26:15  <LoudMouthMan> Sionide, I personally feel every effort, effect and idea and involvement related or not is important if a UK member was involved.
22:26:38  <X3N> Sponsored bug fixing is a great idea
22:26:54  <LoudMouthMan> okay well I reckon we have about 2 weeks before the Comic Relief day
22:27:05  <Sionide> LoudMouthMan, i'll be sitting in the bar on my laptop all day probably.. watching the technical side of things as we do a 24hr broadcast.. it's gonna be great
22:27:31  <X3N> where is popey
22:27:41  <Sionide> where is jono
22:27:54  <LoudMouthMan> I like bugifxing to ? shall I chat it over with Bugtracker team and see what we can do ? we will need to agree a structure and get forums and mail lists involved. It seems like a pledge bank is more inorder?
22:28:19  <X3N> yeah sounds good
22:28:24  <DaveMorris> [IDEA] herd4 testing
22:28:25  <MootBot> IDEA received:  herd4 testing
22:28:33  <LoudMouthMan> what the hell is herd4 ?
22:28:56  <Sionide> the latest release of fiesty, isn't it?
22:29:01  <DaveMorris> feisty herd4 testing rather than bug fixing
22:29:07  <GazzaK> latest dev of festering fox?
22:29:35  <X3N> was out on the 14th feb
22:29:38  <Sionide> see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeistyReleaseSchedule
22:29:46  <Sionide> GazzaK, fawn*
22:29:46  <DaveMorris> depends if we are more programmers (bug fixing) or users/testers (bug finding in herd4, other packages)
22:30:24  <LoudMouthMan> hmm okay lets say . its A bug fixed by A developer.
22:30:25  <X3N> this is on the end of the meeting agenda
22:30:31  <LoudMouthMan> it is ?
22:30:47  <X3N> well you said other tems earlier
22:30:55  <X3N> (for testing)
22:30:57  <LoudMouthMan> X3N okay , sorry .
22:30:58  <popey> moo
22:31:00  <X3N> *items
22:31:04  <popey> got txt LoudMouthMan
22:31:04  <LoudMouthMan> i thought we were talking about Comic Relief .
22:31:11  <James_Pain> I like the tube marathon idea by ChrisOattes for comic relief
22:31:12  <X3N> popey: re-theme our site for the day - AlanPope ??
22:31:20  <LoudMouthMan> heeh Cool . hey popey , cant do these without you
22:31:23  <Sionide> LoudMouthMan, we were, but bug fixing came into convo
22:31:36  <rbs-tito> I'm trying to think of a name for an OEM, it is really annoying
22:31:44  <LoudMouthMan> Sionide, yeah well a comic relief idea is to sponsor bugs to be fixed.
22:31:49  <LoudMouthMan> like a pledge bank.
22:31:51  <X3N> Norf-ubu: meeting :)
22:31:52  <popey> sorry family stuff
22:31:53  <popey> back in 10
22:31:56  <Sionide> wouldn't it be more beneficial to get ubuntu.com or the fridge at least rethemed?
22:32:22  <GazzaK> ubuntu.com would be kinda cool
22:32:32  <GazzaK> who has slept with mark here though?
22:32:32  <James_Pain> we can do that too but we need some advertising out in the open
22:32:48  <Sionide> alright, not a re-theme of ubuntu.com but a banner or something
22:32:56  <LoudMouthMan> X3n , yeah heheh for testing we can put that at the end but for Comic Relief, how about sponsor popey to answer questions or sponsor upstreams to fix bugs ?
22:33:03  <Sionide> put a red nose in the ubuntu logo on the fridge, something like that
22:33:11  <X3N> LoudMouthMan: :D
22:34:01  <X3N> I can do a comic relief logo on our site and switch the colours around
22:34:02  <LoudMouthMan> okay lets do a quick vote .. ( not you just type +1 to vote for or -1 against ) .
22:34:12  <X3N> i'm happy to do that
22:34:16  <James_Pain> yep
22:34:18  <GazzaK> i'd sponsor popey to answer a question
22:34:24  <LoudMouthMan> [VOTE] Vote for developers to be sponsored . is the first vote.
22:34:24  <MootBot> Please vote on:  Vote for developers to be sponsored . is the first vote..
22:34:27  <LoudMouthMan> +1
22:34:27  <MootBot> +1 received from LoudMouthMan. 1 for, 0 against. Count is now 1
22:34:31  <AndrewWilliams> +1
22:34:31  <MootBot> +1 received from AndrewWilliams. 2 for, 0 against. Count is now 2
22:34:33  <X3N> +1
22:34:34  <MootBot> +1 received from X3N. 3 for, 0 against. Count is now 3
22:34:38  <DaveMorris> +1
22:34:38  <MootBot> +1 received from DaveMorris. 4 for, 0 against. Count is now 4
22:34:38  <James_Pain> +1
22:34:39  <MootBot> +1 received from James_Pain. 5 for, 0 against. Count is now 5
22:34:43  <GazzaK> +1
22:34:43  <MootBot> +1 received from GazzaK. 6 for, 0 against. Count is now 6
22:34:50  <DaveMorris> can you tell us what all the options are before we vote please
22:35:01  <Owdgit> +1
22:35:01  <MootBot> +1 received from Owdgit. 7 for, 0 against. Count is now 7
22:35:06  <AndrewWilliams> they're +1/-1
22:35:17  <X3N> DaveMorris: this is one of the options for doing things for comic relief
22:35:26  <James_Pain> the ideas are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/CharityWork/ComicReliefIdeas
22:35:34  <DaveMorris> not those options, what the different ideas, is it still the same as the wiki page
22:35:46  <X3N> yeah
22:35:51  <LoudMouthMan> AndrewWilliams remind me to end votes. my links died ?
22:35:52  <LoudMouthMan> !
22:36:08  <X3N>  #endvote
22:36:09  <AndrewWilliams> its #endvote
22:36:13  <LoudMouthMan> #endvote
22:36:13  <MootBot> Final result is 7 for, 0 against. Total: 7
22:36:14  <LoudMouthMan> chers
22:36:22  <LoudMouthMan> cheers.. heheh . must keep that page open !
22:36:31  <X3N> can we vote on theme'ing our site
22:36:59  <LoudMouthMan> okay . well I will mod th page and publish it tonight and get some feedback from lists /forums ( PriceChild ? ) but for now I think if we sponsor bugs it for developers to fix ..
22:37:22  <LoudMouthMan> [VOTE] Should Ubuntu-uk be themed for Comic Relief ?
22:37:22  <MootBot> LoudMouthMan, Either there isn't a meeting in progress, or there is already an active vote.
22:37:24  <LoudMouthMan> +1
22:37:28  <X3N> +1
22:37:28  <GazzaK> +1
22:37:29  <James_Pain> +1
22:37:30  <DaveMorris> +1
22:37:31  <DaveMorris> +1
22:37:37  <AndrewWilliams> now thats a bug :(
22:37:39  <Owdgit> +1
22:37:43  <LoudMouthMan> <grin> Mr Williams I have a problem <grin>
22:37:52  * AndrewWilliams gets the hammer out
22:38:03  <James_Pain> lol
22:38:24  <X3N> uh oh.. we might have to do it manually !!
22:38:33  <LoudMouthMan> okay It seem pretty clear we all want to do something for Comic Relief and if people will forgive me I will happily hammer and announce the content to the respective communities.
22:38:52  <X3N> cool
22:38:53  * LoudMouthMan ignores Davemorris voting twice.
22:38:58  <GazzaK> cheater :p
22:39:19  <DaveMorris> I was testing for bugs
22:39:25  <LoudMouthMan> So if we are agreed to do Comic Relief lets see what we can do to make it onto some new channel somewhere.
22:40:03  <X3N> ?
22:40:25  <LoudMouthMan> news channel rather
22:40:27  <James_Pain> we could also try and push ubuntu on some magz but I do realy like the tube marathon
22:40:30  <X3N> oh
22:40:37  <LoudMouthMan> tube marathon ? explain ?
22:40:44  <GazzaK> we could climb the london eye dressed as penguins?
22:40:58  <LoudMouthMan> Gazzak its Freedom Software not Fathers for Freedom !
22:40:59  <X3N> LoudMouthMan: go full trip on the tube
22:41:01  <James_Pain> "Tube marathon, wearing ubuntu logos"
22:41:07  <AndrewWilliams> bot should be ok, just avoid votes :)
22:41:11  <X3N> like all the way the circle line
22:41:15  <GazzaK> same thing, I got confuzzeled
22:41:30  <medders> dressing up stone henge as the ubuntu logo?
22:41:40  <GazzaK> is that sitting on a train??? (the underground idea)
22:41:51  <X3N> yeah
22:41:55  <LoudMouthMan> well that matches a experiment im doing on producing Ubuntu Logo tshirts on the very cheap and quick. so it might help. Who did our Ubuntu UKlogo ?
22:42:02  <X3N> if there is a large group it's quite effective
22:42:14  <Sionide> +1
22:42:14  <MootBot> +1 received from Sionide. 8 for, 0 against. Count is now 8
22:42:15  <DaveMorris> *wants a Tee
22:42:15  <LoudMouthMan> medders I LIKE it , it gets us in a shit load of trouble but still I like it !
22:42:22  <LoudMouthMan> #endvote
22:42:22  <MootBot> Final result is 8 for, 0 against. Total: 8
22:42:30  <James_Pain> if its a large group of anything involving linux news channels like bbc and itv will catch it
22:42:32  <AndrewWilliams> ....
22:42:46  <medders> LoudMouthMan: I figure trouble equals attention ;)
22:42:51  <Sionide> HRM
22:42:52  <LoudMouthMan> so ... moving on can we agree to at least focus on Comic Relief
22:43:01  <James_Pain> yep
22:43:01  <LoudMouthMan> medders.. your worse than me ?
22:43:05  <Sionide> dressing up stone henge probably counts as vandalism or some such offence
22:43:26  <medders> Sionide: dang laws :)
22:43:27  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] Comic Relief will be the next Ubuntu UK focused activity. or some wording like it .
22:43:27  <MootBot> AGREED received:  Comic Relief will be the next Ubuntu UK focused activity. or some wording like it .
22:43:29  <James_Pain> plug stone henge is behind a rope o.O
22:43:57  <LoudMouthMan> Sionide. I know , but its still funny . if only dominos could do a ubuntu pizza
22:44:04  <LoudMouthMan> anyway .. moving on !
22:44:07  <GazzaK> I do like the idea of causing havoc on the underground, i'd be up fo it
22:44:14  <X3N> me too
22:44:21  <James_Pain> same here
22:44:23  <Sionide> me too i love the underground.. heh
22:44:31  <X3N> if you stick to one line, it wouldn't cost much
22:44:35  <GazzaK> as long as we get arrested and we have to spend the night in jail together
22:44:37  * GazzaK hides
22:44:39  <DaveMorris> all day travel card :)
22:44:45  <James_Pain> day card
22:44:48  <X3N> that's true
22:45:00  <LoudMouthMan> then do it .. but tell people you'll give a 10p to comic relief for every CD they take from you that day !
22:45:02  <James_Pain> we could get some banners and shout in the train ect
22:45:10  <X3N> oyster card++
22:45:11  <GazzaK> great idea
22:45:11  * James_Pain sits back down
22:45:14  <X3N> great idea LoudMouthMan
22:45:29  <James_Pain> nice idea loud
22:45:39  <X3N> (unless we get into hundreds of pounds of debt.. )
22:46:01  <LoudMouthMan> X3N then you carry as many 10ps as CDs ! and put the 10ps into a agreed collecting pot <grin>
22:46:02  <GazzaK> circle line, and pick a carrage - that means anyone can arrive and check out each passing carrage till on passes with a load of nutters on board, rather than having to all meet up first then get to the train
22:46:04  <Sionide> should someone send off for one of those fund raiser packs they're advertising on the tele?
22:46:21  <LoudMouthMan> Sionide I can do that this weekend if people can commit to ideas.
22:46:28  <Sionide> that way we'd be official collectors for comic relief, on the trains and people could donate into our buckets, etc
22:46:34  <X3N> we don't want to have too many ideas
22:46:48  <GazzaK> and see if canonical / ship it can send us a load of stuff too, including 6.10 cds
22:47:19  <James_Pain> will they wave the charge for us then?
22:47:22  <LoudMouthMan> We raised £300 for Children In need by just selling  tshirt. theres no reason to see why we cant raise £1000 by giving away CDs and fixing bugs. and its about Africa ( ubuntu ) so its well tied in.
22:47:37  <Sionide> James_Pain, the charge of travelling? doubt it.. it's only a few quid for a day card anyways
22:47:47  <LoudMouthMan> [IDEA] Chase Canonical / Shipit for help in doing something for Comic Relief.
22:47:47  <MootBot> IDEA received:  Chase Canonical / Shipit for help in doing something for Comic Relief.
22:47:50  <James_Pain> i mean for the 6.10 cd's
22:47:51  <Sionide> LoudMouthMan, good point about africa
22:48:03  <Sionide> James_Pain, oh definitely
22:48:07  <Sionide> depends how many we want ?
22:48:08  <James_Pain> oh goodie
22:48:36  <X3N> is feisty going to be release on ship it ?
22:48:49  <X3N> or is it now only lts releases
22:48:58  <LoudMouthMan> okay well lets keep this for the Wiki and can people post/write articles and ideas on the wiki page please ! id like to keep those hopes moving forward. lets try and raise £1000 for Comic Relief .
22:49:08  <GazzaK> when is feisty actually due out?
22:49:14  <willskills> april?
22:49:19  <willskills> I think
22:49:23  <X3N> 19th april
22:49:24  <GazzaK> ahh, too late by far then
22:49:44  <GazzaK> and see if jono can secure us all cool tshirts?
22:49:45  <James_Pain> we should then focus on 6.10 for comic relief
22:49:58  <GazzaK> not 6.06, as that is old :p
22:50:09  <popey> moo
22:50:14  <GazzaK> baa?
22:50:18  <James_Pain> cluck?
22:50:25  <GazzaK> family disaster averted popey ?
22:50:28  <LoudMouthMan> popey . cool was wondering hoe you were .
22:50:34  <popey> fine fine
22:50:47  <popey> apologies for missing the meeting
22:51:02  <LoudMouthMan> okay so . ill chase up jono/canonical/shipit/comicrelief and get things rolling .
22:51:11  <X3N> we passed one of your ideas on comic relief for re branding the site popey
22:51:12  <GazzaK> LoudMouthMan, well done \o/
22:51:28  <LoudMouthMan> it does appear at least 3 of is ( at least ) will do things.
22:51:33  <James_Pain> shold we do a vote or somthing for the tube marathon then?
22:52:01  <LoudMouthMan> James Pain . We could but im not sure how I in sussex woudl vote ? I approve of it though and I will see what I can get
22:52:13  <James_Pain> kk
22:52:21  <LoudMouthMan> but I will suggest if it gets on the respective wiki page I will get Tshirts to those involved if I can .
22:52:41  <X3N> post to the list, i'm sure there are quite a few more londers
22:52:44  <LoudMouthMan> I think its a good idea to spread the load and spread the opportunities though.
22:53:06  * LoudMouthMan wonders what the London Perlmongers and Davorg are upto nowadays anway.
22:53:06  <GazzaK> i'm in north essex and i'll do it
22:53:21  <LoudMouthMan> so moving on if I can ?
22:53:34  <medders> how about we have collections all around the country? like people meeting up at a nearby red nose day event and giving out cd's while collecting money
22:53:45  <medders> just to be less london centric
22:53:52  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] Comic relief to be the next Ubuntu UK charity raising focus here discussed and Nikbutler to co-ordinate
22:53:52  <MootBot> AGREED received:  Comic relief to be the next Ubuntu UK charity raising focus here discussed and Nikbutler to co-ordinate
22:54:14  <LoudMouthMan> meddrs post that as [IDEA] and I can grab it later <Grin>
22:54:19  <LoudMouthMan> medders post that as [IDEA] and I can grab it later <Grin>
22:54:21  <medders> kk :)
22:54:30  <LoudMouthMan> last topic coming .
22:54:55  <medders> [IDEA] How about we have people meeting up at a nearby red nose day event and giving out cd's while collecting money?
22:54:55  <MootBot> IDEA received:  How about we have people meeting up at a nearby red nose day event and giving out cd's while collecting money?
22:55:06  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Expos and Events, Do we clearly know who is organising what and when  ?
22:55:06  <MootBot> New topic:  Expos and Events, Do we clearly know who is organising what and when  ?
22:55:15  <X3N> nope
22:55:27  <James_Pain> guess not
22:55:39  <LoudMouthMan> For instance we have LRL07 , and I know there a chap on that already but is he forum/mail list or irc based ?
22:55:43  <DaveMorris> is there a list of whats comming up
22:55:54  <DaveMorris> LRL?
22:56:02  <LoudMouthMan> then there is Guadec and DSAS kinda volunteered to move that along with thos and X3N if im correct ?
22:56:04  <GazzaK> Lug Radio Live
22:56:09  <LoudMouthMan> LRL is Lugradio Live .
22:56:42  <LoudMouthMan> then there is LWE , LinuxWorldExpo which unless theres anyone else I will arrange and manage.
22:56:45  <GazzaK> and I've taken over the colchester LUG, and will be pimping uby like a mad thing
22:56:50  <X3N> LoudMouthMan: correct
22:57:01  <DaveMorris> LoudMouthMan: that the one in London
22:57:18  <James_Pain> gazzak, if you need any help with that then I will be happy to
22:57:26  <X3N> DaveMorris: guadec is in brum
22:57:26  <popey> 21:51 < X3N> we passed one of your ideas on comic relief for re branding the site popey
22:57:29  <GazzaK> James_Pain, yes please
22:57:29  <LoudMouthMan> good okay so Guadec is confirmed, LWE is confirmed ( yes Davemorris in London ) and LRL is some chap I cant remember ( sorry ! )
22:57:29  <popey> cool
22:57:48  <DaveMorris> I can help you with the LWE if you wanted
22:57:48  <GazzaK> James_Pain, #colchester-lug (there is stuff in the /topic)
22:58:04  <X3N> LoudMouthMan: maybe that guy with the name begining to j could help there ;)
22:58:07  <GazzaK> lrl is some beardy chap innit?
22:58:25  <X3N> i heard he wears a fake one
22:58:34  * X3N grins
22:58:53  * medders must go, see you all tomorrow
22:58:53  <LoudMouthMan> X3N . heheh Yeah well youd think he would have clue but Stuart is the organiser here . and Im backing out of commiting because im submitting a paper and if it goes ahead id like to make sure it gets time .
22:59:27  <X3N> cool
22:59:32  * LoudMouthMan suggests that at the BOF meeting at LRL we all wear beards .. but now I have said that Jono will know so lets convince him other wise !
22:59:53  <LoudMouthMan> X3N you meant jono right <grin>
23:00:11  <X3N> yeah something like that
23:00:36  <LoudMouthMan> okay any way the point of the topic is that we do have a number of "defined" venues on the horizon and id like to make sure that we hit the mark and excel in our delivery as much as we did at LWE2006.
23:00:44  <GazzaK> I'd love to come to LRL and try to make jono fluff up his lines by winking at him
23:01:22  <LoudMouthMan> i dont know how to move it forward but its a wrap around to the first topic about just moving things forward and its important not to let this become a someone/everyone/anyone/nonone issue
23:01:24  <DaveMorris> or there any other smaller events we could attend
23:01:47  <DaveMorris> such as small business fairs etc
23:01:54  <LoudMouthMan> Gazzak , I would so join you in that one <grin> but i dont think they could handle a BearBackMountain !
23:02:15  * LoudMouthMan sniggers so much he snorts wine on his keyboard !
23:02:25  <X3N> BeerBackMountain
23:02:32  <LoudMouthMan> X3N even better !
23:02:42  <X3N> ahh now we know the cause of the degregation of the meeting
23:02:50  <X3N> LoudMouthMan is on the wine already
23:03:06  <GazzaK> DaveMorris, colchester used to have computer fairs, I am going to see if they still do and attend with cds.  on a related note, LoudMouthMan when you speak to ship-it, can you see if they would bulk ship me stuff?
23:03:22  <LoudMouthMan> Gazzak , sure but see AOB .
23:04:29  <LoudMouthMan> okay so anyway . theres little to agree here but there is a consensus that we need to be at these venues in as much capacity and enthusiasm as we were at linux world expo and so we must make sure the other organisers are getting support.
23:04:55  <X3N> agreed
23:05:04  <LoudMouthMan> so I guess we can move on  . unless anyone has anything more to say on that topic  ?
23:05:44  <X3N> take that as a move on sign
23:05:58  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] NikButler will contact Loco volunteer for LRL and Guadec and ensure that they get support and help where requested.
23:05:58  <MootBot> AGREED received:  NikButler will contact Loco volunteer for LRL and Guadec and ensure that they get support and help where requested.
23:06:52  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Community Stands is a document I wrote relating to experiences in running stands and involvement at LWE 2006
23:06:52  <MootBot> New topic:  Community Stands is a document I wrote relating to experiences in running stands and involvement at LWE 2006
23:06:55  <LoudMouthMan> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/RunningCommunityStands
23:06:55  <MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/RunningCommunityStands
23:07:50  <LoudMouthMan> Its pretty much live and ive given it some thought and other than other relevant links I cant really add more but im sure others can , so if you can or feel there is something relvant to add to this please get your edits into the document.
23:08:18  <LoudMouthMan> I will be monitoring/editing the document on a regular basis as and when I pull in more relevant leads and contacts , e.g. Charity events
23:08:38  <X3N> looks good to me
23:09:39  <LoudMouthMan> well that was all I wanted to say on it ,
23:09:56  <LoudMouthMan> is there Any other business . e.g. sionides discussion on herd4 testing
23:10:16  <X3N> it would good to have a meeting for testing
23:10:29  <X3N> like all testing bugs and things at once so we can consult each other
23:10:56  <LoudMouthMan> X3N i agree something clear and planned though I would think ??
23:10:56  <X3N> bit of a triag session/general launchpad hammering
23:11:03  <DaveMorris> maybe have testing days where people are able to help people that are new to testing
23:11:07  <X3N> yeah LoudMouthMan
23:11:08  <LoudMouthMan> X3N since you asked me about involvement in gnome
23:11:36  <DaveMorris> I personally couldn't work out what package to file bugs with the alternate CD against for instance
23:11:44  <LoudMouthMan> why not set the target of the top 5 bug tests/triages etc in your view and make that a Ubuntu UK testing week/triage thingie ?
23:12:17  <X3N> yeah
23:12:25  <LoudMouthMan> X3N you and Popey have good input on this and launchpad so possibly we make that a meeting in a few ( 3 ) weeks ?
23:12:50  <X3N> 3 weeks is a bit long in terms of feisty schedule i think
23:13:01  <popey> will be a bit frozen by then
23:13:17  <LoudMouthMan> hehehhe then you take the lead .. and set the event and time scales and I will come with what I can .. and lets do it .
23:13:58  <X3N> we could do it after heard 5
23:14:08  <DaveMorris> reminds me, I need to download a latest build and try on my via box
23:14:23  <LoudMouthMan> X3N i know youd like to see more collaborative involvement of the gnome community and ubuntu uk so we could use this as a start . possibly ?
23:14:38  <X3N> yeah ok
23:14:55  <X3N> I'll organise something for after heard 5
23:15:08  <LoudMouthMan> but we need to keep remembering to inform mail list and forums ...
23:15:10  <X3N> which will be after 1st march
23:15:13  <DaveMorris> LoudMouthMan: Did you say you where getting Ubuntu UK tees made up
23:15:15  <LoudMouthMan> X3N cool .
23:15:19  <X3N> will do
23:15:45  <LoudMouthMan> DaveMorris I did I was wondering about testing how well white shirts and large ubuntu logos came out . as a cheap and quick resource for creating tees.
23:16:05  <LoudMouthMan> something where you go and buy avery iron on transfers and then print and try .
23:16:17  <DaveMorris> what about black with small logos left breast
23:16:35  <LoudMouthMan> I went to TKmaxx today to find white shirts .. etc... and failed at the first hurdle. ill try marks tommorow.
23:16:59  <GazzaK> I still think we should only have the same ones as for LWE2006
23:17:01  <DaveMorris> there is a place in Brighton that prints them, a work college got some done, they where under a tenner
23:17:02  <X3N> photo printing shops oftern have them LoudMouthMan
23:17:18  <X3N> the ones for LWE were pretty cool
23:17:29  <LoudMouthMan> Davemorris tell you what if you can by the next EG Lug beat me to it Ill think of a prize !
23:17:29  <DaveMorris> well I'm pretty sure they where under a tenner
23:17:32  <GazzaK> I know they were a lot each, but worth every penny
23:17:42  <Norf-ubu> ASDA do el cheapo 100% cotton Tees -
23:17:53  <Norf-ubu> FWIW
23:17:53  <DaveMorris> wheer is the logo pic?
23:18:15  <LoudMouthMan> X3N yeah but I was thinking about how to do this with whats in your tshirt drawer and available from staples at 7.30pm !
23:18:28  <LoudMouthMan> or what can you get in tescos at 10pm at night to iron .
23:18:28  <X3N> DaveMorris: front wiki page > click logo
23:18:48  <X3N> :)
23:18:55  <LoudMouthMan> okay .so I think we are done fro this evening . its a time to consider , review and do . so lets move to meet in 6 weeks ?
23:19:02  <LoudMouthMan> or less ?
23:19:30  <X3N> hmm
23:19:39  <LoudMouthMan> thats the 4th of april or 21st march ?
23:19:39  <X3N> well we do have quite a lot of events being planned
23:20:46  <X3N> 21st
23:21:16  <LoudMouthMan> okay . so is everyone okay with 21st ?
23:21:29  <popey> 4th april is my birthday :)
23:21:33  <GazzaK> it's a wed :'(
23:21:39  <X3N> 19th is my brithday
23:21:55  <Norf-ubu> as a side note, is there a "repository" on the UK wiki of ppls skills / offers of skill that users can add there details too?
23:21:55  <LoudMouthMan> Gazzak we can make it 22nd or 20th if its relevant !
23:22:01  <X3N> (march)
23:22:11  <LoudMouthMan> march
23:22:18  <GazzaK> only if thats okay with everyone, but wednesdays for me are really busy
23:22:43  <X3N> what about tuesday
23:22:49  <LoudMouthMan> so 20th March ?
23:22:52  <GazzaK> the other two are super fine :-)
23:23:02  <popey> Norf-ubu: this was suggested wasnt it LoudMouthMan ?
23:23:32  <Norf-ubu> might be useful, especially now....
23:24:19  <LoudMouthMan> popey ? I believe it was . I have been going through all themeetings notes this week and collating dicsussions and logs . norf-ubu  it seems relevant
23:24:53  <Norf-ubu> simple 3 columns, name, contact and skills
23:24:56  <LoudMouthMan> If I remember theres is a how and why I got involved page, a Lug page and a launchpad page as well as a who you are and why pag .
23:25:31  <DaveMorris> LoudMouthMan: http://linkstshirts.com/ is that company, different prices for different stuff
23:25:37  <LoudMouthMan> so ... before we move on .. are we agreed . 20th March for the next meet ?
23:26:00  <GazzaK> agreed from me
23:26:02  <LoudMouthMan> norf-ubu . seems like a good plan , can you put it on the wiki ?
23:26:04  <Owdgit> yes
23:26:30  <Norf-ubu> no ideas, but i'm a quick learner :P
23:26:30  <LoudMouthMan> right last AOB is Norg-ubu suggestion .
23:26:40  <LoudMouthMan> norf-ubu rahter.
23:26:46  <LoudMouthMan> grrr hammer ket ... help
23:27:09  <LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] Meeting date 20th march .
23:27:09  <MootBot> AGREED received:  Meeting date 20th march .
23:27:36  <LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Skills page, Norf-ubu suggested a page to define what people can offer .
23:27:36  <MootBot> New topic:  Skills page, Norf-ubu suggested a page to define what people can offer .
23:27:38  <LoudMouthMan> is that correct ?
23:28:13  <Norf-ubu> yeah - basic 3 columns, also a request for skills that users can browse
23:28:31  <GazzaK> i'll agree on that (skills in the context of meets/expos etc)
23:28:44  <X3N> agreeded
23:28:56  <X3N> altough i'm not sure if it'll take off
23:29:23  <LoudMouthMan> okay then Norf-ubu , do you need help/advice on posting to the wik and creating a new page, and can I suggest its a project page to start with  ?
23:29:32  <GazzaK> and a post to the ML with a link to it?
23:29:35  <X3N> this was agreed on before but no one added it it:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/OtherGroups
23:30:01  <LoudMouthMan> X3N , well its an idea let it happen and see where it goes I guess.
23:30:04  <Norf-ubu> i haven't edited the wiki before, but i'll surely take a look see
23:31:07  <LoudMouthMan> X3N I think Other Groups is a bit like Lug groups on the wiki , which is a shame since Launchpad can track groups belonging to launchpag but who knows to search launch pad in just such a way.
23:31:38  <GazzaK> X3N, I find it hard to navigate the uk team pages
23:32:14  <LoudMouthMan> okay . well . Norf, post a wiki page , put your details in and let me know ( NikButler ) and Ill add my details as im sure will others and we can see where it goes.
23:32:31  <GazzaK> X3N, I added a bit to that page :-)
23:32:44  <LoudMouthMan> so ... Any other business guys ?
23:33:03  <X3N> GazzaK: use the index
23:33:06  <GazzaK> only me asking you to beg ship-it for lots of give away stuff
23:33:24  <LoudMouthMan> Gazzak okay
23:33:41  <X3N> i'm a little conserned about giving out ubuntu cds in the wild
23:33:45  <LoudMouthMan> and AndrewWilliams thanks again for helping with the mootbot .
23:34:08  <Norf-ubu> LoudMouthMan, will do
23:34:12  <LoudMouthMan> X3N sure but come to the LRL and if my papers accepted here my case for and against <grin>
23:34:24  <AndrewWilliams> np
23:34:48  <X3N> I can just see memebers of the public installing it and wiping their computers clean of files
23:35:06  <LoudMouthMan> so lets all close the meeting and I will ( i promise ) write up this and last months meetings minutes.. and ill send out some chasers next week about the other projects !
23:35:08  <GazzaK> I think I might need more geeky t-shirts too, as I cannot keep wearing my LWE one each meet
23:35:13  <LoudMouthMan> #endmeeting



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