This is the nth meeting of the UKTeam, starting at xx:xx GMT and finishing at xx:xx GMT

This meeting is a REAL WORLD meeting occuring at the LugRadio Live show and is provisional to the ability to incorporate members in IRC during the meeting. If it prooves problematic to incorporate irc and other streams into the meeting then this will be a discussion ( all boots no trousers ) meeting to be followed with a online meeting later in the month. This should enable everyone whom wants to be involved in the community to have a say.


Please type PRESENT at the start of the meeting to ensure we are all clear who is online and paying attention. Active Atendees:

This meeting occured in Real Life and as such the records and notes of the meeting were inconclusive


When adding an agenda item please "sign" it by leaving your name next to it. If you won't be attending the meeting please also spell out your item in detail, otherwise we can't fruitfully discuss it.

  • Community Integration and Involvement NikButler ( loudmouthman )

  • How is our LoCo seen from the outside, how can we improve? (DaveWalker)

  • Software Freedom Day 2007 (popey)
  • For any and all future meetings in real life, everyone attending must wear a silly hat! (cinex)


Minutes for this meeting were hand written ( badly ) by NikButler this is a short account of the topics covered.

Community Integration and Involvement NikButler ( loudmouthman )

It was discussed that it may be possible to make the Wiki and the information about becoming involved in the community more standardised and open. A potential for signposting ( colouring ? ) of the wiki pages and content to help people navigate and establish directions. The creation of very simple project to be completed which could be achieved by anyone without technical requirements.

How is our LoCo seen from the outside, how can we improve? (DaveWalker)

For the life of me I cannot rememebr what we agreed but i seemed to reflect some comments above. I couldhave had a posh recorder ( im sure someone did ) but no I had my notebook and pen ! sorry !

Software Freedom Day 2007 (popey)

Popey asked if someone could help to take on the promotions and awareness of Software Freedom day and Stuart ? suggested he would be keen to see more involvement in this.

since there was a lack of irc and network acces the meeting was concluded with no other business.

Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The chairman of the meeting should endeavour to ensure that key points are discussed in an appropriate time. Key Topics from the Agenda should be tabled in the channel using a market such as [ TOPIC ] or * TOPIC * Followed by the agenda item. Where Suggestions or Ideas are put forward and considered as acceptable to the group then it should be noted by the Chairman as [ IDEA ] or * IDEA * . Where a concept is discussed and agreed the use of [ AGREED ] or * AGREED * should be defined by the chairman and should signify the topic is discussed and the meeting is to move on. Be clear on the channel when the meeting is concluded and how and when the minutes will be posted.


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