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  • Language guidelines. Who should be responsible for talking to users about bad language: everyone, or just channel ops? or Specific team dedicated to bad language e.g. The Ubuntu Language Squad -- ChrisOattes (Seeker`)(Updated by Samuel Barrett)

    • Why is this being brought up again? It has already been discussed (AlanPope)

  • Planet Code of Conduct see mailing list thread titled Planet CoC - MichaelWood3

    • To clarify: I re-added this back in because I would like us to discuss some kind of code of conduct for the planet as we dont currently have one and everyone seems to have their own idea of why the planet is there and what's appropriate for it. -- AlanPope

  • Report on what is happening with the ubuntu-uk forum and weather a public (non testing) forum should exist without their being mailing list integration. (GordAllott)

  • Badges Aluminum Badges DoctorMo would like to talk with thr UKTeam about getting involved


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<MootBot> New Topic: Report on what is happening with the ubuntu-uk forum and weather a public (non testing) forum should exist without their being mailing list integration

<MootBot> New Topic: Badges [WWW] Aluminum Badges DoctorMo would like to talk with thr UKTeam about getting involved

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<LoudMouthMan> #startmeeting
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<DaveMorris> PRESENT
<LoudMouthMan> There we go .. Right if your here give me a present please and we will begin in about 2mins
<LoudMouthMan> about !
<gord> PRESENT
<popey> PRESENT
<slarty> PRESENT
<doctormo> GIFT
<LoudMouthMan> wow .. so few tonight ?
<LoudMouthMan> okay .. I shall begin.
<LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Language guidelines. Who should be responsible for talking to users about bad language - BY Sampbar ?
<MootBot> New Topic: Language guidelines. Who should be responsible for talking to users about bad language - BY Sampbar ?
<gord> i think some people just need a poke
<LoudMouthMan> yeah but were not Facebook eh!
<DaveMorris> the moot bot shouuld poke eveeryonee in the room
<LoudMouthMan> so Topic... Language .
*** mrmonday_ is now known as mrmonday
<LoudMouthMan> The ops had discussed this about a month or so ago
<LoudMouthMan> and we have discussed it on the channel before
<willskills> well is there much need for it?
<LoudMouthMan> are there any questions/ concerns.
<DaveMorris> what defines bad language? Keywords, the contex? Poltical/reglious/other viewpoints?
<LoudMouthMan> I dont feel there is . I think if someone is being daft then the room might deal with it .
<gord> well, who is responsible?
<popey> gord: ops
<LoudMouthMan> but one op on there own might wish to avoid being singly responsible for setting an agenda
<DaveMorris> I think its dealt with fine atm, but if a problem where to arise we deal with it then
<popey> agreed
<LoudMouthMan> I think its down to the ops and we should ensure we have enough ops to get a qualified fair view.
<willskills> agreed
<LoudMouthMan> So .. uhm .. not much to be added.
<DaveMorris> do we have enough ops to cover your point LMM?
<popey> what's the freenode policy?
<LoudMouthMan> we have at least 5 I believe
<popey> ompaul?
<gord> im fine as long as confidence in the ops is there
<ompaul> freenode would like a productive channel with respect shown to all around
<popey> sounds sensible ompaul
<LoudMouthMan> I think we have an agreement based on Davemorris comment
<ompaul> perhaps the ubuntu line is easier to note
<ompaul> !ohmy | LoudMouthMan
<ubotu> LoudMouthMan: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.
<ompaul> this can be done by anyone
<gord> didn't this arise because of !ohmy?
<popey> yes gord
<popey> well, abuse of it
<popey> well, people thinking it was being abused
<ompaul> abuse is a removable situation
<ompaul> swearing or use of contentious language seems reasonable grounds for use of it
<popey> i believe we agreed that swear words themselves weren't grounds for repremand per-se
<popey> unless they were directed at someone
<DaveMorris> popey: you got the stats for bad languagee in the chanel?
<popey> "this laptop is crap" is okay
<popey> "you are a dick" is not
<gord> "this laptop is fucking crap"? i wouldn't agree that casual swearing is appropriate for this channel
<popey> DaveMorris: i have not sought to count or analyse that, no
<gord> (yes im aware of the irony)
<popey> we are now about to start a list gord ?
<popey> i was giving high level examples, of swearing directed at people
<popey> not of words used
<popey> i believe the ops agreed to use their own best judgement
<popey> rather than have a list of "good" and "bad" words
<doctormo> Shouldn't you impress upon people that part of the duty of being polite is reminding others to abide by the rules?
<popey> I agree with this policy
<LoudMouthMan> and they agreed to consuly others before moving on
<DaveMorris> so can we have a vote on the current policy been fit for purpose atm
<ompaul> doctormo, +1
* ompaul backs off back into his corner
<gord> but its the difference between peoples best judgement that leads to regular people using !ohmy and such
<popey> gord: which is why they get repremanded for abuse
<ompaul> popey, this is why in #ubuntu it got to the point where crap is not allowed
<LoudMouthMan> I dont feel we need a vote.
<popey> LoudMouthMan: +1
<DaveMorris> next topic then?
<gord> all i want is a bit more confidence in the ops dealing with this kinda stuff :)
<LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] The situation is currently workable and in general is approved.
<MootBot> AGREED received: The situation is currently workable and in general is approved.
<LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Planet Code of Conduct
<MootBot> New Topic: Planet Code of Conduct
<LoudMouthMan> This got talked about on the Mailing list . the genral feeling on the mailing list was people were happy as a general
<LoudMouthMan> Micheal pulled the thought felt it was political
<popey> i added it back in
<LoudMouthMan> Popey has kept it on ...
<popey> I bleieve that whilst the content of michaels wiki page was contentious - we should still have a policy
<LoudMouthMan> do you want to draft it first then ?
<popey> i don't agree with the content michael put up, but agree with the process, although I think it was misguided to tag a wiki page as "please dont edit"
<popey> yup, will do LoudMouthMan
<LoudMouthMan> okay so lets move it todo ...
<gord> id agree with popey on that
<DaveMorris> I agree in that the planet should be covered by the ubuntu-uk CoC since it carries thee ubuntu name
<Gary> erm, PRESENT
<popey> DaveMorris: the CoC doesn't apply
<popey> these are peoples blogs, and we have no guarantee that those people have signed the CoC and thus are not bound by it
<DaveMorris> I know it dosen't
<popey> unles you are suggestion that we only accept blog posts on the planet from people who have signed the CoC
<DaveMorris> however you shouldn't use you blog to slag of other members?
<gord> don't you have to sign the CoC to be an ubuntu-uk member?
<popey> DaveMorris: thats a specific example
<popey> gord: no
<LoudMouthMan> by that thinking you shouldnt access the mail list unless you sign the coc. but there is an assumption that you do follow the Coc otherwise why did I get the Shot kocking
<popey> i would rather not spend the next hour talking about specific blog examples
<LoudMouthMan> god please no ... lets not.
<popey> i would rather draft a policy and discuss it on the list and in here, and invite edits to the wiki
<LoudMouthMan> assuming god is not a list word <grin>
<LoudMouthMan> agreed
<gord> soo todo then?
<popey> i will do that
<popey> Fastest meeting EVA!
<gord> zoooom
<LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] popey to draft a policy and discuss it on the list and in here and invite edits.
<MootBot> AGREED received: popey to draft a policy and discuss it on the list and in here and invite edits.
<Gary> surely a simple, be nice to each other, and try to follow the meaning of the CoC should suffice?
<LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Report on what is happening with the ubuntu-uk forum and weather a public (non testing) forum should exist without their being mailing list integration
<MootBot> New Topic: Report on what is happening with the ubuntu-uk forum and weather a public (non testing) forum should exist without their being mailing list integration
<LoudMouthMan> okay .. if Pricechild is listening we could move further ... BUT
<LoudMouthMan> heres the details.
<DaveMorris> bit of a moot point now ;)
<LoudMouthMan> we want integration with the forum and mail list
<LoudMouthMan> we want to test/evaluate this
<LoudMouthMan> we now have a ubuntu-uk forum and it wasnt advertised for the above two reasons .
<gord> but surely testing/evaluating need not be a public thing? right now it seems there is two different communites being developed
<LoudMouthMan> its in place because it is hoped this might SPUR a few individuals with ability/influence to move forward
<DaveMorris> how much work is invloved in integrating the 2?
<LoudMouthMan> gord , this isnt a conspiracy its just getting things moving ....
<LoudMouthMan> im trying to get it moving .. and it had been stagnant . i felt a more direct. approach was worth it.
<gord> im not claiming it is, i just feel like its not needed and goes against why we didn't want one setup without mailing list integration
<Gary> LoudMouthMan, is the forum the one here http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=274
<gord> (not needed without mailing list, not a forum in general)
<LoudMouthMan> its becoming chicken and egg discussion though
<LoudMouthMan> we werent seeing it because it wasnt there.
<LoudMouthMan> it wasnt there becuse we werent seein it.
<DaveMorris> gord: are we not alienating peoplee who don't wanna use mailing lists by forcing them to use one if they want to join in?
<LoudMouthMan> now I can make it an issue.
<popey> LoudMouthMan: only because people didn't get off their ass and make it so
<gord> im fine with a forum in general DaveMorris, i just don't like the idea of fragmentating a community into forum/mailinglist
<doctormo> DaveMorris: you need an effective medium of communication that has easy logging and isn't instant. you can either have forums or mailing lists; forums don't have prompting like email does
<gord> and as far as i am aware the only development so far on mailing list integration is that its on someones 'todo' list
<popey> doctormo: do you know the history of this issue?
<PriceChild> LoudMouthMan, I'm here....
<LoudMouthMan> oops
<PriceChild> *reads scrollback*
<LoudMouthMan> there we go
<LoudMouthMan> missed some thing there
<LoudMouthMan> anyway ... hello pricechild
<LoudMouthMan> gord , was that a satisfactory response ?
<LoudMouthMan> ironically its now had better advertising than I would have expected. so .. way to go UK <grin>
<doctormo> popey: I know of the issues we've had
<popey> doctormo: "we" == ubuntu-uk?
<gord> it fills the requirement of a report i guess, i still feel that its against what we decided as a community though
<doctormo> popey: sorry, I know of the issue from ubuntu-us-ma, it's not unique
<LoudMouthMan> i disagree we never said never . we said .. if
<DaveMorris> how much work is invloved in integrating the 2?
<gord> yes and so far the answer to if there is mailing list integration we have "no there is no mailing list intgration"
<gord> im not saying no forum ever, just when its possible to do the two
<LoudMouthMan> okay .. im feeling like this is going circular in explanation . again !
<popey> DaveMorris: if using ubuntuforums.org then allegdly "not much" but it's not us that does it, it's some other "god" within ubuntuforums
<gord> should we just vote on weather the forums should exist before there is mailing list integration then?
<popey> bit late for that isn't it?
<LoudMouthMan> I think not. on the basis it breaks the first descision we had .
<gord> i feel the forums being made breaks the first decision we had
<LoudMouthMan> and it makes us come off here ( in a logged channel ) as being a bit elitiest and exlcusionary
* LoudMouthMan edits his reply.
<DaveMorris> so we need to chase the 'ubuntuforum gods' to get them intergrated
<PriceChild> I have been poking ubuntu-geek for the ML integration. I will poke again when he comes online this evening.
<DaveMorris> so can we leave PriceChild to keep the preasuree on ubuntu-geeek and move to the next topic?
<LoudMouthMan> it would help if people made a positive and moving forward contribution in a open and public channel to encourage the Forums/Maillist guys to help with integration
<PriceChild> I think everyone should take note, that the subforum hasn't suddenly created its own community,.
<PriceChild> and it isn't going to.
<gord> its starting too though, thats whats worrying
<PriceChild> gord, no
<PriceChild> The few posts there are introducing themselves.. going "wow there is a uk loco team" and wanting to get involved
<popey> from tiny acorns
<PriceChild> not suddenly trying to start something from scratch
<doctormo> from such things dafodils are created
<PriceChild> there's a post or two there about people getting onto irc to come here after seeing that IIRC
<popey> it is _however_ another comms channel that we _have_ to keep an eye on if we want to be involved in the Ubuntu-UK loco team!
<popey> granted it's a bit of a dustbowl in there at the moment, but it will grow and flourish, I don't doubt that
<PriceChild> That you have to keep an eye on?
<PriceChild> If you want to be involved? :O
<PriceChild> You guys _are_ the ubuntu-uk loco team.
<LoudMouthMan> well i will keep an eye on it .
<LoudMouthMan> we have diferent people on different channels anyway
<popey> PriceChild: i was going along the lines of fragmentation
<LoudMouthMan> jrdddel and I manage the mail list , popey and x3n the server, 5 of us on irc.
<PriceChild> sabdfl is extremely keen in Ubuntu to "lower the barrier to entry", and this was repeated several times at Sevilla.
<PriceChild> he was referring to development
<PriceChild> However I think this should be taken into account with this issue.
<popey> right, there's no point having this conversation because some of us that don't like forums have voiced this opinion in the past
<popey> and now that we have one, there's nothing we can do but support it
<gord> can we at least just agree that the mailing list integration is of a very high priority and that the forums can't just be left without it? i don't want to end up a year later with a large forum community and a large mailing list community with some slight mixing on irc
<popey> but it's _VERY_ galling for those of us that _requested_ integration
<LoudMouthMan> gord that I do agree on .. integration is important.
<LoudMouthMan> then again thats exactly what we have .
<LoudMouthMan> 50 on irc.
<LoudMouthMan> about 320 on maillist
<leftcase> Hi folks, balls - sorry I forgot there was a meeting :-|
<LoudMouthMan> who know how many stalkers and lurkers
<doctormo> wait, shouldn't there be a difference between the forum and the mailing list anyway? I mean the forum is for more passive members, people who use ubuntu and happen to live in the uk; where as the mailing list seems to be more about setting and organising things.
<DaveMorris> I rearly use the mailing list
<LoudMouthMan> i use all platforms. even the facebook one
<popey> doctormo: seriously, we have had this discussed _many_ times
<doctormo> popey: I'll shut up then
<LoudMouthMan> anything further guys .. or shall we move on tot the next topic ..
<popey> sorry doctormo it's just that we are in danger of talking about the same old stuff again and again
<LoudMouthMan> since we have a non UK guest with us today
<gord> we came to a conclusion on the forum/mailing list issue. im just not happy about the only indication of progress being made regarding integration is that its on someones todo list. i myself have a todo list and am lucky if i get round to most of it ;)
<popey> it was a compromise between those of us that don't like forums and those that do
<popey> and that compromise has effectively been thrown out the window
<LoudMouthMan> Well we have a moving forward action so to do lists be damned im onit.
<gord> thats my thoughts popey
<LoudMouthMan> ironically we can ask in here and in the mail list .. we just cant ask anyone on the forums for how they feel about it though.
<popey> of course you can
<popey> there are oodles of forums
<LoudMouthMan> okay I will ask in the forums if they want a forum/ forum.mail intergration / cant be botherd.
<popey> but asking forum members if they'd like a forum seems like a loaded question to me
<popey> great! so we agree something, and you go looking for a different answer elsewhere, nice one
<leftcase> LoudMouthMan, you could run a sticky poll in the forum for x amount of time on the question of intergrations...
<LoudMouthMan> no .. im asmnering your ... sure you can .. youu suggested it .. dont flag me with that comment
<LoudMouthMan> good point leftcase
<LoudMouthMan> what would it mean to those who dont like forums is it turned out we had a large uk community who were only inerested in fourms ?
<popey> i didn't suggest it, i merely pointed out that your assertion that you can't ask on the forum is incorrect
<LoudMouthMan> what would it mean to sabdfl if we kep the barrier low.
<popey> so we _are_ going back over the discussion again then?
<LoudMouthMan> no im not.. i want to move on . and keep things moving .
<popey> i give up
<popey> i really feel beaten down by this
<popey> railroaded
<LoudMouthMan> as DO I
<popey> not a pleasant feeling
<LoudMouthMan> so shall we have a urinating contest about who feels beating down ... ?
<LoudMouthMan> or ...
<LoudMouthMan> shall was consider the community and the opportunity and the positive things we can do
<popey> you can do what you like, it appears
<popey> I'll do what I feel best
<gord> i see a community decision being taken that was overruled for some reason and it seems like theres nothing any of us can do about it
<popey> +1
<PriceChild> will you be happy once we get the integration going?
<DaveMorris> I thought the descion to have intergation had already been taken, so wew just need to get that sorted out
<DaveMorris> we're going over the same topics again and again
<LoudMouthMan> we have 47 people in here now , we have more then 100 more on the mailist whren the descision was made. bearing in mind what you feel is not what is the case how the heck should i response
<leftcase> Perhaps its a reflection upon my lack of understanding of the issues, but personally I don't see how it matters particularly. Surely those who wish to use the forums will, and those who wish to use the mailing list will.
<LoudMouthMan> this is just the usual stuff that goes no where does nothing and people are watching.
<DaveMorris> leftcase: +1
<popey> fine, carry on LoudMouthMan
<popey> I'll say no more about it
<Gary> leftcase: +1
<LoudMouthMan> leftcase +1 also .
<LoudMouthMan> moving on .
<LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Badges [WWW] Aluminum Badges DoctorMo would like to talk with thr UKTeam about getting involved
<MootBot> New Topic: Badges [WWW] Aluminum Badges DoctorMo would like to talk with thr UKTeam about getting involved
<doctormo> Hi
<Gary> i'll buy some :p
<DaveMorris> doctormo: can you explain what yoou mean by those?
<LoudMouthMan> doctormo, over to you
<popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Projects/AluminiumCaseBadges
<leftcase> Ooooh nice :-D
<doctormo> The Ubuntu-US-MA team has a project running were we are getting a batch of 29mm x 19mm ubuntu case badges; the company we have to make them have quoted some very good prices if we can buy in bulk; so we are getting in touch with each LoCo team to offer them
<popey> doctormo: do you have the artwork in downloadable form?
<doctormo> So far we have broken 2 price bands and now are priced at $0.34/£0.17 each
<doctormo> popey: what form would you like them?
<popey> svg?
<DaveMorris> who is gonna take the finacal risk on them though?
<doctormo> popey: not a problem, developed in inkscape
<LoudMouthMan> I would.
<popey> doctormo: can you upload them to that page? :)
<DaveMorris> I'm happy with an indidual(s) buying them and selling them on at profit for taking thee risk
<DaveMorris> as the loco team dosen't have any funds to do it it's self
<LoudMouthMan> well we have .40pence
<doctormo> DaveMorris: There are two directions this project could go, 1 is that System76 who has requested higher pricing quotes may step in and buy 10,000 and may be willing to deal; otherwise I take responsibility to for dealing with the invoice
<doctormo> DaveMorris: Your concern seems centered on the idea that the LoCo groups can not be trusted
<doctormo> so far the leaders of each group have taken personal responsibility for handeling the money
<Gary> doctormo, I think it is more about "being safe" etc, not about outright mistrust
<doctormo> and they do so at the request of the members
<LoudMouthMan> well i forked out the 300 for the polos and i got the money back so I dont mind risk
<Gary> and these things always sell, in the end, so it's a good risk, imho
<doctormo> And at these price bands it's not that much money; esp as your buying in pounds
<LoudMouthMan> thats what I realised
<leftcase> So, bottom line unit cost is 17p a badge ?
<Gary> or £17 for 100 :p
<leftcase> I'm in :-)
<doctormo> The _current_ band we have is 17p (factor in the £8 setup fee and maybe some paypal charges :-()
<doctormo> if we get 10,000 ordered or system76 steps in they'll be 11p each
<leftcase> doctormo, so lets say 30p a badge - that sound reasonable as a guesstimate ?
<Gary> so if say, ubuntu-uk bought 100, how much would the cost be each?
<popey> leftcase: that depends on how much LoudMouthMan sells them for doesn't it?
<popey> a healthy profit isn't unreasonable
<DaveMorris> if we buy as a loco would we then be required to have more legal things
<Gary> popey, I was more thinking pre profit, so we could then add 10-20% for profit for nik
<doctormo> £25 + postage/paypal
<popey> no we dont DaveMorris, not if an individual does it
<DaveMorris> also what would the profit be used for within the loco
<doctormo> Arn't LoCos non for profits anyway
<LoudMouthMan> actually i would sit back first and wonder about volumes for sale here.
<popey> DaveMorris: the loco has no constitution, bank account etc, it would be easier for an individual
<LoudMouthMan> I can count about 100 badges we could shift off the bat. but up to 500 I dont know and as for 1000 not at all.
<DaveMorris> well I'm fine with indviduals doing it, the loco doing it would be a problem imo concering the hassle etc
<Gary> LoudMouthMan, you'd always be able to sell these, but they might take a while
<leftcase> I'll have £20 worth off the bat....
<LoudMouthMan> yeah but im not looking to maintain stock and taking a while means the market can change
<Gary> i'd buy 100 myself for starters (well £20 like leftcase )
<doctormo> the plan in the US is that we would use them as gifts when doing installfests, so people would have pride in their converted ubuntu machines
<LoudMouthMan> id set up a wiki and just collect order interests
<LoudMouthMan> that would let us know who is and isnt interested
<leftcase> LoudMouthMan, good idea
<Gary> doctormo, whats your timesc ale on this
<doctormo> If a person buys them, then the loco will have to buy them from him if you do that sort of event
<doctormo> Gary: I'm waiting on system76 to get back to me after the weekend, then waiting on two states that having meetings Friday/Thursday. then I can order perhaps Monday after
<popey> doctormo: we really have no concept of the loco buying them, it would be up to an individual like LoudMouthMan to step up
<doctormo> popey: In our teams it's a case of one person buying them and donating them to the group
<leftcase> I think that these are eminentlly saleable - I imagine if you opened up a 'shop' online and advertised to the forums etc you'd shift quite a few
<Gary> and or leftcase and I buying a few ourselfs
<doctormo> You should try and combine your orders to reduce cost, both shipping, money transfare and setup.
<Gary> yes
<PriceChild> leftcase, jenda gets great responses off of forums with posters, shirts and stickers. sells to locos also
<Gary> so LoudMouthMan please add £20 worth inc shipping and delivery to your order from me please :-)
<doctormo> You do have some time to get back to me on it, you could set up a rom on the project wiki (linked above) and invite people to increase the amount and document who it's for
<leftcase> Gary, +1
<LoudMouthMan> hehe okay I will open a wiki and sort this out with doctormo
<doctormo> row*
<doctormo> LoudMouthMan: shounds good
<Gary> i'd like to only paypal/bank transfer a whole £20 to you though nik
<doctormo> nik?
<LoudMouthMan> okay just as long as people can spell their name . i dont need another webspot incident.
<doctormo> the good news is that I still have a uk bank account with hsbc :-)
<LoudMouthMan> great send me the details so I can empty it ...
<LoudMouthMan> no hang on ....
<LoudMouthMan> heheh
<Gary> doctormo, that might be a great thing, we can transfer in easy
<doctormo> lol
<LoudMouthMan> hahah excellent leftcase
<tck> http://ubuntubackstage.org/ just gone live :)
<MootBot> LINK received: http://ubuntubackstage.org/ just gone live :)
<LoudMouthMan> right let me set up a wiki page and sort it with doctormo
<leftcase> k
<doctormo> sounds good
<LoudMouthMan> well okay
<LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] LoudMouthMan to set up Wiki to gather interest in order levels
<MootBot> AGREED received: LoudMouthMan to set up Wiki to gather interest in order levels
* DaveMorris wonders if dell will buy some for there desktops
<doctormo> I'll leave your channel in peace now :-D
<LoudMouthMan> so AOB ?
<leftcase> turrah doctormo
<doctormo> DaveMorris: not from me, they would want to deal direct
<Gary> actually.... DaveMorris thats not a crazy thought there....
<Gary> we could beg them for freebies :-)
<DaveMorris> at least make them aware they can buy them
<leftcase> Although I reckon Dell'd be aware that they can get 'em tbh
<Gary> DaveMorris, they would, if they were bovvered, deal direct with a manufacturer
<LoudMouthMan> meanwhile . ill wrap this meeting.
<LoudMouthMan> no other AOB
<DaveMorris> date for next meeting
<LoudMouthMan> good point .
<DaveMorris> I suggest rotating the Day of week
<LoudMouthMan> im not attached to any day .
<LoudMouthMan> and days suggested else I will set it about a month from now e..g
<LoudMouthMan> 16th September
<LoudMouthMan> any objections ? no
<leftcase> 42 is not an anwser, it's an error code. the universe is saying 'Error 42: meaning to universe not found'
<leftcase> VERY IMPORTANT Check out the Dohickey Project, Know everything about your hardware!
<leftcase> Doh - sry :-S
<LoudMouthMan> [AGREED] next meeting 16th September 2007
<MootBot> AGREED received: next meeting 16th September 2007
<leftcase> mouse slippage....
<LoudMouthMan> #endmeeting




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