Meeting started by DJones at 19:35

brobostigon present

AlanBell present

CShadowRun present

DJones present

Yorvik present

dutchie gone, but will return

etali present

DJones If you're here for the meeting, can you say present

DJones Hopefully this meeting will be smoother than the last one with no uninvited spammers

DJones There's a few items from the agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda

DJones [TOPIC] DJones - review of action items from last meeting

DJones - review of action items from last meeting

Daviey present

DJones Starting with progress reports, AlanBell, you're up first

AlanBell to figure out a nicer agenda layout for next meeting

DJones [PROGRESS REPORT] AlanBell to figure out a nicer agenda layout for next meeting

AlanBell ok so you should have seen a bit of a change to the agenda format

AlanBell rather than the table it is a more hierachical structure

AlanBell which should allow more information to be posted in advance of the meeting.

AlanBell we can discuss it a bit further in the next topic on meeting etiquette

AlanBell DONE

DJones From my point of view, it certainly makes thing quite easy for me as the chair

DJones Next up, Daviey

Daviey write a year in review post to the mailing list

Daviey eek

Daviey To be honest, this never reached my GTD list.

brobostigon late come'rs*

DJones Do you want to carry it over to the next meeting then

Daviey DJones: i still think there is merit in uit,so yes

DJones ok, will do

DJones Next item is the Manchester Jam, with lucyb, MunkyJunky & Gord, but none of them are around at the minute, I'll hold off with that and see if they come in later

YaManicKill investigate a possible launch party in Scotland

DJones YaManicKill: Wasn't expecting to be around, so passed an email to me

DJones Not a lot to report, but we have a date and a place set. It isn't definite as we haven't got confirmation yet but hopefully will get it this week.

DJones Planned Date is 6th May at Strathclyde Uni

DJones Not a lot to report, but we have a date and a place set. It isn't definite as we haven't got confirmation yet but hopefully will get it this week.

DJones copy & paste fail

DJones There were a number of people interested from various groups such as ScotLug. The Strathclyde Uni geeksoc are organising the party.

DJones And thats the end of that email

DJones MunkyJunky: Are you ok to speak about the Manchester Jam plans?

Daviey For minutes, it would be good if YaManicKill could keep us updated on progress, and anyting we can do to assist.

MunkyJunky DJones: How long are we on previous meetings?

MunkyJunky Can we come back to me in 5 minutes if possible? I litterally walked in the door and got on IRC...

DJones We can hold it for a while

DJones no probs

MunkyJunky ty

MunkyJunky I'll be good in 5 minutes to talk

DJones next up, back to AlanBell

AlanBell to follow up on Showcase Lucid Launch Party

AlanBell I have been emailing Cezzaine Haigh, without much response

AlanBell she isn't sure if she is the right person

AlanBell if anyone has any other suggestions of who to contact that would be appriciated

AlanBell my spelling is shocking

DJones Is it marketing team?

Daviey no

issyl0 Hi guys, sorry I'm slightly late.

Daviey AlanBell: it should be Cezz aiui

AlanBell ok, I will try again

Daviey AlanBell: If she isn't sure, then unless she can suggest someone else - it's her Smile :)

AlanBell ok

DJones If thats it for that point, we have one for popey

popey email the list about Ubuntu Hours

DJones Looks like popey's not around, that can be carried forward

Daviey +1

AlanBell well he did do it, did he not?

issyl0 Mmhmm

Yorvik Yup

CShadowRun looks like he did

Yorvik ..and a couple of people have tried it.

DJones ok, sounds like some success then

DJones next is daubers

daubers More planning and discussion for real life training events

DJones He's not around, but sent an email to the mailing list a few days ago...

DJones if you didn't see it, this is the content

DJones The discussion about the training event stuff seems to have come to it's

DJones natural conclusion now, but I have been deluged with stuff from work, so

DJones haven't had a chance to put my attention to it properly yet. I apologise

DJones to those who are raring to go with this, but should be able to put my

DJones attention to it properly again next week.

AlanBell best to do a [LINK] to the mailing list archive for such things

DJones Good idea

DJones [LINK] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2010-February/022805.html

DJones Daviey: Is the BBQ/Picnic still ongoing?

Daviey mail the list about a BBQ / Picnic / Camping event

Daviey DJones: I'm totally unsure. I still think it's a good idea, but there didn't seem to be too much support.

AlanBell I felt there was strong support for everything but the camping bit

DJones I think its a difficult one because of the distance some people would have to cover, maybe the idea could be spread to have a couple in different area's

Daviey DJones: that is a good idea!

AlanBell Daviey: start an etherpad

Daviey wilco

Daviey wiki might be better for persistence,as it doesn'trequire RT

DJones [IDEA] BBQ/Picnic plans to consider having a couple spread around different area's of the country

DJones BBQ/Picnic plans to consider having a couple spread around different area's of the country

brobostigon i agree, i dont do camping either, and having several, is definatly a good idea.

issyl0 Okay.

issyl0 Sure. Agreed.

brobostigon issyl0: with my current ostepoporosis,it wont help things.

DJones popey: Are you around yet, there's a couple of items with your name for progress reports

issyl0 brobostigon: ouch, no! Sad :(

dutchie sleeping arrangement could be hard to come by though, and camping is cheap...

brobostigon osteoporosis*

etali If there are several events around the country, people shouldn't have to travel too far, so could make a day trip of it instead of having to camp / book a hotel for an overnight stay?

AlanBell DJones: lets keep it moving

brobostigon dutchie: camping is cheap, yes,however for some people it is just not possible.

DJones ok, its you up again then

AlanBell to update list with RAT date on 24th

AlanBell with a spectacular #FAIL I have managed to book the RAT for a day I am unable to attend myself. I even bought a ticket.

AlanBell The RAT will be on Saturday 21st August 2010

AlanBell [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/RAT2010

dutchie brobostigon: of course

AlanBell theopensourcerer will be going though

theopensourcerer Smile :-)

AlanBell and taking my ticket and drinking my beer Sad :-(

theopensourcerer With AlanBell's ticket

Daviey probably /me

DJones hah

Yorvik Got my ticket Smile :)

AlanBell ok, that is all I have to say on that one

DJones Looks good AlanBell

DJones next up, issyl0

issyl0 to mail list about organising an Ubuntu-UK visit to the Science Museum over Easter (!AlanBell is to inform issyl0 about this)

AlanBell I did my bit

Daviey issyl0: ?

issyl0 Yep, yeop.

issyl0 Well as many of you have probably seen, the mailing list discussion has sort of stagnated since about January, but the daye has been confirmed. I did ring the museum and try to organise a group tour, but that didn't want to happen and the general consensus was a date when the organised group ytours are... I'm guessing we just turn up there on the day (check the ML for mroe dtails) wearing some sort of Ubuntu stu

AlanBell when are we going issyl0?

issyl0 No, I'm not drunk, it's called dreadful lag nad dreadful typing.

issyl0 Anyway.

AlanBell [LINK] http://doodle.com/46hbbd6gz4s5kmtr

DJones [LINK] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2010-January/022372.html

issyl0 Thank you AlanBell, DJones.

AlanBell issyl0: do we have a date confirmed?

issyl0 Yes.. oobviously the more final plans need to be discussed and the logistics of it all

issyl0 The confuirmed date is on the ML as Saturday 17th April.

DJones You've done well issyl0

AlanBell [AGREED] Saturday 17th April Ubuntu-UK visit to the Science Museum

issyl0 DJones: thank you!

AlanBell oh, DJones you have to say that I think

DJones [AGREED] Saturday 17th April Ubuntu-UK visit to the Science Museum

DJones Saturday 17th April Ubuntu-UK visit to the Science Museum

issyl0 Yay! Thank you.

DJones ok, moving on & backwards a bit, MunkyJunky Are you ready yet for Manchester jam?

MunkyJunky I am indeed

lucyb to work with !MunkyJunky and gord to plan Manchester Jam

MunkyJunky Right, so far everything is moving on very well! lucyb has managed to get us in at MadLab (Manchester Digital Laboratory) on 27th & 28th March

Daviey \o/

MunkyJunky Currently we're sorting out presentations that anyone would like to do - we've had a few people come forward to do bug presentations etc

MunkyJunky Everything is currently being documented on the wiki (I'll fetch the URL...)

issyl0 \o/

MunkyJunky [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ManchesterJam10-04

MunkyJunky Basically, the only thing we're left to sort is getting a few desktops down for people without laptops

MunkyJunky All in all, shaping up pretty nicely

DJones Excellent work, I'll have to see if I can make time for that

MunkyJunky Wahay!

MunkyJunky I think we just need to go on to advertising it a bit more to make sure people know its going on

DJones ok

DJones Just dropping back to the Ubuntu Hours, its worth noting this link

DJones [LINK] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2010-January/022374.html

DJones Just added to keep it on the record

MunkyJunky Theres an idea, Ubuntu Hours at Madlab...

MunkyJunky I might go poke the appropriate locals about that one

DJones Does anybody have anything else to add to the progress reports before moving on to the next topic

Daviey no,move on Smile :)

DJones [TOPIC] AlanBell - Meeting Etiquette

AlanBell - Meeting Etiquette

AlanBell This meeting has a rather different agenda format than previously, I hope you like it and I am happy to explain it.

AlanBell The loco meetings have been getting a bit chaotic with the large numbers of people all talking at once, the idea of these changes is to add a little more structure so that we can be productive. This meeting has actually been quite quiet in comparison to the last few, but the changes are designed to scale to large meetings.

AlanBell It is structured to allow more information to be prepared in the agenda and to be optimised for Mootbot.

AlanBell I have been looking at how others inside and outside of Ubuntu run online and offline meetings and tried to combine the best things I have seen from formal business type meetings to debating society rules.

AlanBell [LINK] http://ewh.ieee.org/reg/3/e-conf/guidelines/desc.html

AlanBell [LINK] http://www.gpnj.org/pol_irc.htm

AlanBell [LINK] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debate

AlanBell the rules we have come up with so far are here on our shiny new Ubuntu-UK etherpad

AlanBell [LINK] http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/oAOozkiuN8

AlanBell The etherpad is great for brainstorming a document together, it can then be transferred to the wiki as a more permanent and maintained location.

Daviey AlanBell: good work, the links are too much to digest in the meeting.. but it probably good reading for out of band.

AlanBell so do go have a look at the etherpad link now

AlanBell but save the others for later

AlanBell that is kind of background

DJones It looks good to me, its made things very simple for me

brobostigon i will give it a read AlanBell, this certainly is more organised.

AlanBell one of the principals I think we should stick to quite rigidly is sticking to the topic

AlanBell so when the next topic is called by the chair, you just finish your line and move on

brobostigon AlanBell: and that is where being absolutly sure everyone has said whattheywnt to and need to is crucial.

AlanBell yes, but it is up to the chair to decide when to call time on a topic

brobostigon true.

DJones AlanBell: One thing that was suggested, was that if somebody is typing something that is more than one line, adding ...... to the end of each line until finished lets people know that there's something to still be added

Daviey AlanBell has been very busy, I would suggest that we adopt this structure and read the guidelines between now and next meeting and in that next meeting have a vote if it should be our offical policy.

AlanBell Daviey: that sounds good

Daviey (subject to wording changes, discussed in next meeting)

DJones Agreed from me

DJones If nobody has anything else to add, we'll have a vote to confirm

AlanBell ok, so all please dive in and change stuff in the etherpad and discuss in IRC

Daviey erm

Daviey DJones: I think we should vote NEXT meeting

brobostigon ok AlanBell

AlanBell and we can vote next meeting on adopting them officially

DJones Daviey: ok, I was just following the Agenda Smile :)

issyl0 Mmhmm

Daviey DJones: There is too much for people to digest in this meeting.

brobostigon after we have all had tie toread, good idea.

brobostigon time*

AlanBell yup

AlanBell I will put the etherpad in a wiki page just before the next meeting and we can vote on that text

Daviey top banana AlanBell

Daviey next?

DJones [ACTION] AlanBell to put the etherpad in a wiki page just before the next meeting and we can vote on that text

DJones AlanBell to put the etherpad in a wiki page just before the next meeting and we can vote on that text

DJones next topic would be popey & Ubuntu Hours

DJones As he's not around, I suggest we carry it forward to next meeting

Daviey +1

AlanBell ok, well that kind of moved to the mailing list anyway

DJones [TOPIC] DJones - Any Other Business

DJones - Any Other Business

DJones Almost there, does anybody have anything else to add

theopensourcerer Yes.

DJones The floor is yours

theopensourcerer Could we move the start time to 8pm please?

Daviey theopensourcerer: that is next Smile :)

theopensourcerer It is less likely to encroach on kiddy bedtime etc

theopensourcerer Ahh - I will shut up then.

theopensourcerer And go and read the agenda

theopensourcerer Sad :-(

Daviey Planet.. Something i've been working on is a new planet for the LoCo. I would really like if i could get it tested and populated before going live.

dutchie probably worth mentioning that AlanBell has done a good job with Mootbot-UK

dutchie but Daviey was first

Daviey http://ubuntuuk.daviey.com/planet/ <--

Daviey and http://ubuntuuk.daviey.com/planet/editfeed to get your feed on there

Daviey So, any bloggers - please get your feed on there

AlanBell cool

DJones Looks realy good

dutchie "only required if needed"?

etali Do you want the ubuntu category feed, or the whole blog feed, assuming the blog is mostly tech related

theopensourcerer Daviey: The tag cloud text looks slightly blurred

Daviey dutchie: depending on your mugshot source

issyl0 Cool!

dutchie slightly interesting wording there Smile :)

Daviey dutchie: fair enough. This is out of band stuff Smile :)

Daviey I'm going to get it all launchpaded, so raise bugs as suitible

Daviey Next!

MunkyJunky I've got something, actually.

AlanBell as dutchie mentioned, I have been playing with mootbot, Mootbot-UK is running on my desktop and should, in theory be outputting a log file of this meeting in moin wiki syntax ready for pasting directly into the minutes page

Daviey MunkyJunky: ?

MunkyJunky Might just be me, but I feel like Ubuntu-uk.org could be a bit more active towards showing the community, since it's the UK's place on the t'inerwebs

Daviey AlanBell: Top stuff, can you push it into LP?

Daviey MunkyJunky: that is on the cards.

MunkyJunky Wahay

AlanBell Daviey: will do

DJones As dutchie said AlanBell deserves a round of applause for the changes to the Agenda, MootBot-UK etc, certainly thanks from me for making my life very easy as chair

brobostigon AlanBell: i like that, very clever. impressive. Smile :)

MunkyJunky It'd be nice if it was something that was regularly updated, rather than static info pages

Daviey *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

DJones Looks like thats it except for...

AlanBell MunkyJunky: maybe put together an outline proposal and add an agenda item to the next meeting?

MunkyJunky I'm not exactly sure /what/ I think it should be, but perhaps relevant news, etc

MunkyJunky Like I said, it might just be me feeling that way

Daviey MunkyJunky: you are correct, and it's something I'm trying to move towards. Raise an agenda item for next time.

DJones Have a think and bounce some ideas of people and add an agenda item

Daviey good stuff.

MunkyJunky Maybe move it to the mailing list?

AlanBell and finally . . .

Daviey MunkyJunky: not JUST yet,please.

MunkyJunky okies

MunkyJunky I'll leave it to you Daviey

DJones [TOPIC] DJones - Date of next meeting

DJones - Date of next meeting

DJones The only definate date I can't do is a Monday, other than that, I can fit most days in

Daviey Perhaps i'm not the only one, but week night evenings are easier for me to get leave from the family.

AlanBell how about wednesday March 3rd 8PM

Daviey AlanBell: another super idea.

issyl0 AlanBell: yeah, that sounds good!

DJones I'm happy with that

danfish +1 for what it's worth

brobostigon fine here.

theopensourcerer +1

Yorvik +1

brobostigon hi danfish

issyl0 +1

brobostigon +1

Daviey And we are pretty much bang on 1 hr, superb.

DJones [AGREED] Date & Time of next meeting Wednesday March 3rd, 8pm

DJones Date & Time of next meeting Wednesday March 3rd, 8pm

MunkyJunky Where at? Ubuntu-uk-meeting?

Daviey DJones: can we go now? Smile :)

Daviey MunkyJunky: yes.

DJones yup

DJones #endmeeting

Meeting ended at 20:39

People Present:

  • brobostigon
  • AlanBell

  • CShadowRun
  • DJones
  • Yorvik
  • dutchie
  • etali
  • Daviey
  • MunkyJunky

  • issyl0
  • theopensourcerer
  • danfish

Meeting ended

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