AlanBell will chair the meeting

The next full team meeting has not been scheduled, but when it is it will be held in #ubuntu-uk-meeting on

The chair of the meeting should endeavour to ensure that key points are discussed in an appropriate time. The chair will paste in items from the agenda during the meeting, please try to keep comments within the relevant topic, when the chair closes a topic by posting the next one you may finish the line you are typing and return to it in any other business or after the meeting. MootBot is used in meetings, please familiarise yourself with the functionality available prior to the meeting. If a vote is called you can say +1 0 or -1 to record your vote. You can do this with a private message to the bot if you don't want your vote to be public.

Please read the following guidelines before taking part in the meeting.

General Agenda Items and Proposals

Please put a brief statement of the issue to be discussed here, and link to a more detailed description or summary elsewhere in the wiki.

[TOPIC] The Chair - review of action items from last meeting

* The only person who needs to speak to each point is the person assigned, or someone delegated to speak on their behalf

[TOPIC] Christmas Party

[TOPIC] Installfest/Nexus 7 Flashparty

[TOPIC] CD Distribution

[TOPIC] The Next Happy Hour(s)

[TOPIC] Removing unused team resources

Added by AlanPope. I propose that we pare down (decommission) our unused or little used community resources which are little-used or provide no additional value to the community or team. This would include (but not be limited to) the Ubuntu UK etherpad, wordpress install on the website, planet ubuntu-uk, irc stats. These would be replaced by a semi-static home page which links to all the places we really do use, including the mailing list, irc channel and loco directory (for events).

[TOPIC] The Chair - Any Other Business

[TOPIC] Date of next meeting

  • Set the date in the /topic of #ubuntu-uk and #ubuntu-uk-meeting

[TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

Previous Meetings

Minutes of last meeting

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