Meeting opened by issyl0 at 20:03

  • <MichealH> np

    <AlanBell> o/

    <issyl0> Hi all!

    <brobostigon> PRESENT

    <MichealH> o/

    <issyl0> Who's here?

    <screen-x> o/

    <brobostigon> o/

    <brunogirin> present

    <Gadget3000> o/

  • MichealH attends

    <popey> o/

    <Yorvyk> o/

    <issyl0> o/ (obviously)

    <MichealH> screen-x: PING

    <DJones> o/

    <screen-x> MichealH: pong

    <MichealH> \o/

    <issyl0> OK so the agenda is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda

    <MichealH> Your Late :P

    <issyl0> OK, so.

    <issyl0> [TOPIC] issyl0 - review of action items from last meeting

issyl0 - review of action items from last meeting

  • <issyl0> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in June, please place it in the report

People who have achieved something in June, please place it in the report

  • <Daviey> o/

    <AlanBell> done on that progress report I think issyl0

    <issyl0> Cheers.

    <issyl0> [PROGRESS REPORT] Daubers update on support guidelines

Daubers update on support guidelines

  • <issyl0> Daubers isn't around.

    <issyl0> OK.

    <issyl0> OK so next progress reports are popey's two.

    <issyl0> [PROGRESS REPORT] popey to determine testing methods for ISO testing

popey to determine testing methods for ISO testing

  • <MichealH> Anyone?

  • brobostigon prods popey

    <issyl0> MichealH: popey was around...

    <popey> sorry, was editing teh wiki

    <issyl0> Ah. :

    <issyl0> Smile :)

    <popey> no progres.. and in fact I am finding it difficult getting time to do any testing at all

    <popey> if someone else wants to take this on, great

    <popey> if not, I will probably retire the idea

    <MichealH> popey: I could

    <AlanBell> popey: can you mail the list to that effect, a call for volunteers

    <popey> I'll mail the list about it, add an action item for me

    <Daviey> What is the blocker on increasing users?

    <popey> good brains there AlanBell

    <issyl0> [action] popey to mail the list for a call for volunteers for ISO testing

popey to mail the list for a call for volunteers for ISO testing

  • <Daviey> Is it people need to know how to use the ISO tracker?

    <popey> no

    <popey> it was the duplication of the ubuntu-it effort

    <Daviey> ok

    <popey> which i had lots of volunteers for

    <popey> ~ 30

    <Daviey> Yeah.. just wondering what the blocker is on that kicking off?

    <popey> but time is an issue

    <popey> there is no blocker

    <Daviey> popey: oh sure.. I appreciate you are busy - but what is the blocker on the 30 peeps.. Do they need direction?

    <popey> yes

    <brunogirin> speaking for myself, it's the lack of time and the lack of available hardware to test, don't know about others

    <popey> brunogirin: you dont own a pc? Smile :)

    <Daviey> Okay.. is that "how to", or an intro to using the QA iso tracker?

    <MichealH> same here but I can test on my PC

    <popey> Daviey: i have written up how to get started on the wiki

    <popey> translated the -it pages

    <Daviey> popey: Awesome! Looking forward to your mail.

    <popey> it worked for them, but maybe they are more motivated

    <AlanBell> Daviey: and a "who is doing which iso" I think

    <popey> or had more motivated leadership

    <brunogirin> popey: yes I do but the only option I have is to test in a VM which is not ideal

    <Gadget3000> I only had a quick look into it before my exams before I completely forgot about it but some direction how to do it would have been much appreciated

    <Daviey> AlanBell: Well the QA ISO tracker helps with that Smile :)

    <MichealH> I get the Alpha 4/Beta 1 when It comes out so...

    <issyl0> Yeah.

    <AlanBell> ok, lets move on then

    <issyl0> Yep.

    <issyl0> OK.

    <popey> will mail the list as per action

    <issyl0> Good good.

    <bastubis> i've got an intern starting next week, could maybe help?

    <issyl0> [PROGRESS REPORT] popey to to mail the list and blog about non-technical events

popey to to mail the list and blog about non-technical events

  • <Daviey> bastubis: sync up with popey after this Smile :)

    <popey> oh blimey, something else I've missed

    <popey> action me up

  • popey adds it as an item to discuss on the podcast too

    <issyl0> [action] popey to mail the list and blog about non-technical events

popey to mail the list and blog about non-technical events

  • <popey> thanks

    <issyl0> Yay.

    <issyl0> np

    <issyl0> Right, onto agenda items.

    <issyl0> [TOPIC] ascenseur - Geeknic

ascenseur - Geeknic

  • <MichealH> issyl0: He is on holday isnt he?

    <MichealH> *holiday

    <issyl0> As ascenseur is on holiday, I, as join organiser, shall talk instead.

    <issyl0> s/join/&t/

    <issyl0> No-one minds, do they?

    <popey> go4it

    <issyl0> OK. Well the confirmed date for the geeknic is Sunday 8th August. We don' yet have a time or a venue, but the most logical/likely place seems Hyde Park. As I understand it ascenseur was working on getting a mobile internet dongle thingy for the day in case we really want to be unsociable.

    <issyl0> It will all be sorted within the next... 2 weeks. As there are only about 3 to go, it will have to be.

    <issyl0> I/ascenseur will email the list and update the wiki with details.

    <AlanBell> what is the food plan?

    <AlanBell> mmmmm fooooood

    <issyl0> Haha.

    <issyl0> Suggestions, anyone?

    <brobostigon> cake, hmmm.

    <screen-x> AlanBell to bring eggs Wink ;-)

    <issyl0> Oh yes, cake. Always cake.

    <issyl0> Haha.

    <brobostigon> umm, beer.

    <issyl0> Ok.

    <issyl0> And picnic food.

    <issyl0> Obviously.

    <brunogirin> wine (screw top)

    <brobostigon> sausege rolls

    <issyl0> But enough. Enough stuff. Would "everyone bring their own" be alright, even if to share?

    <popey> yes

    <AlanBell> yeah, sounds reasonable

    <screen-x> is there a list of attendees somwhere?

    <popey> "Bring something you like, and maybe some for others"

    <AlanBell> anything more organised is doomed to failure

    <Gadget3000> I've found in the past that a good way of 'who brings what food' is that people bring their own sandwiches and an assortment of picnic food for sharing

    <brobostigon> sounds fine here issyl0

    <issyl0> Oh and, of course, kids welcome though they remain the responsibility of their parents.

    <MichealH> issyl0: Hah

    <issyl0> Gadget3000: good point

    <issyl0> popey: great

    <issyl0> Brilliant.

    <AlanBell> issyl0: blog about it as well

    <issyl0> Indeed.

    <AlanBell> just a copy of the wiki page, but people read the planet

    <issyl0> [action] issyl0 or ascenseur to mail the list and update the wiki with more details about the geeknic in coming weeks + issyl0 to blog.

issyl0 or ascenseur to mail the list and update the wiki with more details about the geeknic in coming weeks + issyl0 to blog.

  • <issyl0> Yep, OK.

  • popey has convinced wifey that we should bring the kids

    <issyl0> popey: Smile :)

  • MichealH may may not come just see what happens :P

  • AlanBell will bring offspring too

    <issyl0> Good good.

    <MichealH> OK moving on...

    <issyl0> I will bring... parents. :P

    <issyl0> OK.

  • brunogirin will see if he can bring a frisbee or a football

    <issyl0> Yes, quite right, moving on... AlanBell !

    <issyl0> brobostigon: yes yes, always a good thing

    <MichealH> issyl0: I will try to convince... Parents :P

    <issyl0> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Ubuntu In Business Event

AlanBell - Ubuntu In Business Event

  • <AlanBell> ok, so this is going rather well

    <AlanBell> we have 195 people registered

    <MichealH> \o/

    <brobostigon> nice, Smile :)

    <issyl0> Yay. That's a point, I need to cancel my registration, I have an exam in the morning.

    <AlanBell> there may be a little bit of an issue if they all turn up

    <issyl0> So make that 194.

    <AlanBell> Smile :-)

    <popey> thanks for letting us know issyl0 Smile :)

    <AlanBell> ok

    <issyl0> popey: np

    <popey> i appreciate that

    <issyl0> Smile :-)

    <AlanBell> Canonical will be buying everyone an Ubuntini

    <Gadget3000> How big is the venue?

    <AlanBell> and getting some nibbles or something

    <AlanBell> the venue fire limit is 350 I think

    <AlanBell> which is probably kind of cosy

    <AlanBell> it being a nightclub

    <popey> and comedy club

    <brunogirin> especially if there are a few computers around

    <AlanBell> we may be asking a few people to help out on the day, handing out badges and so on.

    <brunogirin> AlanBell: happy to help out with that

    <AlanBell> if you are one of the first to turn up then that is the risk you take

    <AlanBell> it should be a fun afternoon/evening. Any questions from anyone at this stage?

    <AlanBell> [link] http://ubuntuinbusiness.eventbrite.com/

  • <AlanBell> agenda and suchlike is there

    <AlanBell> ok, in the absence of any questions I think I am done issyl0

    <screen-x> well done AlanBell and all involved Smile :)

    <issyl0> OK.

    <issyl0> Well danfish's topic can be postponed.

    <issyl0> Sadly.

    <MichealH> Its meee!

    <issyl0> (Do I let mootbot know that?)

    <MichealH> I think so then skip the topic?

    <AlanBell> issyl0: erm, don't worry about it, just skip the topic

    <issyl0> popey: ?

    <MichealH> So I think tou do 2 topics

    <issyl0> Oh OK.

    <issyl0> Cheers.

    <issyl0> Sorry.

    <issyl0> OK, so now onto:

    <AlanBell> the minutes can always be fudged later

    <issyl0> [TOPIC] MichealH - Update on Website

MichealH - Update on Website

  • <Daviey> I've been making some good progress with the website, the current design i've been working on is based on that of the offical ubuntu web theme. I can't currently make the design public as it makes heavy use of the new Ubuntu font which is not yet avaliable to everyone. Patches will also be more than welcome at that stage! Smile :)

    <MichealH> OK. The mockups... Any Progress on them?

    <AlanBell> since the last meeting the design team have released their toolkit

    <MichealH> Any other things we need to clear up on the website?

    <Daviey> AlanBell: Which is what the current design i've been working from is heavily based on

    <AlanBell> [link] http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/

  • <vitium> What CMS is the site using & who is converting the design to code?

    <Daviey> It's done in such a way that if the upstream theme changes, we should get it for free

    <MichealH> vitium: I could help with HTML CSS maybe you do JS?

    <Daviey> naturally, i;d rather there some some deviance from the mould and would encourage some help there,

    <vitium> MichealH as would I, depending upon which cms it was being managed through.

    <MichealH> Daviey: Need any help with it?

    <AlanBell> another somewhat related thing I was messing with the other day is a concept design for the -uk logo

    <Daviey> MichealH: Most defiently!

    <AlanBell> [link] http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/uuk/logoconcept.png

  • <Daviey> AlanBell: That was rocking btw

    <MichealH> Daviey: How abouts HTML/CSS help?

    <Daviey> MichealH: Yes!

    <MichealH> \o/

    <MichealH> AlanBell: That is sooo good!

    <Gadget3000> AlanBell: That is good!

    <issyl0> I could help out there too, Daviey, MichealH, if needed.

    <Daviey> Once the ubuntu font is avaliable to all.. i would seriously like some design help MichealH.. it'll be on LP to branch and merge Smile :)

    <Daviey> issyl0: AWESOME.

    <MichealH> issyl0: Go for it

    <popey> thanks for the update Daviey !

    <MichealH> Daviey: How would I LP Branch on Windows?

    <popey> o_O

    <MichealH> popey: I know

    <MichealH> I know!

    <AlanBell> MichealH: use ubuntu! and lets worry about that later

    <vitium> MichealH See I told you it was your downfall Wink ;)

    <Daviey> MichealH: install bzr, bzr branch lp:$PROJECT

    <MichealH> Daviey: Thought so

    <issyl0> The meeting is nearly over, you can discuss that later. Smile :)

  • popey taps his watch

    <popey> well, i would if i had one

    <issyl0> [TOPIC] issyl0 - Any Other Business

issyl0 - Any Other Business

  • <issyl0> popey: haha

  • brobostigon wants a red wine refill.

    <issyl0> Any other business?

    <MichealH> I dont think there is anything?

    <screen-x> whip round for a watch for popey?

    <brunogirin> yes: is anybody going to GUADEC?

    <issyl0> Apart from watch tapping and red wine drinking, nope.

    <brunogirin> [LINK] http://www.guadec.org/

  • <Daviey> gord is going to GUADEC AIUI

    <popey> only date of next meeting

    <Gadget3000> Quick question:...

    <issyl0> popey: I'm getting to that.

    <issyl0> Yep, go on.

    <brunogirin> Daviey: OK, I may be going so if I do, I'll do a report

    <MichealH> popey: What about chair

    <brobostigon> not a weekend, i have appointments with new GF.

    <Daviey> brunogirin: Splendid!

    <issyl0> Aah.

    <Gadget3000> We were discussing handing out ubuntu CDs at boot fairs a while ago. I am doing a few atm so how do I get my hands on some ubuntu cd's?

    <issyl0> [TOPIC] issyl0 - Date of next meeting

issyl0 - Date of next meeting

  • <MichealH> Not a Tuesday!

    <MichealH> I have Membership meeting

    <AlanBell> Gadget3000: you can order them through shipit (but they might not come)

    <brunogirin> If possible, I'd prefer a day other than Wednesday

    <MichealH> Thursday?

    <AlanBell> MichealH: no, wait until someone tells you to go for a membership meeting

    <MichealH> AlanBell: ?

    <issyl0> Heh.

    <Gadget3000> AlanBell: I've found it. thanks

    <MichealH> AlanBell: I thought you had to add yourself to the agenda?

    <popey> offtopic Smile :)

    <issyl0> Indeedy.

    <MichealH> Well still... Not a tuesday...

    <issyl0> Er, right. Let's say Thursday... 9th August?

    <issyl0> Is that OK?

  • Daviey suggests same time, 2 weeks

    <popey> ditto

    <MichealH> I could make it...

    <brobostigon> fine here issyl0.

    <AlanBell> err

    <AlanBell> hang on peeps

    <AlanBell> 9th???

    <screen-x> 9th is a monday?

    <AlanBell> 5th perhaps

    <Daviey> regular short meetings > infrequent long meetings IMO

    <issyl0> Sorry.

    <MichealH> 5th for me!

  • Daviey proposes 21st July

    <MichealH> I may be late though

  • Gadget3000 agrees with Daviey

    <AlanBell> Daviey: we were attempting a regular first tuesday of the month meeting

  • issyl0 doesn't mind either way.

  • MichealH aslo agrees with Daviey

    <popey> AlanBell: we failed at that then Smile :)

    <AlanBell> so it seems

    <screen-x> that would be the 3rd..

    <Daviey> AlanBell: that's fine.. but that does meaning leaving it longer than 2 weeks

    <brobostigon> no fridays,or saturdays at the moment, and i am happy.

    <Daviey> meeting after can be first tues of the month

    <issyl0> OK.

    <issyl0> Daviey's proposal ?

    <Daviey> Okay.. What proposals do we have?

    <Daviey> * proposal 21st July

  • popey is easy

  • MichealH looks at his watch

    <issyl0> popey: same

    <issyl0> 21st July.

    <brobostigon> same, easy.

    <MichealH> popey: Sames I dont care really

    <issyl0> That's fine.

    <MichealH> 21st?

    <AlanBell> 21st is fine by me

    <issyl0> Yes.

    <issyl0> 21st.

    <Daviey> okay.. lets close and go home 1

    <popey> any reasons _not_ to go 21st?

    <brobostigon> ye.

    <AlanBell> issyl0: [agreed] 21st

    <MichealH> popey: Nope Smile :)

    <screen-x> time?

    <issyl0> 21:00 ?

    <MichealH> 9:00 BST?

    <brunogirin> same time as today?

    <AlanBell> works for me

    <popey> +1

    <screen-x> ok

    <issyl0> [agreed] 21st July for next meeting date, 21:00

21st July for next meeting date, 21:00

  • <issyl0> Great.

    <MichealH> Chair

    <issyl0> If someone would update the topic then please, afterwards.

    <MichealH> issyl0: Chair?

  • popey volunteers for chair

    <issyl0> Yep, chair. Who is willing to chair?

    <Daviey> +1 popey, seconded

  • issyl0 recommends popey.

  • MichealH pushes popey out of the way.

    <brobostigon> +1 popey

    <Daviey> done

    <AlanBell> about popey's turn I think

    <Daviey> lets go home!

    <MichealH> but +1 popey

    <issyl0> OK.

    <issyl0> Thanks all!

    <MichealH> Go popey

    <Daviey> o/

    <popey> ok, thanks issyl0

    <issyl0> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 20:44

People Present

  • MichealH
  • AlanBell

  • issyl0
  • brobostigon
  • screen-x
  • brunogirin
  • Gadget3000
  • popey
  • Yorvyk
  • DJones
  • Daviey
  • bastubis
  • vitium

Actions Recorded

  • popey to mail the list for a call for volunteers for ISO testing
  • popey to mail the list and blog about non-technical events
  • issyl0 or ascenseur to mail the list and update the wiki with more details about the geeknic in coming weeks + issyl0 to blog.

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