Meeting opened by czajkowski at 20:01

  • <Yorvyk> o/

    <AlanBell> o/

    <MichealH> o/

    <Daviey> o/

    <danfish> o/

    <dutchie> i.

    <czajkowski> Aloha ! Thanks for coming to tonights Ubuntu UK IRC meeting , tonight I'm the chair of the meeting! So housekeeping first, I'll be running through the order of Agenda items on the wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda as they are displayed.

    <dutchie> er

    <dutchie> o/

    <Yorvyk> o/

    <czajkowski> When a person is explaining their topic item, please let them finish before you start to ask questions or make any comments. If you have any comments on items please try and keep it relevant to the topic that is being discussed. Please do not keep interrupting the chair or people explaining action items, failure to do so will mean you will be asked to leave.

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] czajkowski - review of action items from last meeting

czajkowski - review of action items from last meeting

  • <czajkowski> he only person who needs to speak to each point is the person assigned, or someone delegated to speak on their behalf

    <czajkowski> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in August, please place it in the report

    <czajkowski> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in August, please place it in the report

People who have achieved something in August, please place it in the report

  • <czajkowski> [PROGRESS REPORT] Daubers update on support guidelines

Daubers update on support guidelines

  • <czajkowski> is Daubers here ?

    <AlanBell> on honneymoon

    <dutchie> daubers is still honeymooning i think

    <danfish> he's on honeymoon irrc

    <screen--x> otherwise engaged

    <czajkowski> [actio] postpone daubers update on support guidelines till he is back

    <czajkowski> [action] postpone daubers update on support guidelines till he is back

postpone daubers update on support guidelines till he is back

  • <dutchie> he did do a wiki page

    <czajkowski> [PROGRESS REPORT] AlanBell & MichealH: update on Maverick installfests

AlanBell & [[Micheal_Harker|MichealH]]: update on Maverick installfests

  • <dutchie> shall i pull it up now, or wait till he's back?

    <czajkowski> dutchie: wait till he is back thanks.

    <AlanBell> ok, so the installfests

    <dutchie> czajkowski: ok

    <AlanBell> we talked last time about this and we were going to muck about with some poster designs for them

    <AlanBell> MichealH had a go at one

    <MichealH> Mine didnt have ooft

  • <AlanBell> http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/uuk/installfest2.pdf

    <AlanBell> so my design would look rubbish on a laser or inkjet (and cost a fortune in ink)

    <MichealH> Mine though wont use as much ink

    <MichealH> (color ink)

  • Daviey pats those that were involved on the back.

    <dutchie> so MichealH did the b/w one, and AlanBell did the colour one?

    <AlanBell> indeed, it would work on a domestic printer

    <AlanBell> there are colours on both

    <MichealH> dutchie, Not completley B&W

    <AlanBell> I would welcome more input into the design, and more discussion about the installfests

    <MichealH> The font has the Ubuntu Really-Dark-Grey-It-Looks-Like-Black color

    <czajkowski> AlanBell: perhaps kick off a discussion on the mailing list/IRC/Forum ?

    <AlanBell> if there is sufficient interest and sufficient places then I might get a short run of properly printed posters done, on A4 paper so people can overprint the venue and time

    <AlanBell> short run is 500

    <AlanBell> czajkowski: yup, gimmie an action

    <dutchie> seems rather a lot

    <czajkowski> [action] AlanBell kick off a discussion on the mailing list/IRC/Forum re installfests

AlanBell kick off a discussion on the mailing list/IRC/Forum re installfests

  • <AlanBell> dutchie: you can't do less on litho, it is a ream or nothing. Digital you can do shorter, but it costs a lot per sheet.

    <dutchie> yeah

    <screen--x> might want to overprint the release name..

    <dutchie> couldn't really make them release neutral enough to be reused

    <dutchie> or maybe you could

    <czajkowski> I think making them release neutral would be wise

    <czajkowski> so they can be reused through the year/cycles

    <AlanBell> meh, print them, get them out there.

    <AlanBell> they might grow an additional logo if I am doing the printing Smile :-)

    <czajkowski> perhaps getting more views on the mailing list/forums/irc would be a good idea so

    <dutchie> yes

    <dutchie> the logo did well being discussed on the list

    <czajkowski> grand any other comments regarding posters and installfests so ?

    <Daviey> personally.. i can see it turning into a discussion thread and very little happening at the end

    <czajkowski> ok so moving on

    <dutchie> Daviey: i thought the logo thread was pretty good, i'd hope the poster design would go the same

    <Daviey> I would encourage AlanBell to take control of that.. blog it, and if anyone has a useful comment - address it on that basis

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] popey - Global Jam

popey - Global Jam

  • <czajkowski> so popey asked me to pass on

    <Daviey> popey made his apologies

    <czajkowski> 16:34 <popey> "I just wanted to raise awareness of this, and ask that people who are interested start looking for venues and getting this planned ASAP, so people can put it in their diary and start planning"

    <czajkowski> ok

    <mattt> on that note, how many people will be interested, seeing as it's a long weekend?

    <czajkowski> does anyone have any comments on UGJ ?

    <mattt> i was looking at getting sponsorship for a venue, but without having any clue as to how many people will attend makes that very difficult

    <AlanBell> I am interested in attending something

    <czajkowski> mattt: an idea to have it on one day and not all days might be an idea then

    <mattt> i was thinking one day all along :/

    <czajkowski> mattt: good idea

    <dutchie> mattt: the brum one i went to a release or two ago had 8-10 people each day I think

    <mattt> is there a way for you guys to have a signup form for those interested?

    <czajkowski> well a mail has started on the list, perhaps more folks can ad comments on that ?

    <dutchie> there's always doodle too

    <AlanBell> loco directory does signups for events

    <mattt> not a signup form, but something that gathers interest outside of #ubuntu-uk

    <MichealH> mattt, Like what?

    <mattt> czajkowski: i need to get registered on the list, i'll do that and try to get some momentum going there

    <AlanBell> doodle is for picking a date we don't need to do that

    <Daviey> LD +1.. that is what we made it for! Smile :)

    <MichealH> Something where you register your LoCo event?

    <czajkowski> well may I make a suggestion here, someone add the event to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk and that way you will be able to get an idea of numbers

    <czajkowski> Daviey: can I action that item to you so

    <Daviey> go!

    <dutchie> AlanBell: you could get an idea of attendance from doodle though

    <czajkowski> [action] Daviey to create UGJ event on the LD for the UK LoCo

Daviey to create UGJ event on the LD for the UK LoCo

  • <AlanBell> and from loco.ubuntu.com

    <dutchie> good point

    <mattt> AlanBell: tnx for the link

    <czajkowski> dutchie: try and keep sign ups in one places , tends to annoy folks having to sign up in diffeent areas and messes up numbers imo

    <dutchie> yeah

    <czajkowski> [link] http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk

  • <czajkowski> is where all events should be added to folks

    <czajkowski> any other comments re UGJ, also there is a mailing list thread kicked off on this

    <czajkowski> ok shall move on so

    <Daviey> czajkowski: Hmm, just to clarify - How many Jams are we thinking?

    <Daviey> Brum, London, ?

    <czajkowski> Daviey: create one and start from there, perhaps ask on the mailing list for venues or people to host one

    <dutchie> i think there was one being planned in manchester

    <czajkowski> when they say they will create t on the LD

    <Daviey> OK

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] ascenseur & issyl0 - Geeknic

ascenseur & issyl0 - Geeknic

  • <AlanBell> attendance signup there (loco.ubuntu.com will be used for future events)

    <czajkowski> good to hear Smile :)

    <AlanBell> silly https urls!

    <AlanBell> meeting at speakers corner then moving out into the park somewhere

    <czajkowski> don't forget to take pics of the event Smile :)

    <AlanBell> who is coming who is here?

    <AlanBell> o/

    <Azelphur> me *wave*

    <Azelphur> We're gonna picnic like you've never picnic'd before.

    <AlanBell> great, see you there then!

    <Azelphur> if you're not there, you fail at life the universe and everything.

    <mattt> enjoy guys

    <Azelphur> Smile :)

    <AlanBell> ok, well if anyone else wants to pop along that would be great

    <czajkowski> look forward to reading the reports afterwards

    <AlanBell> think we are done on this czajkowski

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Ubuntu in Business - November

AlanBell - Ubuntu in Business - November

  • <czajkowski> AlanBell: Smile :)

    <AlanBell> me again

    <AlanBell> ok, so who went to the Ubuntu in Business event?

    <AlanBell> o/

    <dutchie> heh

    <AlanBell> silence . . .

    <AlanBell> meh, lots of people did

    <JR0cket> I was there and it was a very good...

    <czajkowski> I would have!

    <danfish> not me but Ubuntu in the Public Sector....?

    <AlanBell> anyhow, we had a wrapup meeting with Canonical and they were very pleased with it

    <Daviey> o/

    <AlanBell> it is something they want to do again, and something they want to try with other LoCo teams around the world

    <AlanBell> UK leading the world again \o/

    <danfish> congrats Smile :)

    <Daviey> Britannia etc.

    <czajkowski> heh

    <screen--x> good initiative Smile :)

    <AlanBell> so we are thinking of doing another, somewhere else, probably in London again in November

    <JR0cket> The Ubuntini was the only disappointment...

    <AlanBell> JR0cket: worth every penny you paid for it

    <czajkowski> AlanBell: venue location /date?

    <AlanBell> Canonical very nicely bought drinks until we could hardly stand up

    <Daviey> Ubuntini Surprised :o

    <AlanBell> we don't have a venue/location/date as yet, if anyone wants to get involved and shape the event then do get in touch with me or popey

    <AlanBell> danfish: looking at you

  • danfish hides

    <AlanBell> czajkowski: ok, done

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Team Logo

  • <danfish> no - I'm happy to get involved

    <AlanBell> gah, me again, I was about to go put the kettle on

    <AlanBell> so we have had a lot of productive conversations on the mailing list about a new logo

    <czajkowski> you added the items Smile :) not my fault

    <AlanBell> which has involved a lot of people (including me) learning how to use Inkscape

    <AlanBell> my latest effort is here http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/uuk/logo11.svg but there are plenty more options out there

    <ascenseur> apologies for the late arrival

    <AlanBell> what should we do in terms of finalising the options

    <AlanBell> I think we need to pick a few, hold a vote and submit something to the CC for approval

    <dutchie> I like

    <JR0cket> logo11 is my favourite so far

  • <dutchie> http://will.thebickerstaffs.net/logo.svg

    <dutchie> and logo11

    <MichealH> dutchie, Are roughly the same :L

    <czajkowski> AlanBell: so shall action you so

    <dutchie> all of them are roughly the same

    <AlanBell> so should we hold a vote on IRC at the next meeting?

    <dutchie> why not now?

    <AlanBell> or put it to a launchpad vote or what?

    <dutchie> though there aren't many here

    <dutchie> shall we vote on a vote, or is that too silly?

    <AlanBell> I don't want to do it now as the vote has not been pre-announced

    <dutchie> ah, ok

    <czajkowski> [action] AlanBell create a poll to pick the new logo for UK LoCo so it can be submitted to the CC for approval

AlanBell create a poll to pick the new logo for UK LoCo so it can be submitted to the CC for approval

  • <MichealH> AlanBell, You can now put on the kettle Wink ;)

    <czajkowski> right so moving on folks, nearly there!

    <AlanBell> ok, I will figure out a way to do a poll

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] Daviey & MichealH - UK Rebrand

Daviey & MichealH - UK Rebrand

  • <czajkowski> [LINK] www.ubuntu-uk.org


  • <Daviey> Hmm ok

    <Daviey> Not too much obvious progress has happend since the last meeting, due to a design issue it's largely had to be restarted.. which is making pretty good progress. The Ubuntu font is still not public, which makes it harder to deploy a demo site for the full experience...

    <MichealH> I was hoping to d the wiki things around

    <Daviey> andylockran has kindly been getting involved, and i need to spend some time catching up with his thought

    <Daviey> I'll hand over to MichealH to comment on the wiki rebrand, as that is nothing to do with me

    <MichealH> Daviey, I have a few JQuery thing for you

    <MichealH> Makes the site more... animated?

    <MichealH> Okay the wiki

    <Daviey> MichealH: Please keep a fast pace.

    <MichealH> Will everything be rebranded or do you think I should rebrand certain aspects like menus ect.

    <Daviey> MichealH: I'm not entirely sure what aspect you are talking about?

    <Daviey> Can you clarify what you mean by changes to the wiki

    <Daviey> please?

    <MichealH> I was asking If everything will be rebranded with the wiki or I can get the go ahead

    <czajkowski> go ahead and do what?

    <MichealH> Daviey, The top parts of the wiki

    <czajkowski> it's a wiki....

    <Daviey> MichealH: That isn't controlled by us

    <MichealH> Ahh I was just wondering what would be rebranded

    <Daviey> MichealH: However, perhaps canonical would appreciate a submission.. i don't know

    <AlanBell> MichealH: just make sure any graphics are really small in terms of file size

    <MichealH> when the swithch

    <MichealH> So let me guess... Its a no?

    <Daviey> Hmm

    <mattt> yeah, i don't understand what is getting rebranded

    <Daviey> I'm saying that isn't something we can decide over, as a team.

    <MichealH> Or a submit to cannoncial a submission

    <Daviey> It's not a resource under our control

    <MichealH> Okay

    <screen--x> do the bits we have control over first

    <Daviey> MichealH: Why not email the canonical design team, and ask them?

    <MichealH> screen--x, Thats what I was talking about

    <Daviey> or ping Ivanka.. when she is next in #ubuntu-uk

    <Daviey> Moving on?

    <mattt> Smile :)

    <czajkowski> yup

    <MichealH> Yup

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] czajkowski - Any Other Business

czajkowski - Any Other Business

  • <czajkowski> anyone ?

    <MichealH> Well, ascenseur is back...

    <Daviey> no

    <czajkowski> I get to ask stuff Smile :)

    <theopensourcerer> Whos going on the RAT in August?

    <dutchie> o/

    <czajkowski> so how are the monthly reports goin ?

    <theopensourcerer> Smile :-)

    <Daviey> czajkowski: not bad!

    <Daviey> pretty good

    <Daviey> next question?

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] czajkowski - Date of next meeting

czajkowski - Date of next meeting

  • <AlanBell> reports are awesome

    <MichealH> I think the 2 week schedule is good

    <MichealH> So Maybe we have one in 2 weeks time?

    <czajkowski> AlanBell: when is the next meeting date, remember this is new to me

  • Daviey can't be here in 2 weeks

    <MichealH> Daviey, Not at all?

    <Daviey> (not that it should block a meeting.. but just FYI)

    <AlanBell> yeah, basically two weeks is the 18th unless loads of people object

    <Daviey> MichealH: no

    <dutchie> czajkowski: we normally aim for 2 weeks, moving them around so people that can't do eg wed nights don't miss out

    <screen--x> I can't make two weeks time either

    <MichealH> Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri

    <MichealH> ???

    <MichealH> screen--x, At all?

    <screen--x> but keeping 2 week cycle seems like a plan

    <Daviey> Thurs 19th?

    <czajkowski> Right, Thursday 19th August

    <Daviey> (i can't be there)

    <dutchie> i won't be around

    <AlanBell> 19th is good

    <dutchie> results night for me

    <czajkowski> [agreed] Thursday 19th August for next meeting

Thursday 19th August for next meeting

  • <MichealH> I cnat do Thurs that well

    <czajkowski> [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

Chair for next meeting

  • <dutchie> i will either be celebrating or commiserating

    <czajkowski> I nominate theopensourcerer

    <MichealH> I may be late I dont know

    <MichealH> I nominalte AlanBell

  • Daviey seconds theopensourcerer

    <MichealH> C'mon AlanBell Does most things

    <Daviey> can we go home now? Smile :)

    <MichealH> so why not he does the next mewting?

    <czajkowski> [agreed] theopensourcerer to chair next IRC meeting

theopensourcerer to chair next IRC meeting

  • <czajkowski> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 20:44

People Present

  • Yorvyk
  • AlanBell

  • MichealH
  • Daviey
  • danfish
  • dutchie
  • czajkowski
  • screen--x
  • mattt
  • Azelphur
  • JR0cket
  • ascenseur
  • theopensourcerer

Actions Recorded

  • postpone daubers update on support guidelines till he is back
  • AlanBell kick off a discussion on the mailing list/IRC/Forum re installfests

  • Daviey to create UGJ event on the LD for the UK LoCo

  • AlanBell create a poll to pick the new logo for UK LoCo so it can be submitted to the CC for approval

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