Meeting opened by MichealH at 20:00

  • <MichealH> Hello and welcome to the Ubuntu UK meeting in the Ubuntu UK meeting room. If you are new then the only thing we suggest is looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda and wait untill its your turn or If you are making a arguing point, wait thill the person who is speaking about the agenda item has finsished.

    <MichealH> As always, Please mark you presence with a wave (\o) or some other way we know you are here.

    <AlanBell> o/

    <popey> o/

    <sam898889> o/

    <Monotoko> o/

    <Yorvyk> o/

    <MichealH> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeamMeetingAgenda

  • <MichealH> Pleas make sure that is open in your browser

    <MichealH> Okay, Lets get going!

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] MichealH - review of action items from last meeting

MichealH - review of action items from last meeting

  • <MichealH> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in August, please place it in the report, and if you do anything this month, put it in the September one (simples!)

People who have achieved something in August, please place it in the report, and if you do anything this month, put it in the September one (simples!)

  • <AlanBell> August looks really good \o/

    <MichealH> Yes, It does indeed

    <Monotoko> it really does, excellent job .

    <Monotoko> shall have to see what i can do about organizing something for Sept

    <MichealH> Okay

    <MichealH> Going

    <MichealH> Going

    <MichealH> Gone

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Team Logo

  • <AlanBell> right, so this is going well

  • <AlanBell> http://pollka.libertus.co.uk/

    <AlanBell> we have been voting on the logo for a week, the vote closed on tuesday

    <AlanBell> the winning option was number 8

    <MichealH> Yay!

    <Ricey> fine result

    <MichealH> I voted on that

    <Monotoko> excellent Smile :)

    <AlanBell> having checked the rules the circle of friends was a fraction too close to the other bits so I adjusted that and submitted this:

  • <AlanBell> http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/uuk/uuklogopaths.svg

    <MichealH> And AlanBell What is the fallback logo?

    <AlanBell> to the trademark team at Canonical to make it an approved LoCo logo

    <MichealH> So its approved?

    <MichealH> Yipee

    <mattt> looks great, thanks for the effort in getting that logo put together

    <AlanBell> not approved yet, I have had no response

  • <AlanBell> http://pollka.libertus.co.uk/results.php

    <Monotoko> the fallback seems to be the Union Jack logo?

    <Ricey> it is a fine lgog, thanks for your efforts from me

    <AlanBell> that is the list of responses (although I think a couple of extra votes arrived after I counted them

    <MichealH> Yeah

    <MichealH> Anyone have anything else to say before we move on?

    <AlanBell> I am pretty confident that logo will get approved, there isn't really anything controversial about it

    <czajkowski> can take trademarks some time to respond

    <MichealH> czajkowski: Yeah It took me 2 weeks

    <sam898889> where is it?

    <sam898889> oh found it

    <AlanBell> yeah, I am hoping they approve before Maverick release

    <AlanBell> ok, I am done on this topic MichealH

    <sam898889> nice alanbell Big Grin :)

    <MichealH> Anyone have anything else?

    <MichealH> No?

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] Daviey and MichealH - Website

Daviey and MichealH - Website

  • <MichealH> I dont know If Daviey is at his desk

    <MichealH> We havent heard of the website recently

    <MichealH> Daviey: ping

    <Monotoko> Seems he isn't, can this be done without him?

    <MichealH> Okay, Lets move on and If he replys then we can add it to the end

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] daubers - Improving Support

daubers - Improving Support

  • <MichealH> daubers: Youre up

    <AlanBell> ooh, this is going to be a short meeting

    <MichealH> AlanBell: Yup

    <Ricey> hehe

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] 10.10.10 Release Party

10.10.10 Release Party

  • <Monotoko> very short, I shall have to add some things to the next agenda Smile :)

    <MichealH> Monotoko: Great!

    <AlanBell> ok, there is a release party in the planning for London

    <Monotoko> I was thinking of having a release party up in the Leeds area?

    <sam898889> 10.10? on the 10.10.10?

    <Monotoko> for those of us that cant get to London

    <mattt> AlanBell: ping me if you need help w/ anything (or let whoever is organizing know)

  • <AlanBell> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/307/detail/

    <MichealH> sam898889: Yup

    <AlanBell> Monotoko: great, do add it to the loco directory if you do

    <Ricey> Monotoko, a central/northern party would get my vote

    <MichealH> sam898889: The perfect 10

    <AlanBell> so that one in London isn't the canonical organised one

    <MichealH> Ricey: Mine too

    <sam898889> MichealH, indeed. can i come?

    <Monotoko> Ricey, I will see what I can do with settings on up Smile :)

    <AlanBell> I *think* it is being organised by John Rocket

    <MichealH> sam898889: Im not organising

    <Ricey> Monotoko, nice Smile :)

    <sam898889> MichealH, do u know who is ???

    <mattt> AlanBell: does jr0cket use irc?

    <MichealH> sam898889: Ask AlanBell after the meeting

    <AlanBell> mattt: don't know, I emailed him earlier asking about it

    <sam898889> MichealH, thanks.

    <mattt> AlanBell: k, thanks

    <MichealH> Okay Anyone else wanna say anything else before we move on?

    <AlanBell> Canonical have been in communication asking what we are doing for release parties

    <AlanBell> they seem to be thinking about something, normally it is announced rather late

    <MichealH> AlanBell: Installfests

    <Monotoko> Installfests + Pub

    <Ricey> Pub + Installfests

    <AlanBell> yeah, the installfests are a great idea for a during-the-day activity on the sunday

    <MichealH> Monotoko: I wouldnt be able to attend then :

    <MichealH> *:(

    <AlanBell> but organising a separate pub type party in London to the Canonical one (if there is one) could be a bit of a washout

    <Monotoko> MichealH, Maybe we could organize a seperate pub day

    <AlanBell> installfests also don't have an age limit on them which is handy for our younger members

    <MichealH> Monotoko: Im 13! I think there would be very little for me to do but sit down and IRc all day like I usually do

    <MichealH> hehe

    <MichealH> AlanBell: I understand

    <AlanBell> ok, hopefully there will be more info on parties for the next meeting

    <MichealH> AlanBell: Done?

    <AlanBell> I think so

    <MichealH> Any Questions?

    <Monotoko> AlanBell, I will call up some places...see if I can get anywhere booked

    <MichealH> Monotoko: Thats the sprirt

    <AlanBell> cool, MichealH action Monotoko to do that

    <sam898889> how many people are expected to join?

    <MichealH> sam898889: We dont know

    <AlanBell> join what sam898889?

    <MichealH> Anyone could come

    <sam898889> the 10.10.10 launch party..

    <AlanBell> MichealH: [action] Monotoko to call places

    <MichealH> [action] Monotoko to call places

Monotoko to call places

  • <Monotoko> Smile :)

    <MichealH> Monotoko: Your first action?

    <MichealH> \o/

    <mattt> Monotoko: don't let us down

    <Monotoko> MichealH, yepp .

    <Monotoko> mattt, I wont Smile :)

    <mattt> :P

    <MichealH> Okay Lets move on

    <AlanBell> sam898889: normally for the london party it is >100 people

    <MichealH> [action] Monotoko to call places

Monotoko to call places

  • <sam898889> ok AlanBell .. thanks

    <MichealH> oops

    <Monotoko> hehe

    <MichealH> Sorry

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] MichealH - Any Other Business

MichealH - Any Other Business

  • <MichealH> Seems to be no buisness here Smile :-)

    <MichealH> Anyone have some questions?

    <MichealH> Wanna bring up something?

    <Ricey> just a quick one.

    <MichealH> Ricey: Go ahead

    <Ricey> has everyone seen the thread on the mailing list ref the "rubbish bin" ?

    <MichealH> Ricey: I saw the bug on LP

  • Ricey is on the translation team

    <mattt> Ricey: which list?

  • MichealH too

    <Ricey> ubuntu-uk mailing list - i think

    <MichealH> mattt: I think the UK one

    <mattt> Ricey: odd, don't recall seeing it

    <TonyP> nor me

    <Ricey> ok, hang on let me grab the LP link...

    <Monotoko> me either

    <popey> https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/406626

    <ukbot> Launchpad bug 406626 in nautilus "Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named in en_GB localisation" [Undecided,Fix committed]

    <Ricey> that's it

    <AlanBell> nope, spoke to popey about it though

    <MichealH> Thanks popey

    <Yorvyk> There is one on the en_GB list

    <MichealH> Okay

    <Ricey> just this - are we generally happy as UK users that whatever gnome/ubuntu use for "trash" we should use Rubbish Bin?

    <MichealH> Im happy

    <mattt> indifferent

    <AlanBell> Ricey: maybe mail the main list about it (it will be a long thread no doubt)

    <Monotoko> Ricey, I'm happy Smile :)

    <Ricey> AlanBell, indeed, just wanted to get a quick feel from this group

    <MichealH> Sahll we draw a quick vote on it?

    <MichealH> *Shall

    <AlanBell> I don't think we have enough people for a meaningful vote

    <Yorvyk> I was going to suggest waste bin but this has taken a long tome so rubbish bin will do

    <MichealH> Okay

    <MichealH> Lets move on

    <Ricey> ok, yes, thanks

    <MichealH> 3

    <MichealH> 2

    <MichealH> 1

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting

  • <Monotoko> 2 weeks time?

    <AlanBell> how about Thursday 16th?

    <MichealH> Ach! Thursday

    <Monotoko> works for me..I will have more information on the Northern release party

    <Ricey> fine by me, i will be out the country, but will try to connect

    <mattt> works for me

    <sam898889> can someone add me to the mailing list or tell me how. i would love to join the party~~

    <MichealH> I may be late but Yeah I will attend

    <MichealH> sam898889: Ak after the meeting

    <MichealH> *Ask

    <popey> sam898889: link in the topic for #ubuntu-uk

    <Monotoko> sam898889, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-uk

    <MichealH> So Its agreed? Thurs 16th?

    <Monotoko> I think so Smile :)

    <AlanBell> if you [agreed] it

    <MichealH> [AGRREED] Next meeting on Thurs 16th September 2010 9PM BST in #ubuntu-uk-meeting

    <Monotoko> excellent

    <MichealH> [AGREED] Next meeting on x September 2010 9PM BST in #ubuntu-uk-meeting

Next meeting on x September 2010 9PM BST in #ubuntu-uk-meeting

  • <MichealH> Typo

    <MichealH> 16th

    <MichealH> Grr

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

Chair for next meeting

  • <MichealH> Any nominations?

    <MichealH> volenteers?

    <popey> o/

  • AlanBell hasn't been chair for a while

  • popey retracts

  • popey nominates AlanBell

    <MichealH> Does ukbot have the @random command?

  • Monotoko nominates AlanBell as well Smile :)

  • Ricey seconds

    <MichealH> +4 for AlanBell

    <MichealH> Hurrah!

    <MichealH> [AGREED] The next chair is AlanBell and will chair the meeting on 16 September at 9PM BST.

The next chair is AlanBell and will chair the meeting on 16 September at 9PM BST.

  • <AlanBell> great

    <Ricey> gratz

    <Monotoko> awesome

    <MichealH> Thanks fot your time

    <MichealH> *for

    <MichealH> and your support

    <Ricey> thankyou Smile :)

    <MichealH> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 20:27

People Present

  • MichealH
  • AlanBell

  • popey
  • sam898889
  • Monotoko
  • Yorvyk
  • Ricey

  • mattt
  • czajkowski
  • TonyP
  • ukbot

Actions Recorded

  • Monotoko to call places
  • Monotoko to call places

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