Meeting opened by popey at 21:00

  • <popey> That's the meeting agenda for this evening

    <popey> add anything now if you desparately need to Smile :)

    <popey> Ok, who's here for the meeting?

    <popey> o/

    <TheOpenSourcerer> me

    <barrydrake> me

    <candtalan> alan cocks hi

    <freesitebuilder> me

    <popey> Great stuff.

    <popey> [TOPIC] popey - review of action items from last meeting

popey - review of action items from last meeting

  • <popey> No action points I can see, except for the usual..

    <popey> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in January, please place it in the report.

People who have achieved something in January, please place it in the report.

  • <popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/January

    <barrydrake> I put some stuff there

    <popey> And of course now it's february...

    <popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/February

    <popey> barrydrake: oh yes?

    <barrydrake> Ahhh I put it where you told me

    <popey> the january page?

    <barrydrake> January - didn't notice

    <popey> "Made contact with the manager of my local Maplins to offer an Ubuntu demonstration day or evening. The Manager phoned me back to chat, and is very interested. Maybe similar initiatives could be tried? Suggestions? Barry Drake."

    <barrydrake> that's one

    <barrydrake> comments?

    <popey> Have been trying to persuade pcspecialist to allow testing (I offered to travel to their factory for this) on three or four selected builds. They are considering this, but at present are reluctant. Also am looking to do something similar with ?NovaTech. At OpenSource Expo, Alan Cocks (I think it was Alan) said he has made some contacts there, and will pursue this. Barry Drake.

    <popey> both sound like great ideas to me

    <candtalan> yes it was I

    <barrydrake> let's extend the idea

    <popey> I have a maplin near me, I'd certainly be interested in helping out at such an event

    <popey> What do you think next steps are?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Any excuse for popey to get to a maplins

    <barrydrake> allan - any chance of pursuing NovaTech? I'll do the work if you want

    <popey> yeah, just don't tell mrs popey

    <freesitebuilder> if one's interested, others may be in a "keeping up with the managers"

    <freesitebuilder> sort of way

    <candtalan> It has taken over a year to foster minimal confidence at my local Maplin, to get agreement in principle to test stuff for my or friends use.....

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Why not use an etherpad page to do some prep

    <popey> yeah, we could mail the list and put a page together, good idea TheOpenSourcerer

    <TheOpenSourcerer> So there are consistent messages etc

    <popey> get some collaboration going

    <popey> yes, agreed

    <barrydrake> the climate's changing now - folk are willing to take Ubuntu seriously

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Pc pro today was great.

    <candtalan> I will, sure, but just now I am busy preparing some talks at a college next week. so in a few weeks time?

    <popey> I guess it's hard for retailers on many fronts, there's little money in Ubuntu directly in their store, but great to show compatibility..

    <barrydrake> theopensourcerer - that's what I mean when I say the climate's changing

    <popey> how do you 'sell' the idea of an 'Ubuntu Day' to a Maplin Mgr?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Yes

    <candtalan> I am blinded too by th eglare of a raft of Windows 7 T shirts when I go in too.

    <popey> Who wants to mail the list to kick this off?

    <barrydrake> popey - maplin have no investment in M$. Just want to give a free demo to their staff, and if they wish, customers too. Our manager said that OS's are a problem for them when selling motherboard pack etc

    <candtalan> So far I have negotiated that - with a minder - I can run a live CD on their kit by arrangement...

    <barrydrake> alan - where?

    <candtalan> (my comments refer to my novatech)

    <candtalan> Novatech Reading unit

    <barrydrake> alan - meet you there; introduce me - and if you want I'll spend more time with them?

    <popey> Is it worth you two guys running with this and then reporting back your progress / success / lessons so we can learn from it and try at other retailers?

    <candtalan> I suggest I go alone initially, softly. At first I got a no. Then they phoned me back. Managers discretion I guess. They knew I had bought two desktops from them in previous 3 years.

    <barrydrake> Just going to get another drink. My round (you'rs is virtual I'm afraid)

    <barrydrake> Yes, let's have a go - Alan?

    <barrydrake> OK

    <candtalan> Looks like early March in my diary I think, I will keep in touch?

    <popey> ok, can you guys report back when you have some progress?

    <candtalan> More articles like PC Pro will work wonders. And 'Advertising' of course. Ubuntu advertising team?

    <barrydrake> I had a similar reaction to Alan's when I spoke to pcspecialist. The did agree to star a Linux forum for me, and I gather they're surprised at the traffic. They are certainly eyeing it carefully!

    <barrydrake> I'm on that - and I think things are going to happen. Problem - sharp intake of breath when I said the dreaded word 'budget'

    <popey> heh

    <barrydrake> Ubuntu advertising, I mean

    <candtalan> I am on the linux forum too. Two moderators are heavying in saying linux is problems, in so many words. moderators. we have some work to do.

    <barrydrake> Alan - on pcspecialist?

  • <candtalan> http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/forums/forumdisplay.php?32-Linux

    <barrydrake> as in becoming more moderate

    <candtalan> moderators keep order. they are not there to opine against linux in a linux forum

    <barrydrake> true

    <popey> i note one of them is also quite wrong about wine Smile :)

    <popey> it's not unusual for games under wine to be faster than native windows

    <TheOpenSourcerer> could we move on please?

    <candtalan> A few more questions there might help....

    <popey> but lets not let the truth get in the way Smile :)

    <candtalan> Smile :-)

    <popey> ok, so candtalan and barrydrake to report back about novatech and maplin?

    <candtalan> ok

    <barrydrake> YEP

    <popey> great

    <popey> [TOPIC] AlanBell - OpenSourceExpo/Cloud Expo stand

AlanBell - OpenSourceExpo/Cloud Expo stand

  • <popey> and/or TheOpenSourcerer Smile :)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> hah

    <barrydrake> I was there too

    <candtalan> me too

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Where is he...

    <candtalan> (visit)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Yes barrydrake was there too. A quiet show, most visitors came for the presentations I think.

    <popey> ok, so how was it?

    <barrydrake> we were talking to the wrong audience basically

    <TheOpenSourcerer> We ran out of stickers, but not CDs

    <popey> shame

    <popey> the event has gone downhill for the last 5 years sadly

    <HazRPG> this about the cloud?

    <popey> the expo

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Yeah

    <HazRPG> yeah

    <HazRPG> wow, really no one wanted the CD's? Sad :(

    <freesitebuilder> who is their target audience?

    <AlanBell> o/

    <popey> hi AlanBell

    <TheOpenSourcerer> We had quite a few CDs...

    <HazRPG> AlanBell: hey

    <barrydrake> I've spent over two hours on the phone halping a very enthusiastic Windows guy who hates Windows because he always used a MAC at work. He loves the LiveCD I gave him but is wanting to install in a quite bizarre way. He keeps phoning. He's hooked!

    <HazRPG> probably the wrong place for this, but if there's CD's going spare I'll have a few and spread them around - I don't mind paying for P&P

    <candtalan> is bizarre an install option? Smile :-)

    <barrydrake> Our targe audience is disaffected Windows users plus MAC at work folk.

    <AlanBell> HazRPG: not entirely the wrong place, I will talk about CDs later

    <HazRPG> AlanBell: sure no problem

    <barrydrake> alan let's make it so!

    <AlanBell> target audience for these shows are companies who want to pay £000s per stand

    <candtalan> Be careful if they are 10.10 and to novices?

    <AlanBell> and secondary audience is people who want to walk in for free and see them

    <TheOpenSourcerer> We did meet some interesting ladies on the tube who we gave cds to.

    <AlanBell> yes, that was fun Smile :)

    <AlanBell> so if they do a "Free Software" show they will get loads of audience, and hardly any paid for stands

    <HazRPG> cool

    <AlanBell> if they do a cloud show they get stands paid for, but no audience

    <candtalan> Hey. They is a new twist. Get an Ubuntu CD and make (female) friends

    <freesitebuilder> note to self - avoid tube during expo

    <AlanBell> which do you think the organisers are going to go for?

    <AlanBell> freesitebuilder: we can relate the perfectly innocent anecdote later

    <HazRPG> erm... what's the current topic, just out of interest

  • HazRPG think I missed that

    <barrydrake> OFF

    <TheOpenSourcerer> it

    <freesitebuilder> Ubuntu dating

    <barrydrake> yep

    <AlanBell> current topic is the cloud expo

    <TheOpenSourcerer> S AlanBell on the cloud expo

  • suprengr apologises for his tardiness [been on out-of-hours call out]- will catch up via log

    <barrydrake> I thought I was going to OpenSource Expo ....

    <AlanBell> yes, it was supposedly both

    <barrydrake> OpenSource Expo was about six of us?

    <popey> Have we passed feedback to Maggie?

    <popey> _honest_ feedback

  • <AlanBell> http://www.opensourceexpo.co.uk/ http://www.cloudexpoeurope.com/ both brands

    <AlanBell> popey: I had a chat with Maggie, but yeah, I will write something up

    <barrydrake> I spoke to her Thursday. She has very different plans for next year

    <popey> anything more to say?

    <AlanBell> not from me

    <barrydrake> Nor I

    <candtalan> no

    <TheOpenSourcerer> nope

    <HazRPG> nope

    <popey> ok

    <popey> [TOPIC] discuss status of beta.ubuntu-uk.org

discuss status of beta.ubuntu-uk.org

  • popey pokes AlanBell

  • AlanBell is poked

    <AlanBell> well the main thing I wanted to get working was the map

    <AlanBell> which now works \o/

    <popey> yay

  • <AlanBell> http://beta.ubuntu-uk.org/where-are-we/

    <popey> oh golly, more people than when I last looked!

    <AlanBell> so I think we just shove it live and then fix and enhance other stuff as we go

    <popey> yes!

    <popey> DO IT!

    <AlanBell> yay

    <AlanBell> how?

    <HazRPG> AlanBell: I agree, website seems to look pretty good and I haven't had an issue so far with the beta version

    <barrydrake> From my point of view, I have five computer I have tried Natty on and none of them have run it as it ought. I'm seriously worried about the present state of Unity and Compiz .....

    <popey> ask me and I'll do it

    <AlanBell> popey: can you put it live please

    <popey> since you asked so nicely

    <popey> done

    <popey> hmm

    <popey> almost Smile :)

    <popey> will fix after meeting

    <AlanBell> heh

    <AlanBell> ok

    <HazRPG> Smile :)

    <popey> anything else about the site to discuss?

    <AlanBell> moar ubuntuish recipes required

    <freesitebuilder> huh?

    <AlanBell> freesitebuilder: I will explain when popey un-breaks the site

    <suprengr> [some recipes require engine oil]

    <popey> Smile :)

    <popey> [TOPIC] popey - Any Other Business

popey - Any Other Business

  • <AlanBell> CDs

    <TheOpenSourcerer> The book

    <AlanBell> we managed to snaffle 150 or so CDs from Canonical Towers

    <popey> what flavour?

    <AlanBell> and a book and some American hat things

    <AlanBell> Desktop

    <AlanBell> and each cycle we should as a loco get an allocation of release CDs

    <candtalan> If they are 10.10 use them asap - april approaches.

    <AlanBell> indeed, we need to use them

    <freesitebuilder> back to the tube Smile :)

    <AlanBell> and I think we need to be slightly more organised about how we use them to make sure they all go, and we have enough

    <popey> absolutely

    <AlanBell> looking at http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/2011plan we could perhaps put guestimated CD allocations against events

    <AlanBell> plugfest is a good opportunity

    <AlanBell> freesitebuilder: can you distribute some through the museum?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> As is a pub full of drunk rugby fans Smile :)

    <freesitebuilder> AlanBell: probably

    <AlanBell> yes, drunk rugby fans would probably have way more success with it than an office full of journalists

    <TheOpenSourcerer> lol

    <candtalan> I have the bracknell computer fair display sunday but I do have a few 10.10s anyway

    <AlanBell> great

    <freesitebuilder> those who emailed their MPs could send them one Smile :)

    <popey> nice

    <AlanBell> popey: oggcamp date?

    <AlanBell> to the nearest release cycle

    <popey> next

    <AlanBell> ok, so we should put some towards that from the next release allocation

    <HazRPG> freesitebuilder: emailed their MP's?

  • HazRPG feels he's missing out on something

    <freesitebuilder> some mailing list memb ers emailed their mp's to ask about gov using foss

    <AlanBell> ok, I don't think we need to break down the CDs to the last one right now, just wanted to raise it as a topic

    <AlanBell> if you are organising events and putting them on the plan, add a number of CDs you want

    <candtalan> going to a meeting on 22 feb at bcs re cabinet office

    <AlanBell> good point candtalan (I might end up chairing it)

    <barrydrake> AlanBell and TheOpenSourcerer: drunk folk will wake up and find they have a disk. You've as much chance of them trying it as anyone. (What was I doing last night?)

    <candtalan> and quickly destroy the evidence?

    <AlanBell> any other items of AOB?

    <popey> oh, i have one

    <popey> Smile :)

    <HazRPG> Anyone here tried putting a LiveCD into someone's computer when they weren't around and waited for a phone call from them going "what happened!?"

    <MichealH> HazRPG: heh

    <duvelhedz> I have

    <HazRPG> duvelhedz: how'd that work out?

  • MichealH has evil thoughs of sticking one in a teachers pc :P

    <popey> We're restarting the podcast "soon", suggestions of people to interview, subjects to talk about and other segment ideas would be very welcome!

    <duvelhedz> Did it to a Mac fanboi and set his startup disk to cd. He nearly called apple

  • <popey> http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/SegmentIdeasFromTheCommunityForUUPC

    <HazRPG> MichealH: heh, done that - but later found out that they were using ubuntu at home anyways :P

    <popey> Meanwhile.. back at the topic

    <AlanBell> popey: RMS is coming to town . . .

    <MichealH> HazRPG: Really? haha

    <candtalan> when??

  • <popey> http://www.ffsuk.org.uk/rms2011/

    <popey> March

    <AlanBell> that would be quite an interview

    <popey> good suggestion

    <HazRPG> MichealH: Yeah :P

    <MichealH> Anyways...

    <TheOpenSourcerer> The libreoffice folks... Charles would be good

    <AlanBell> interviews from the plugfest

    <popey> please add both to the above page!

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Am on my droid and watching tv...

    <MichealH> Someone from a new project, starting to help make axccessibility better?

    <popey> ah ok, get the lacky to do it

    <popey> AlanBell...

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Lol

    <AlanBell> done

    <MichealH> I could see if its possible Smile :)

    <popey> thanks AlanBell

    <popey> MichealH: anyone in particular

    <popey> i know one person actually

    <popey> Luke

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Thanks AlanBell

    <popey> I think we're approaching done...

    <popey> anything else?

    <MichealH> popey: I know this good new team, I can see if their leader wants me to poke someone to be interviewed

    <popey> MichealH: what team?

    <MichealH> popey: Speech Control

    <popey> please do ask them!

    <MichealH> We are building a app for Blind and deaf people

    <MichealH> Okies

    <popey> do let us know if somoene fancies being interviewed

    <popey> thanks!

    <MichealH> Okies

    <HazRPG> winner

    <popey> winner

    <popey> chicken dinner

  • popey tickles AlanBell

    <popey> right, I think we're done

    <HazRPG> xD I knew someone would say it

    <popey> [TOPIC] Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting

  • <popey> AlanBell: what interval was this one?

    <popey> 2 weeks?

    <AlanBell> 3 weeks I think

    <MichealH> Yeah

    <MichealH> 2 weeks

    <popey> ok, so 3rd March?

    <MichealH> Yeah

    <MichealH> I will remember that

    <TheOpenSourcerer> nearly my birthday Smile :)

    <AlanBell> sure

    <MichealH> (Its my birthday)

    <HazRPG> \3

    <popey> [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

Chair for next meeting

  • popey glares at TheOpenSourcerer

    <TheOpenSourcerer> 5th

    <MichealH> As it would be my borthday can I vote myself? Smile :)

    <HazRPG> (I realise that \3 has a missing finger... but still a thumbs up non the less)

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Popey hang on.

    <MichealH> *borthday

    <MichealH> GRR

    <MichealH> Keyboard

    <MichealH> *bithday

  • popey offers MichealH a new keyburd

  • MichealH sighs and walks around fustrated

    <MichealH> :P

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Should be ok for me.

    <popey> great

    <popey> [AGREED] TheOpenSourcerer to chair next meeting

TheOpenSourcerer to chair next meeting

  • <HazRPG> \3

    <popey> [AGREED] 3rd March for next meeting

3rd March for next meeting

  • <popey> great, thanks all

    <popey> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 22:01

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