What's Ubuntu got to do with Jam?

Oh, you're a funny one! Packaging is the process of taking software from other developers (we call this "upstream") and turning it into the .deb packages that users of Debian-based distributions, such as Ubuntu, can then install directly. Packages are what you install whenever you use Synaptic, dpkg, aptitude or apt-get. A packaging jam, then, is a day where a group of people get together and learn how to create and maintain packages. More information can be found here.

Don't worry if you're not a developer; there are also events known as Bug Jams where you can learn how to help with the vast number of bugs reported in Launchpad on a daily basis.

Sounds interesting; tell me more

Good! We (the UK LoCo) have decided to hold our own packaging jam in an effort to get more people interested and involved in Ubuntu Development. If you've ever considered doing some development for Ubuntu, what better place is there to get started than this?

Time permitting, we'll run a Bug Jam on the same day as well for those of you who would rather undertake this noble work.

There will be experienced people on hand to help you with any issues. Hopefully we will retire to a local eatery/drinkery afterwards.


We are aiming for the first or second Saturday in June, some time after UDS. This is only provisional at this date, so don't go booking any time off work until we know for certain.


Still being finalised; one or two of you might know of a Ubuntu friendly company based in London. Hopefully they can spare a room for us for a day ;). We are working this out.

What do I need to bring?

  1. Yourself
  2. A laptop
  3. GPG key and some photo ID if you want it signed

I'm interested

Sign your name here so that we get a rough idea of numbers. Also please indicate if you have any experience in packaging already. If you don't it doesn't matter, as it's you that this event is for, but one experienced person might find 20 un-experienced people a lot to help at once.

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