Brief introduction to the team, meeting, and theme if possible.

Team Page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams
Meeting Log: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Meetings/IRCLogs/2008-11-13
Meeting Chair: Aaron Toponce (eightyeight)
Meeting Minutes by: Elizabeth Krumbach (pleia2)

Agenda Items

The following agendas were proposed for this meeting:

  • Plans for moving forward with team


The following were present during this meeting:

  • eightyeight
  • pleia2
  • Flannel
  • r2d2rogers
  • MTecknology
  • PrivateVoid

  • boredandblogging


  • Aaron outlined Goals:
    • i want to keep the project a project, not a team, however, i want us to think about a council for the project. or leadership board. whatever you want to call it
    • we need to set some goals for 2009, so when january 1 hits, we can get running hard, and meet them
    • redefining who can mentor states. i think we dropped the ball on this a bit ago, and might have hurt some feelings. we should probably keep who we had previous, and re-invite those we tore from mentoring
  • Discussed creation of a US Teams LoCo Leadership Board


  • Decided getting together a Leadership Board may be first step to moving forward, to discuss qualifications and appointment/election of Board members at later meeting

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