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Meeting minutes for 2021-03-03


  • 2021-03-03 22:00 ~ 24:00 UTC+9
  • Whether it will be text chat or video call will be decided one day before the meeting based on poll result


  • Chair: Gunyoung Yoon(KR)
  • Note taker: Koala Yeung(HK) - attend instead of Jeremy Cheng(HK) (more attendees will be added after the meeting)
  • Youngbin Han(KR)
  • RJ Hsiao(TW)
  • Hong Phuc Dang (FOSSASIA)
  • Sartika Lestari(ID)
  • Liam Zheng(CN)
  • Maynard Qin(CN)
  • Robbi Nespu(MY)
  • Fumihito Yoshida (JP)
  • Aron Xu(CN)


New members

  • Maynard Qin(CN)

Updates from teams

  • Coordination team
    • Gunyoung published meeting note on wiki

    • Discussed about improving way of working
    • Posted polls to ask everyone about their opinions.
    • Gunyoung: Trying text-based meeting now as a result of coordination team discussion.
  • Marketing Team
    • Marketing list of tasks for the next two weeks
    • Prepare annouce CFS
      • Prepare social media artwork including link to CFS that could be seen in google drive as well and planned to release by 21 march.
      • Prepare announcement text for social media
    • Add organizing partners into eventyay page and website
    • Contact Eventyay to feature UbuCon on eventyay.com main page

    • Discussed about marketing budget
    • List of all Ubuntu channels that can be used for marketing
    • Direct http://ubucon.asia/speaker-registration/ to https://eventyay.com/e/75ac7f83/cfs

    • Announce CFS
      • Tentative released date: 21 March 2021
      • Release the CFS across channels
  • Technical team
    • Tested eventyay’s BBB to see what features available
    • Tested YouTube playback on BBB

      • Checked if it works for people in china without VPN/Proxy
      • On the other hand, Chinese people can still enter video call without video call but with some delay
  • Sponsorship team
    • Discussed about what benefits we can offer
      • Sponsored session, Logo on web, video, goods
    • Discussed about sponsorship class and its criteria.
    • Youngbin: Asked his friend has many years of experience organizing Open Infra Days. Advised to find an Agency that will help manage finance expenses. Contacted MCI Group in Singapore. waiting for a response.
      • Hong phuc advised to find similar organization or agency by asking team members first
    • Youngbin asked Liam for Google Workspace sponsorship. Liam asked his boss.
      • Liam’s boss suggested the following things.
  • Content team
    • No update last week.

Action items from last meeting

  • Hong Phuc: provide twitter for members
    • Done
  • Each Team: List the tasks for each team and share at the next meeting
    • Done, Updates shared
  • Tech / Content Team: Discuss about the session format and subtitles, and prepare a draft about it to share everyone.
    • Work in Progress
  • Content Team: Enter your contact information on the google spreadsheet(URL)
    • Done
  • Sponsorship Team: Contact Liam, for the basic funding to start with.
    • Done. Updates shared.
  • Hong Phuc: Provide access to eventyay to content team
    • Done. (Content team members should all get an email from eventyay)

Topics for discussion

  • Sponsorship team needs a budget plan.
    • To submit an Ubuntu Community Fund application: It requires a detailed budget plan and estimated amount of budget.
    • Tech/Video team, Content team, Coordination team, Do you have anything that costs money?
    • Let’s list items on Google Spreadsheet and co-edit.
    • Tech/Video team
      • Google Cloud Credit: for Speech-to-text, Translation API
      • Storage for storing session videos temporary
      • VMs: If we automate video rendering and subtitle generation.
    • Content team
      • None
    • Coordination team
      • Google Workspace: 5 user, 1 year, business starter plan(the basic one)
    • Sponsorship team
      • Goods shipping fees?
    • Marketing team
  • Our detailed event scale and program. ⇒ postponed

    • Other teams will be able to expect their required budget with detailed plans.

    • When do we start calling for papers(was it already begun?)

    • Exact event start time and end time.

    • How many tracks? (==How many sessions will happen at the same time?)

    • How many session slots?

    • We have regular session and Lightning talks(recorded or live), Workshop, Panel talks,

      • Do we also have virtual booths(or virtual exhibitions) with video calls?

Action Items

  • Each Team: List their cost and budget at the google doc (budget plan draft).
  • Content Team: Discuss about event scale and details and bring some updates.
  • Content Team: Setting up the telegram channel and starting the team.
  • Koala Yeung: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse
  • Jeremy Cheng: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting
  • Youngbin Han - Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker)
  • Next meeting: 2020-03-17 22:00 KST

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