Ubuntu Advocacy Kit (UAK)

The goal of the Ubuntu Advocacy Kit (UAK) is to provide a "best-of" collection of clearly written and highly polished information and materials that we can all use to advocate Ubuntu as easily and as effectively as possible.

The Ubuntu Advocacy Kit (UAK) is designed to present clear and accurate messaging about Ubuntu that will excite others, catalyzing the creation of communities of people that enjoy Ubuntu, both in-person (locally) and online.

The Ubuntu Advocacy Kit (UAK) kit includes a highly curated and carefully selected set of promotional materials (e.g. posters, signs, banner ads), assets (e.g. logos, color palettes, pictograms), organizational materials (e.g. event check-lists, planning materials, project ideas), and guides (e.g. tips, tricks, and advice).

The Ubuntu Advocacy Kit (UAK) kit is a collaborative project, like Ubuntu. It is made by the Ubuntu community.

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