Step 1. Find programs to your liking

The default web browser in Ubuntu is Mozilla Firefox. The current latest version is 4.0 While on other platforms you have to wait for the stable release, Ubuntu Linux often offers alpha and beta versions available.

If you would like to have another browser than the default, it has to be installed. For example Chromium is available

  • Open Ubuntu Software Center
  • Search for browser

You will find a list of browser related applications and/or plugins.

Step 2. Installation

To Install Chromium, do the following:

  • Select Chromium Web Browser

  • Select more info

  • Toggle plugins to your liking
  • Press Install

Now it will ask for your administration password, This often is the same as your current users password. If this is not the case, ask the person who installed Ubuntu for you.

Step 3. Configuration

The default installation of Chromium may not totally be to your liking. Chromium offers

  • the possibility of plugins
  • synchronization with Google
  • and speeding up browsing by pre-fetching pages related to the one you already opened.

To install plugins, browse to: https://chrome.google.com/webstore Here you will find Chrome Extensions that are often just as well suitable for Chromium.

To synchronize your data with Google as a form of web-backup; Open the chromium tool, select preferences, and select the tab personal stuff. Here you can select to start syncing with Google.

To speed up browsing, you also open the chromium tool, Open the basics tab and toggle Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing

Step 4. Converting Firefox to Chromium

To convert Firefox data to Chromium, Open the Chromium tool, select preferences, and select the tab personal stuff. Press the button Import data from another browser.

Step 5. Working with Chromium

Working with a browser is essential today. The address bar in Chromium is also used for searching. just type what you are looking for and it is opened with your favorite search engine. To browse for extensions is recommended, as they can improve your online experience.

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