Design Team

The Design Team helps the UbuntuAdverts Team create great marketing materials to promote Ubuntu.

Content made by AndrewMC


This is a proposed process for building single advertising messages or campaigns.

  1. Identify the target(s) and goal for the communication - based on research
  2. Choose the right touch-points/mediums - sometimes this comes first based on opportunities that arise Smile :)

  3. Write brief(s) for creative executions
  4. Call upon team members with needed skills - writers, designers, programmers, animators, etc. (or identify gaps and recruit)
  5. Creative reviews - multiple iterations if needed. pick the best option.
  6. Implement
  7. Review performance


A creative brief is an outline for a creative team. It helps those responsible for producing materials have the same starting point in their understanding of the product, brand, marketplace, audience and medium. Hopefully this is rooted in research Wink ;)

Why do we need a creative brief? Briefs help with task definition, efficiency, quality control, and inspiration and should be simple, real, and insightful.

The creative brief should be simple, real and insightful.

Now that you know more about the Ubuntu brand and who we're generally targeting, you can use this creative brief template to move to the next step in getting toward the advertisement.

Here's an example that uses a similar format.


Client: Ubuntu

1. Why are we advertising?
(For a start: To <verb> <someone> that <service name/Ubuntu> can <verb>.)

2. Who are we talking to?

3. What do they currently think?

4. What would we like them to think?

5. What is the single-most persuasive idea we can convey?

6. Why should the audience believe it?

7. Are there any creative guidelines?
(What is the medium that will be used? Any specific requirements like:
- the environment where the marketing will be experienced
- the current state of the Ubuntu UI evolution
- the spoken/written language of the target
- any performance measurement required, etc.)

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