Meeting notes for Ubuntu Adverts Team

21 May 2011 at 1700 UTC




1. Research update - Barry's research; survey update

2. Creative brief update for Campaign 2

3. Update on Campaign 1 progress

4. User survey


Agenda item 1

Survey is going well. Continue to get more responses - over 630 now.

Probably keep it running for about a month.

Getting some promotional support from IRC council.

Will share results with the community when the survey is done.

Agenda item 2

UndiFineD and mattgriffin made progress a few weeks ago. Haven't been able to work on the last few weeks though. Will work on it more next week.

Keep pinwale in the loop on the creative brief progress so he can help with resources when we know the medium.

Agenda Item 3

Idea6 update:

  • IJ has writers working on the buzz campaign for minisite
  • IJ is waiting for details of weblive launch before creating mini-site

Hosting update:

  • MG and IJ worked on Overview doc

public read-only version: https://docs.google.com/a/mattgriffin.com/document/d/1hoHN_dru-tvP7SaZsU9LgNybjrowkiXMH7o36enWsRE/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1&authkey=CIWn9soC#

  • MG will check into hosting next week

Launch of 'weblive' experience:

  • MG needs to chat with canonical mktg

Agenda Item 4

Repeat of item 1

Other stuff mattgriffin: Check with jorge if he wants askubuntu promoted as an official support resource... or askubuntu plus others. We can build a campaign around it.

There are 2 possible campaigns:

  • get the word out to people to find information at the official places
  • get the word out to contributors to add their information at the official places

UndiFineD will lead our LP membership cleanup initiative. mattgriffin will support.

full log

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: hi Smile :)

<mattgriffin> hi everyone Smile :)

<mattgriffin> i think it's 1700 UTC

<mattgriffin> here's the agenda for today: http://openetherpad.org/llWHWcHcz7

<UndiFineD> hello mattgriffin

* UndiFineD waves at AndrewMC , Darael , LjL , pleia2 , Takyoji

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: hi. i just sent an email to pinwale to join if he's free

<UndiFineD> he just timed out

<Takyoji> and dangit, I'm leaving right now to meet a client an hour away

<UndiFineD> ok Takyoji

<mattgriffin> Takyoji: np. check the logs later

<UndiFineD> how easy unity makes it to have a meeting chat and pad agenda notes

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: Smile :)

<UndiFineD> mattgriffin, I have contiuesly copied over survey data to my own document

<pinwale> I'm here. I thought the meeting was sunday?

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: maybe there needs to be an etherpad icon for the launcher that has special right- click features like most recently opened pads

<mattgriffin> pinwale: great!

<mattgriffin> shall we get started?

<UndiFineD> I have pad plugins for my chromium browser

<pinwale> do we have an agenda?

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: nice Smile :)

<mattgriffin> agenda: http://openetherpad.org/llWHWcHcz7


<UndiFineD> Etherpads - Version: 0.1

<UndiFineD> A utility for managing your etherpads

<UndiFineD> well the survey is going very well: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/UAT/Screenshot.png

* mattgriffin installs

<UndiFineD> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/UAT/Screenshot-23.png

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: great

<UndiFineD> 631 responses so far

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: when canonical has done surveys in the past, they've made the results open after the survey is complete. do you want to do the same?

<UndiFineD> and the irc council is willing to put the link up on #ubuntu

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: sweet!

<UndiFineD> when we simultanious post it to the planet and forum

<UndiFineD> now I have nothing the planet picks up on

<UndiFineD> and I am not a forums lover

<UndiFineD> but a simultanous post could boost results comingin one last time

<UndiFineD> then this survey could end after a month

<UndiFineD> and we have the final results

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: cool

<UndiFineD> yes, and then we can share the results among the community

<mattgriffin> brb... gotta take the dog out

<UndiFineD> oh yes, they are like children :P

<mattgriffin> doh. false alarm

<UndiFineD> attention seeker :P

<mattgriffin> yeah

<mattgriffin> cool. well that's great news about the survey

<UndiFineD> pinwale was in the channel, but I just missed him by secconds

<mattgriffin> cool. so that's Agenda item 1.

<mattgriffin> ready to move on to Agenda item 2?

<UndiFineD> yeah

<pinwale_> UndiFineD: oooh! He has limited internet access.

<pinwale_> yep.

<mattgriffin> for Agenda item 2, i posted some updates on the pad.

<UndiFineD> I have not gotten to do much ... UDS, and I gave up SpeechControl passing on to others

<mattgriffin> basically UndiFineD and I worked on it a few weeks ago but i haven't been able to make much progress since. will work on it more next week

<mattgriffin> yeah. UDS can really take some time

<pinwale_> Just to clarify, what is campaign 2?

<UndiFineD> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns

<UndiFineD> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/5StepPrograms

<mattgriffin> pinwale_: campaign 2 is about helping those Windows users who are testing out Ubuntu to easily get up an running

<UndiFineD> and there is a google doc

<mattgriffin> we're still working on the creative brief for that one

<pinwale_> what resources are likely needed for that campaign?

<mattgriffin> pinwale_: don't know yet

<mattgriffin> pinwale_: but should know once we have the creative brief completed

<pinwale_> alright, let me know when it's complete.

<mattgriffin> pinwale_: cool.

<UndiFineD> mattgriffin, last night I got to about explaining TCO, MTBF and MTTR in here

<UndiFineD> as the guys were discussing issues with explaining the benefits of open source

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: ah.. was wondering how that came up Wink ;)

<mattgriffin> cool. so i think that's Agenda item 2. number 3 then?

<pinwale_> This likely out of our technical scope, but is there like Quoria for ubuntu?

<UndiFineD> what is quoria

<pinwale_> like a yahoo answers, etc site?

* mattgriffin wonders the same

<mattgriffin> askubuntu.com

<UndiFineD> I dont use yahoo much

<mattgriffin> also ubuntuforums.org but askubuntu.com is growing and often a better tool to get answers fast

<pinwale_> cool. need to be more populated though!

<mattgriffin> askubuntu has been around for about 6 months

<pinwale_> maybe a campaign to advertise it?

<pinwale_> new/regular users do like Q/A sites. Just need somebody to answer the questions.

<mattgriffin> pinwale_: perhaps. it's not actually an official place for support now. ubuntuforums is that place. i can talk to jorge castro on the official status of askubuntu and see if he'd like it to be promoted

<pinwale_> that'll be a good idea. <mattgriffin> pinwale_: yeah. i'll check with jorge. he's a community manager and also works for canonical

<UndiFineD> new people used to find only one forum with proper support: http://www.linuxquestions.org/

<UndiFineD> but now we are spreading pretty thin

<UndiFineD> I wonder if that is a good thing

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: hmm.. never used that place for support.

<UndiFineD> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/

<pinwale_> Forums are not very user friendly to new

<pinwale_> users.

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD, pinwale_: cool. i'll check with jorge about what support channels they want to promote going forward and then we can build a campaign around the resource(s)

<pinwale_> good.

<mattgriffin> cool. so agenda item 3?

<UndiFineD> I think that to properly give support and keep information alike, either they should be pointed back to ubuntu, or our support givers need to spread themselves among all these silly sites that think they need to setup their own

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: heh... it's a bit confusing out there right now with all of the resources available

<mattgriffin> lots of info... can be tough to find answers

<UndiFineD> well one thing is getting the word out, another is to keep these sources up to date

<mattgriffin> good points

<pinwale_> That's why a campaign to designate official support channels is needed.

<mattgriffin> cool. added an "Other stuff" section to the pad and added a todo for myself Smile :)

<mattgriffin> is that sufficient for a todo?

<mattgriffin> bottom of http://openetherpad.org/llWHWcHcz7

<UndiFineD> mattgriffin, were you contacted by yaili about styles ?

<mattgriffin> welcome pinwale Wink ;)

<pinwale> damn, internet connection.

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: yes... haven't replied. /me searches for the email

<pinwale> did we start agenda No. 3?

<UndiFineD> she is really nice

<mattgriffin> haven't stared 3 yet. ready to move on?

<pinwale> yep.

<mattgriffin> while i search for the email from yaili

<pinwale> Okay, I'll start.

<mattgriffin> i'll search for it later... yes let's start

<pinwale> Idea 6 is a two part campaign.

<mattgriffin> ok

<pinwale> Part 1 is the buzz campaign

<pinwale> Part 2: is the mini-site launch.

<mattgriffin> pinwale: first i've heard about the buzz (though we did discuss something like a buzz campaign a few meetings ago). what are the details?

<pinwale> I have html/css/graphics working on the buzz campaign

<pinwale> It going to build buzz for the launch of the mini-site.

<pinwale> The rabbit hole for the game will the on thisisthecountdown.com.

<pinwale> Just need the servers to host it.

<pinwale> here is a the same screenshot as before: http://imgur.com/GZaCS

<UndiFineD> well I host most stuff with dropbox, but I also seem to have a people.ubuntu.com account

<mattgriffin> pinwale: ok

<pinwale> if anyone wanted to see it.

<pinwale> It's already hosted on a dropbox.

<UndiFineD> nice

<pinwale> but dropbox has really low bandwith limit.

<pinwale> As for Part 2: the mini-site

<mattgriffin> pinwale: cool. i'll send this to my contacts with canonical to check on hosting the mini-site

<pinwale> alright.

<mattgriffin> next week

<mattgriffin> yes... the mini-site :

<mattgriffin> Smile :)

<UndiFineD> pinwale, btw, I would use : Days, Hours: minutes: seconds

<pinwale> yes, that would make sense.

<pinwale> Smile :)

<mattgriffin> pinwale: what if the shuttle launch gets delayed?

<pinwale> As for the minisite, we will start building as soon as we get some info on WebLive.

<mattgriffin> pinwale: cool

<pinwale> Hopefully, we'll get news before the counter runs out!

<pinwale> Smile :)

<mattgriffin> pinwale: heh... cool. and then we'll just change the counter?

<mattgriffin> to match

<pinwale> No, we'll still launch on the 28th, just change the message to "Buy Ubuntu Now"

<mattgriffin> pinwale: will 00 00 00 00 00 have a special look or text? you don't need to share now if you want to keep it a secret from the public

<pinwale> We are still looking at buzz possibilities.

<mattgriffin> ok

<pinwale> It'll be cool, guranteed.

<mattgriffin> pinwale: so the buzz is going to lead people through clues that they will use to discover the site?

<mattgriffin> and the twitter hashtags will promote the buzz

<mattgriffin> ?

<pinwale> It should create buzz for the minisite. "Why is there a counter and isn't that the Ubuntu logo"

<mattgriffin> gotcha. cool

<UndiFineD> can the buzz camaign still be played after launch >?

<pinwale> We will incorporate tweets into the mini-site, though.

<mattgriffin> pinwale: cool

<pinwale> Well, it's more of an scavenger hunt. not a video.

<mattgriffin> pinwale: excellent

<mattgriffin> pinwale: saw your message about a special edition of ubuntu... it would be easier to just provide downloadable files for wallpaper from the mini-site

<pinwale> Yeah, thanks for reminding me.

<mattgriffin> pinwale: and are there any licensing issues with the background image with the countdown?

<mattgriffin> is it CC?

<pinwale> No, it's a NASA image.

<pinwale> in in the public domain,

<mattgriffin> pinwale: there's wasn't any copyright listed on it?

<mattgriffin> or near it

<pinwale> All US federal products are in the public domain.

<UndiFineD> http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/multimedia/gtv_copyright.html

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD, pinwale: cool

* Gulfstream (~Gulfstrea@unaffiliated/gulfstream) has joined #ubuntu-adverts

<UndiFineD> I believe the same image has been used by discovery channel

<Gulfstream> UndiFineD, did I miss it?

<mattgriffin> pinwale: anything else about campaign 1 and min-site?

<UndiFineD> no we are half-way Gulfstream

<UndiFineD> http://openetherpad.org/

<Gulfstream> oh so it is in progress... sorry

<UndiFineD> we are at item 3

<pinwale> I think that sums Item 3 (Idea6) up so far.

<mattgriffin> pinwale: excellent stuff. sorry Gulfstream missed it all Wink ;) ... but it'll be in the logs

<mattgriffin> great. so then item 4

<mattgriffin> hmm... i think we already discussed this one Smile :)

<UndiFineD> yeah, butt I still need some way to get the survey promoted to planet.ubuntu.com and ubuntuforums , so the irc council will put it up on #ubuntu

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: ping jorge casto

<mattgriffin> and ryan troy

<UndiFineD> and it would be especially cool if the loco forums out there copy the message

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: i can give you their emails

<UndiFineD> I think I have the one from jorge

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: cool

<mattgriffin> i think that's it. next meeting in 2 weeks. same time and place. any other things to discuss?

<UndiFineD> yes

<mattgriffin> pinwale: i'll be available more next week. perhaps we should make a calendar or set some milestones for campaign 1 progress

<UndiFineD> should we set a time limit to our LP members ?

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: please explain Smile :)

<pinwale> mattgriffin: that's a good idea. We should be done enough to start carving some dates down.

<UndiFineD> well, I was thinking we could set a expiration time say in september and the people willing to stay should ask for extending

<UndiFineD> there are currently some 130+ members ?

<UndiFineD> but only few of us active

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: ah. is that done in other LP project teams?

<UndiFineD> yes very often

<mattgriffin> ok. is there a LP feature to do this automagically

<UndiFineD> well I would have to set it for all members manually once

<UndiFineD> and when they request to stick around, again

<UndiFineD> but it is not that much work to do

<mattgriffin> ok. so the idea is to clean up the membership a bit to ensure people are on the team who want to be on the team

<UndiFineD> yes

<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: and i can see that having to make that decision might make you decide to participate more

<UndiFineD> well, I just gave up on one of my most time consuming teams

<mattgriffin> Smile :) ok. makes sense. sept sounds good. i can help with it too

<mattgriffin> help with making whatever changes that need to be made

<UndiFineD> does sept 10th (saturday) make sense ?

<mattgriffin> sure. works for me

<UndiFineD> 09-10-11 :P

<mattgriffin> haha

<mattgriffin> cool. any other items to discuss?

<mattgriffin> welcome pinwale_

<mattgriffin> Smile :)

<mattgriffin> sorry

<pinwale_> lol, internet.

<UndiFineD> ok I think that is it

<mattgriffin> great. thanks everyone! have a great weekend Smile :)

<UndiFineD> you too

<pinwale_> Same to everybody else!

<pinwale_> Starting Genetics next week! Work overload is awesome!


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