Campaign 1 - Educating Windows users in understanding what Ubuntu could mean for them

Campaign 2 - Ubuntu Is Easy - Help Windows users get started with the main applications they'll probably use on the Ubuntu desktop


These are ideas for campaigns that the Ubuntu Adverts team may choose to work on. The purpose is to:

  • Educating Windows users in their transition period after upgrading to Ubuntu - I (barrydrake) have made a start on a wiki for this purpose: One problem here is that the existing documentation and forums are inaccessible to Windows users. One such person told me that she was looking at a foreign language.

  • Educating manufacturers and suppliers - This is likely to be the most difficult aspect of the operation. I have been pursuing this in the UK with very limited success so far. One major problem is the continual changing of chipsets in Laptops - often within the same model. One manufacture I spoke with has reluctantly withdrawn the Laptop range they used to supply because of this.
  • Ubuntu community members attend exhibitions, computer fairs, etc and want to promote Ubuntu. This is an excellent opportunity to reach new users. Low-cost materials need to be created that will attract passers by and help to either start a conversation about Ubuntu or motivate them to go to and try the OS themselves after the event. This was discussed at the 19 February 2011 team meeting.
  • Grow the number of Ubuntu users in a specific geography
  • Get existing Ubuntu users involved with writing bugs
  • Promote the benefits of Unity
  • Get people interested in the Ubuntu font and to install and use it on their machine running any OS
  • Promote the benefits of managing and experiencing your media using Ubuntu
  • Get people to write apps for Ubuntu Software Center
  • Discover the wonderful apps in Ubuntu Software Center
  • Get more designers to participate in the backgrounds contest for each release
  • Promote Ask Ubuntu and get more people to think of it as one of the first places they go for support (and to help others)
  • 11.04 launch
  • Increase trial usage (USB stick boot) of Ubuntu
  • Improve consumer confidence that their printer/scanner/music player will work with Ubuntu without problems
  • Promote Software Center and new features for 11.04 - ratings, reviews, OneConf

  • Increase awareness of the positive advantages of Ubuntu to cause more Windows users to switch
  • Request free tables at exhibitions, computer fairs and other appropriate venues to demonstrate Ubuntu using trained volunteers from the locos.
  • Arrange local computer clinics in low-cost or free venues to which people could bring their problems and incidentally be given a demo of Ubuntu and a disk.

The education process

Education needs to be a threefold process. 1) Educating Windows users about what Ubuntu can offer them. 2) Educating Windows users after their upgrade to Ubuntu. 3) Educating manufacturers and equipment suppliers. See:

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