This week's Hug Day will focus on ISO TESTING!!!

In celebration of the release happening 'soon', today's hugday will be testing the cd images and upgrades!

Ubuntu QA


This is the Quality Assurance tracker where you can grab the latest ISO image and then help by following the steps listed for each iso and verify things are in working order.

Next on the list after you've finished

Release Manager Upgrade

Now, I know you are already running Intrepid right? RIGHT? If not, and you have the ability, upgrade a system or two, or 384 if you should have so many. Then report bugs to update-manager or the appropriate package. If you find something seriously wrong, contact #ubuntu-bugs and/or #ubuntu-devel/-motu respectively.

More Bugs

Of course after you've smoke tested the cd's as best you can for install issues, upgrade issues, package installation issues, etc.... There is always plenty to do on Launchpad. There are 2000 bugs without a package that need to be taken care of in quick fashion before they spiral out of control; get a jump on next week's hugday Smile :) .


Today is the scheduled release for IntrepidIbex, so please do have a bit of extra fun today. Smile :) ~Dereck


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