Welcome to Ubuntu Cloud Days! Where everything Cloudy, and serverish is welcome. UCD is July 25th 2011 to July 26th 2011!

With faster on-demand resources, and a flexible usage and payment model, Cloud computing is changing the face of IT! Ubuntu Server is arguably the most popular Cloud based Operating System with millions of instances launched a year. Are you interested to know more about using Ubuntu Server on the Cloud ? Join Ubuntu Cloud Days to find out more!

Ubuntu Cloud Days is a series of online sessions where topics such as the following would be presented:

  • Answering your questions about Ubuntu and the Cloud
  • Service Orchestration and Ensemble
  • Large scale deployment with Orchestra
  • Ubuntu Cloud Images, using Ubuntu with Amazon EC2 cloud
  • Building your private cloud over Ubuntu Server platform
  • New virtualization and container technologies in Ubuntu Server
  • Crunching Big-Data on the cloud
  • Scaling your web-apps on the cloud with Ubuntu
  • much more...

The sessions will happen in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net.

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The timetable

If you're unsure about UTC times: just run date -u in a terminal to find out what the current UTC time is.

Mon 25th Jul

Tue 26th Jul

16.00 UTC

Getting started with Ensemble -- kim0

Getting started with OpenStack Compute -- soren

17.00 UTC

Introduction to Cloudinit -- koolhead17

UEC on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS -- TeTeT

18.00 UTC

Orchestra and Ensemble (part1) -- smoser

Node.js/Mongo with Ensemble -- m_3

19.00 UTC

Orchestra and Ensemble (part2) -- RoakSoax

OpenStack: An open cloud infrastructure project -- ttx

20.00 UTC

Eucalyptus 3: cloud HA and ID management -- nurmi

Joining The Sessions

You use an IRC client already

Use your IRC client (such as xchat, irssi or mIRC) to connect to the freenode IRC network at irc.freenode.net. You can do this manually by typing:

/server irc.freenode.net

Then join #ubuntu-classroom for the time and date of the session you want to attend. You can manually join the channel by typing:

/join #ubuntu-classroom

You should also join #ubuntu-classroom-chat which is the general discussion channel for the session. Questions should be posted there. You should prefix your questions with QUESTION: to make them easier to spot.

Most sessions last for around an hour. Contact kim0 on IRC if you have any problems.

For instructions on how to use the various IRC clients, see XChatHowto and Irssi, respectively. General information about IRC is located at InternetRelayChat. For Windows users just getting started finding out about Ubuntu, you can use XChat for Windows from http://silverex.info/download/ or Pidgin from http://www.pidgin.im/download/ For Ubuntu users pidgin is installed from the repositories.

Simple Web IRC

For users who cannot or will not use IRC software (corporate policy, blocked IRC ports, etc.) you can click here to join in the discussion, just give yourself a nickname and press connect, you can switch between the classroom and the chat room using the buttons at the top of the page.


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