Welcome to Ubuntu Community Week! community_orange_hex.png

We have designed this brand new event to help you:

  • Find your community,

  • Participate in your community,

  • Create your community,

  • Energize your community, and

  • Elevate your community to new heights!

This event is scheduled to take place from Mon 18 July - Fri 22 July, 2011.

Want to help shape the event? Please check out our Feedback section below for more details on how to get involved.

Ubuntu Is Growing!

In just seven short years, Ubuntu has become the most popular free operating system in the world. With 20 million users (give or take), an outstanding new interface, and a thriving community of contributors and fans, Ubuntu is poised to grow ten-fold over the next few years.

Ubuntu Where You Live

Do you live in a town or city? If you answered "Yes", then there are many people around you, your neighbours, who are already using and enjoying Ubuntu. Some of them may even be contributing to Ubuntu itself as artists, translators, designers, or even as programmers. Others might simply be enjoying the software and the benefits of freedom. How can you find them?

Your Gateway To Amazing Ubuntu Community

Ubuntu Community Week is a series of online presentations and Q+A sessions about the rock-and-roll(1) world that is the Ubuntu community where you can:

  • Learn about the Ubuntu community (How, What, When, Where, Why?)
  • Find people around you that are into Ubuntu

  • Talk to some of the key "movers-and-shakers" from the Ubuntu project worldwide
  • Participate in an open Q&A with Jono Bacon, our global Community Manager

How To Participate

Classes will take place in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net with questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat. You can use a traditional IRC client or the freenode webchat to participate.

The Timetable

Our week long menu of events touch many different areas of Ubuntu community activities. If you are interested in building a thriving and lively community, or just seeing what all the fuss is about there is sure to be a session for you.





Nurture and Govern


18 July

19 July

20 July

21 July

22 July

16.00 UTC

01. "Introduction to Ubuntu Community Week (and more)" - Randall Ross

05. "How I Started an Ubuntu Group in My City and How You Could Too" - Omar Almahmoud

09. "Podcast Your Way to a Bigger Community!" - Alan Pope

13. "How To Raise Your Team's Activity Level. Energize!" - Paul Tagliamonte

17. "Preparing for Approval and Re-Approval. Do's and Don'ts" - Laura Czajkowski

17.00 UTC

02. "Find Your Local Community" - Alan Bell

06. "Starting an Ubuntu Hour Near You" - Nathan Haines

10. "Haters Gonna Hate: Grow Your Community With Less Negativity" - Joe Liau

14. "An Overview of LoCo Guidance" - Laura Czajkowski

18. "Simple Ways to Help Build a Stronger Local Community Team" - Chris Crisafulli

18.00 UTC

03. "Organic Software - Marketing Ubuntu at Your Local Farmer's Market" - Charlene Tessier

07. "Baking a LoCo Team" - Jono Bacon

11. "How to train ninjas" (session in Spanish)" - Leandro Gómez

15. "Community Manager Q+A" - Jono Bacon

19. "Some Spare Time for You to Learn About Ubuntu Community" - You

19.00 UTC

04. "From Graphic to Printed Poster" - Martin Owens

08. "We Party Grande! You Can Too" - Christophe Sauthier

12. "Working With Other Groups In Your Community" - Elizabeth Krumbach

16. "Don't Kill Your Audience! Enlighten Your Presentation Style!" - Paolo Sammicheli

20. "Spare Time for You to Read "The Art of Community" - You

1. ALL TIMES ARE UTC. Please check your local timezone to ensure you are present at the right time.
2. Session Hosts: Please don't make schedule changes without contacting the organizer.

Confirmed Presentations

"An Introduction to Ubuntu Community Week"

Learn about Ubuntu Community Week, its goals, its future. Get a glimpse into what you can expect for the week and how to get the most from the sessions.

Presented by: Randall Ross

"Ask Your Community Manager"

Here's your chance to ask Ubuntu's Community Manager all the things about community that you've wanted to ask for so long. Jono lives and breathes and loves community so much that he's even written a book about it. About the only thing he won't answer in this sessions is "how do I get my wifi (or graphics card) working?".

Presented by: Jono Bacon

"Working with Other Groups In Your Community"

Learn how your LoCo team can supplement other groups your area to offer presentations, basic training and help without replacing or overwhelming them. Local groups which will be covered include Linux User Groups (LUGs) and other tech groups and schools and other community groups interested in learning about open source options with examples of successful initiatives by multiple teams.

Presented by: Elizabeth Krumbach

"Don't Kill Your Audience. Liven Your Presentation Style!"

Sick of boring slides with bullet points? So is your Ubuntu community! It's time to change. Following a master's advice our host will teach you easy tips for making great presentations. And, what better way to use your new skills than to deliver great presentations about Ubuntu to your local community? Remember: Bullets may kill someone. Please don't use them Smile :)

Presented by: Paolo Sammicheli

"Organic Software. Marketing Ubuntu at Your Local Farmer's Markets"

Break out of your 'safe' marketing strategies and target your local festivals and farmer's markets to attract a large, diverse crowd of Ubuntu users to your LoCo. Skeptical? Listen in! Bring Questions! Bring Ideas!

Presented by: Charlene Tessier

"From Graphic to Printed Poster"

The trials and tribbles of getting wonderful art printed for LoCo events and other uses. Includes what to look out for, the advantages of vector, pdf or png export, should I colour correct, sizing and materials.

Presented by: Martin Owens

"Haters Gonna Hate: Grow Your Community With Less Negativity"

A discussion on criticism, intra-community conflict, and the importance of working together. How regulated should a LoCo be? Does your LoCo have haters? Can we agree to disagree?

Presented by: Joe Liau

"Baking a LoCo Team"

What do you need to get an Ubuntu team or group started? Join this session to discover "the recipe" from someone who's seen dozens of teams grow from one person's dream to successful healthy Ubuntu communities.

Presented by: Jono Bacon

"How I Started an Ubuntu Group in My City and How You Could Too!"

A young and budding group has started in the famous Middle Easter cosmopolitan city of Dubai. This session will show you how the Emirates' first Ubuntu community was started. It will describe the tools and methods the team used to ensure a smooth start, so you can too!

Presented by: Omar Almahmoud

"Find Your Local Community"

How easy or hard is it for people in your area to discover other users of Ubuntu and the activities of the Local Community team? How can we add maps and location based services to the LoCo directory and LoCo websites to improve findability?

Presented by: Alan Bell

"Preparing for Approval and Re-Approval. Do's and Don'ts"

Make re-approval of your LoCo team as painless as possible. What does the LoCo council look for in an application? How should it be structured? And most importantly what should it contain to showcase your LoCo in the best way possible?

Presented by: Laura Czajkowski

"Starting an Ubuntu Hour Near You"

Ubuntu Hours are informal gatherings where curious and new Ubuntu users can gather, get advice, and be a part of the local community. It only takes an hour of your time on a regular schedule and you can create one of these places for new users to meet. Learn how easy it is and have your questions answered in this session.

Presented by: Nathan Haines

"How to Raise Your Team's Activity Level. Energize!"

Do you feel your team has stagnated? Events and activities not what they used to be? This session will show you how to inject life back into your team and instill a sense of enthusiasm once again. Regardless of whether you're a new team member or a team leader, this advice will help you energize!

Presented by: Paul Tagliamonte

"An Overview of How LoCo's Are Guided"

Every team is different, but some things remain the same. There are some good ground rules one should always try and follow. This session will present strategies to help your team continue (if you leave) and will also encourage others to come and take part.

Presented by: Laura Czajkowski

"Podcast Your Way to a Bigger Community!"

You have great community-building ideas. You want the world to hear them. Join your host to learn how the UK LoCo team created an Ubuntu podcast to help spread the word everywhere, and how they continue to do so.

Presented by: Alan Pope

"How to train ninjas" (session in Spanish)"

Learn how to motivate and inspire people and grow your community in the process. Some really simple tricks and tips that you can use to make your LoCo Team rock. Swords and daggers not included.

Presented by: Leandro Gómez

"Watch this Space for an Exciting Topic. Coming Soon"

Chris Crisafulli

"We Party Grande! You Can Too."

With every Ubuntu release, community teams plan and organize parties everywhere. However none are quite as famous as those in Paris France with 5000 people in attendance. Let's hear the recipe from the master planner!

Presented by: Christophe Sauthier


If you would like to suggest a topic, or volunteer as a presenter, or just offer some friendly advice, we'd love to hear from you. Our Feedback page is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCommunityWeek/Feedback


(1) We're not just saying that. Our Community Manager is a real rock star Smile :)

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