You are here because you would like to help Ubuntu GNOME to get even better. Without the great efforts and the endless support of our testers, Ubuntu GNOME would not be exist. The great news is, you are about to list your name among the fearless testers who will take Ubuntu GNOME to the next level. Thank you for your time and help!

Newcomer? No Problem

Congratulation, you are the best candidate who actually can help us testing a development release.

  • Whether you are new to Ubuntu and/or Ubuntu GNOME or not ..

  • Whether you are new to testing or not ..

You are gifted, just find your talent and since you have come this far, it means you already have the passion for testing so it is only a matter of unleashing your energy and have fun Wink ;)

Your First Step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

And, your first step is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam

Important Notes

Testing and using Development Releases of Ubuntu GNOME (or any other flavor of Ubuntu) isn't meant to be for production machines of daily usage. Testing is to make sure the Stable Release is working as good as possible. Find Bugs, Improve Performance, etc - this is what we do until we finalize the testing process and release a stable version. Whenever you are testing, keep in mind few notes:

  1. Make sure to Backup your important data. If you are using Linux, the best and easier way is to make a copy of your /home folder or partition. If you want to do a full system backup, please see Backup Your System and this link too.

  2. You can use Virtual Machines - for example See this. You can use USB Drives or External HDD. You can use your machine. That is totally up to you but please, refer to #1 Smile :)

  3. Using a Development Release is not suitable for daily production machine.
  4. The more you break your installation, the better. That is why, to play it safe, better to use Virtual Machines, Spare Testing Machines and/or USB Drives, specially with Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. Beta Releases are a bit more stable but still under heavy development.
  5. The most important part of testing is to actually install the system and check how the installation process will work. This is very important. Please, do a fresh new install - you can either zsync your ISO or download again.

  6. Finally, always remember: Better Safe Than Sorry Smile :)

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