Ubuntu Games is the fruit of the effort to create a place that contains articles, tutorials, photos, screenshots and tips about games on Ubuntu Linux.

They are not necessarily free or open source (opensource) and may be proprietary, closed source, or even not specific to GNU/Linux distribution.
Our criterion is: if the wheel (even if emulated) on Ubuntu Linux, is welcome!

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Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugames
Forum: http://www.ubuntugames.org/forum
Project Ubuntu Games: https://launchpad.net/iug
Site Ubuntu Games: http://www.ubuntugames.org
Mailing list: ubuntugames@lists.launchpad.net
IRC: #ubuntugames on network irc.ubuntu.com

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Ubuntu Ubuntu Games was created in February 2006 with the aim of demonstrating the existence of good native games for Linux.
Ubuntu It is worth mentioning that Ubuntu Games is not associated with Ubuntu Linux and Canonical Ltd..
Ubuntu The site is constantly evolving and helps improve your content and test the Ubuntu Games is essential.
Ubuntu So that the spirit of "humanity to others" is always with you...
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All material found on site, is done for ease of installation for new users of GNU/Linux distribution, especially for users of Ubuntu Linux.
The articles, tutorials, and files in Ubuntu Games is completely nonprofit and distributed in the hope that it will be fun for users of GNU/Linux, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PURPOSE PARTICULAR.
In this case, we accept donations that encourages us to devote more time to do the best for you.

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Date: 18/09/2011

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