Ubuntu Leadership Team has merged with Ubuntu Community Team in order to keep resources focused on leadership.

Useful Links

This is a page that is dedicated to creating a central location to store links to resources that assist leaders of varied Ubuntu teams provide quality leadership.

Please feel free to add links to the appropriate sections, if you are unsure if they're relevant or how to add them just drop us a line on the team mailing list so we can help you out.

This list is for links that provide general assistance to leaders from all the different types of teams.

A list of guides.

Real World Teams

This list is dedicated to those teams who focus on real world activities. For example how to run conferences, loco events, jams, etc.

Web Based Teams

The following is a list of sites with useful information on how to run teams effectively when your main point of contact is via IRC, mailing lists, forums, etc.

Blog Posts about Leadership and the team

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