Ubuntu Leadership Team has merged with Ubuntu Community Team in order to keep resources focused on leadership.

Team Projects

This is a page for collaborating on team projects in a central location.

Please feel free to add details of your project here. When adding projects please send an email to the team mailing list and also link to your wiki page or launchpad profile so interested parties can contact you as well.

LoCo Leadership Training Handbook

akgraner has invited anyone contribute a section to the draft version.

Online Leadership Tutorial Sessions

These skills-based IRC workshops grow your leader's toolbox. Come and learn from your peers, share stories and tips, learn from the experience and professional training of others, and have a good time.

Coordinator: Cheesehead

Cheesehead put together a number of trainers and topics, and they are available if anyone wants to pick up this project. He's a bit busy to ressurect this dormant project.

Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

  • Appreciation day aims to rebuild bonds among all groups of community and sharing the spirit of each other. This can help to show community welcomness to newcomers, and making them much comfortable within the community. More information on project wikipage.

Goals per cycle


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