The Ubuntu Magazine Project's Table of Contents

This page represents the working model of our Table of Contents (aka TOC). We will use it to organize all of issue's contents. This is very much in draft and currently flexible.

The First Master TOC was created by:

  • Sara Vasquez (Tikal26)
  • Martin Pihl (P|hl)
  • Rich Johnson (nixternal)
  • Joey Stanford (Rinchen)

With input from the rest of the team. (At some point our names should be removed from here as more people provide input. --Joey)

Master TOC

1) About Ubuntu Magazine

  • Editors
  • Contributors
  • blah blah

2) This TOC! Smile :-)

3) Editor's letter (Jenda: editors' letter - we should cycle who writes that, but sure, if one person is up to it each time, then let it be so)

4) Letters to the Editor (Jenda: "Letters to the magazine" - I don't liek the idea of an 'editor' much, because that is IMO only necessary fr centralised commercial magazines)

5) Screenshots/Pictures of the Month/Quarther/etc

  • explanation with icon theme, karamba gdesklets themes, dowload links Info (!) - how many times have you seen a screenshot you really liked but couldn't get on your own desktop?

6) Interview

  • SABDFL (aka Mark Shuttleworth) (I think he said he won't interview us, but let us use any of his blogs... not sure though.
  • Canonical team members (Corey, Martin Pool, etc) (Jenda: WTF are canonical team members? Canonical employees? Ubuntu members?)

7) "Dev Sez"

  • Developer Corner - news, comments, etc. (Jenda: I think this is the newsletter's patch of farmland...)

8) Spotlight on the Community

  • not to repeat the behind the ubuntu interviews (Jenda: why not? we don't need 100% original content)

(seconded - often times there will be blog/newletter content that most everyone would be interested in, but either not aware of, or not subscribers to the other content --digitalmouse)

  • introduction of all ubuntu flavours - {K|Edu|X|Fl|N|...}ubuntu
  • explain we are all one community (Jenda: please expand... not sure what you mean. Is this a general section, or are we talking about one specific article?)

  • our main article, should be related to Spotlight on the community, for example the spotlight on the kubuntu team, intro to kubuntu
  • spotlight each team - their goals, their contributions - interaction with other community teams
  • The LoCo Teams

  • Regular Ubuntu Teams
    • Doc Team
    • MOTU and their MOTU school
    • Community Council
    • Marketing Team
    • Laptop / Hardware Testing Teams

(Jenda: the above three points are almost identical... please refine)

9) What's New/Headlines

(Jenda: perhaps more in the front?)

10) Application of the Month

  • a) Ubuntu applcation of the month
    • Special to ubuntu or maybe we can call this spotlight on ubuntu
    b) Kubuntu application of the month (Special to Kubuntu) c) Edubuntu app of the month d) Xubuntu App of the month

(Jenda: how about we always have an app of the month and cycle between the flavours of Ubuntu reasonably? (eg. Not so much for Nubuntu as for Ubuntu and Kubuntu))

11) How 2.0 (reviews/writeups/etc)

  • quick install howto
  • maybe do a comparison between different gnome and kde distro's to show Ubuntu stregnths (Jenda: not in the how2, IMO)

  • a tutorial on how to install new sofware diff for ubuntu and kubuntu)
  • spotlight synaptic and adept | or apt-get is the same for both (Jenda: redundant)

  • Using Rosetta
  • Using Malone
  • Using Launchpad
  • Using BZR

(Jenda: I think the last four are for a one-time outline within the community spotlight, not here in the how2, or perhaps in issue 2)

12) Upcoming Events

13) Links (Jenda: IMO, only context links are necessary. Let's not have another-list-of-links (TM))

  • (explain the difference between bugs and support?) or a section with listing on what users can do to help ubuntu, maybe we can get a list of tasks and links to it introduction to the wiki - forums - launchpad - irc | for support - communication - and to help out with Ubuntu

(Jenda: I disagree - this does not belong in the mag, and a simple link to the appropriate site does the job just as well)

Spread Throughout:

  • Ubuntu Hint Boxes | Hints created by the community for the community |

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