Ubuntu One Roadmap

Next Release

Ubuntu One planned features for Ubuntu 10.10, "Maverick Meerkat".


When it comes to consumer cloud services, whether they offer backup or sync, most only help with files. A digital life is made up of much more than just documents, spreadsheets and photos.

Ubuntu One is different - not only are we increasing the breadth of digital content you can backup and sync to your cloud, but we’re also focused on building services that help you enjoy that content in multiple ways. In terms of “breadth” - you can already sync files, contacts, bookmarks and notes. With the Ubuntu One Music Store, you’ve been able to appreciate the benefits of a music store that integrates directly with your personal cloud.

At Ubuntu 10.10, we'll take another leap in integrated personal cloud services: the ability to stream your music collection in your personal cloud to mobile devices. Other Ubuntu One 10.10 improvements will include access from new platforms and devices, significantly enhanced performance and better overall usability.

Ubuntu 10.10 Features

Here's a preview of what you can expect from Ubuntu One in the next few months. Much of this was discussed at UDS-M in Brussels. More information about these and other features will be posted to this page as we approach the Ubuntu 10.10 release.

Mobile music streaming

  • Store your music library in your personal cloud and stream to your mobile phone
  • Works with iPhone and Android devices
  • Uses Subsonic streaming technology - Visit for more information

  • Premium feature for paid subscribers

Mobile contacts sync

  • Refined log-in process to support Ubuntu Single Sign-On (SSO). No longer need a special username and password
  • Updated look and feel
  • Minor tweaks to the UI for better usability and more user feedback
  • Updates coming soon to mobile app marketplaces

Enhanced sync performance - Speed improvements for...

  • Regular sync activity such as enabling folders to sync
  • Adding folders with lots of files
  • First sync when adding a new computer

Windows file sync

  • Addresses the needs of the many Ubuntu users who operate in a mixed platform environment of Ubuntu + Windows
  • Will support syncing files between Windows desktops and your Ubuntu One personal cloud

Easier subscribe and login

  • Redesigned the desktop application for subscribe and log-in
  • Refined the interface for modifying Ubuntu One sync preferences and device management

Updated web dashboard

  • Brings more of your important information to the front including how much of your capacity is used by files, notes, contacts and bookmarks
  • Easier access to information about new features, setup instructions, and usage tips
  • First phase recently released into production for all users

Customer Support Improvements

When we started Ubuntu One, our customer support processes were designed for very early adopters and a low number of customers. Now that the service has grown and we’ve introduced new capabilities, we recognize that our customer support processes need to be enhanced. After UDS-M, we researched how Ubuntu One users were asking for customer support, what information they were looking for, and the practices of companies that stood out for their customer support to come up with ideas for improvement.

Throughout the rest of 2010, in addition to releasing many great, new features, the Ubuntu One team will implement new support resources that will make it easier for customers to get help when they need it. More details on these improvements are coming soon.


As always, we welcome any support with testing, triaging, and fixing bugs. Please review our contribution guidelines if you're interested in helping and trying out the latest features.

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