Welcome to UbuntuPS3 wiki page.

This wiki page is provided for users/developers of the PS3 port of Ubuntu.

If you require help/support installing or running Ubuntu Linux on your Playstation3TM you have come to the right place.


UbuntuPS3 is a port of the popular GNU/Linux distribution - Ubuntu. This port is built specifically to run on the Playstation3TM and should not be installed on other platforms - it probably won't anyway but you have been warned!

Latest Developments

Release Schedule

We follow the official IntrepidReleaseSchedule.


Only an alternate install disc is available of 8.10 for the PS3. Perhaps a LiveCD will be made available for 9.04.

For more information and details about old releases please see the releases section


Installation Guide

For detailed installation instructions, please read the installation Guide

Contact Details

The available ways of getting help now are:


  • Join us to discuss problems and related issues or just to chat. We have an IRC channel on irc.freenode.net

    Channel Name: #ubuntu-ps3


Development Mailing List

  • To take part in development discussion or to just keep up to date with progress join our mailing list

Report a Bug


All help is welcome. Remember you don't have to be a programming maniac to help. We require a lot of help testing builds and reporting bugs. If you want to help all you have to do is go to the IRC channel listed above and offer your services. There is no task too big or too small. Join the community and feel like you are making a difference.


  • We need developers! It's very early days for this community supported port and we need all the hands we can get to physically make the port stable and current. If you are a C coder - great, if you have scripting skills - great, if you have debian/ubuntu packaging skills - perfect! WE NEED YOU! Please subscribe to the development mailing list (see above) and ask how you can help. You may also find this email helpful in understanding how things currently work. The recommended path to get started is this:

    1. Get a Launchpad account. Make sure you provide some contact details - preferably an IRC nick so we can find you on Freenode.

    2. Get on the mailing list and if you like say hello/introduce yourself so we know your with us.

    3. Look over the bugs on our bug page. If there is something you'd like to work on and it's not currently assigned, assign it to yourself and set the status to IN PROGRESS. If there is something that is assigned but looks like there isn't much progress, send an email to the dev list and ask about it - it may be the person who was working on it is busy elsewhere and can't commit much time on it and would be glad to let you take over.

PS3 Developers Team

The Development Team exists mainly to have a PPA archive. If you need to be on this team in order to have access to the PPA, please contact one of the team administrators. You need proven/solid work on the port before your access is granted.


  • We need testers! The more feedback we have, the more we can build in stability and utility. Look out for announcements/developments on the mailing list (see above). If you find any issues raise a bug in our project bug tracker (see "Report a Bug" above).


  • If you can translate we would love to hear from you

Wiki Instructions

Suggestion Box

  • We are currently compiling a list of must have features for a complete install experience.

    The current list is available in the suggestion box



  • http://psubuntu.com - this is an unofficial ubuntu forum for PS3 users. It has an active forum and help can usually be found quickly. A good resource for problems covered to date.

Launchpad project

Kernel Upstream


  • http://ps2dev.org/ - Great site all about PS3, PS2, and PSP homebrew development. Features a forum, projects, and a wiki. A highlight for us PS3 dev folks is an attempt to document the PS3 hypervisor based on the commentary in the PS3 Linux kernel patches: http://wiki.ps2dev.org/ps3:hypervisor.

IBM Cell Resource Center on Developerworks

IBM Redbook - Programming the Cell Broadband Engine Examples and Best Practices

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