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(i) For Ubuntu Science and Packages see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuScience

Ubuntu science meta-packages would install sets of programs useful for particular researchers.

Existing meta-packages along this line are the Debian-Med packages for medical practitioners and medical researchers which are already in Ubuntu.

Rather than installing a meta-package one could just type sudo apt-get install and paste the packages you want from the lists below. For example to install the packages of ubuntu-scientist-base type

sudo apt-get install tetex-base tex-bin tetex-extras build-essential plotutils xfig latex-xft-fonts 

At the moment this is just a vague idea. It requires the input of many people.

If you know packages that are in the official ubuntu repositories that would be useful for your speciality please add them below.

Package Lists

Meta Package




basic stuff for everyone

tetex-base tex-bin tetex-extras build-essential plotutils xfig latex-xft-fonts


extra stuff

gnuplot grace lyx lyx-common lyx-qt preview-latex auctex pybibliographic hevea dia python-scipy gsl-bin djview texmacs maxima maxima-emacs xmaxima


stuff for biologists



stuff for chemists

gchemutils gdis ghemical openbabel chemtool mpqc


stuff for physics



stuff for engineers

octave scilab


stuff for geography, geophysics, geology, etc.

grass, qgis, postgres, gmt - see also: UbuntuGIS

ubuntu-scientist-your speciality

stuff for you

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UbuntuScientists a useful resource for scientist and science students using Ubuntu (or any other) Linux

UbuntuSciencePackages is a list of packages that are in the official Ubuntu Repositories that scientist use

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