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When : Friday, June 27, 19:00 UTC

Where : #ubuntu-meeting-2 on irc.feednode.net

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New Business

  1. Roles within the team
    • This is comming from UOS, I was think about roles like founder, deputies (if needed), go-to-people for program related questions (see here), ect. -- belkinsa 2014-06-20 13:37:14

  2. Goal updates/discussion
    • I still need to contact outside teams/groups to help us, mainly with Debian and Red Hat. -- belkinsa 2014-06-20 13:37:14

  3. Additional languages for communication in the Ubuntu scientists group.
    • From IRC conversation with Belkinsa at #ubuntu-scientists, she suggested to add additional languages to encourage participation from people who might be interested but do not have English language skills. Things to discuss: If it is necessary; which languages to add; how to handle or centralize the information, instructions, and results; How to use multiple language mailing list; etc. Aleo, searched for groups that use to languages but could not find any group that are currrently doing. -- aleoliva 2014-06-20 15:10:31

  4. Any Other Business (AOB)


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1) Roles within the team

The discussion about "1) Roles within the team" started at 19:15.

Roles within the team

The discussion about "Roles within the team" started at 19:15.

  • ACTION: Put wligtenberg on the wiki as an expert in data analysis using R and/or Python. wligtenberg

Review of the goals

The discussion about "Review of the goals" started at 19:22.

3) Other language support

The discussion about "3) Other language support" started at 19:23.

4) Any other business

The discussion about "4) Any other business" started at 19:24.

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    • Put wligtenberg on the wiki as an expert in data analysis using R and/or Python. wligtenberg

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  • 19:01 <wligtenberg> #startmeeting

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    19:01 <wligtenberg> Hi all, who is here for the Ubuntu Scientists Meeting

    19:02 <wligtenberg> belkinsa has asked me to chair this meeting, because she couldn't make it. Bruce will try to join later, but mentioned that he might not be able to make it on time.

    19:04 <wligtenberg> I will wait for a bit to see of other people will join.

    19:14 <wligtenberg> ok, unfortunately it seems that nobody else could join the meeting. But I myself had prepared the meeting and have some things to say about the topics that were put on the agenda.

    19:15 <wligtenberg> The agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuScientists/Meetings/Agenda/06282014

    19:15 <wligtenberg> #topic 1) Roles within the team

    19:15 <wligtenberg> #topic Roles within the team

    19:16 <wligtenberg> Smile :) ok, I thought it produced some output the last time I used the meeting bot Smile :)

    19:17 <wligtenberg> It was mentioned during the meeting on the UOS, that it might be helpful for new people if there are predefined roles, so that they might easily identify with one of the roles and know what they can do.

    19:18 <wligtenberg> In the agenda also the roles of deputy and founder are mentioned. The founder clearly is belkinsa, I know that I responded to her call for participation on some blog.

    19:18 <wligtenberg> Deputies I think are only useful if the group becomes bigger.

    19:19 <wligtenberg> Which leaves the third part: go-to-people for specific applications.

    19:19 <wligtenberg> Which I think is already one of the predefined roles that might help people if they want to join.

    19:20 <wligtenberg> I could imagine, that the go-to-people could be named application experts or field experts. Another role we could define is workflow editors: people writing about best practises using FLOSS.

    19:21 <wligtenberg> Now, I was going to ask if people had some other roles that we could define, but that is quite useless now.

    19:21 <wligtenberg> I have expertise in data analysis in both R and Python. And I would be happy to help people out with either of those applications. So I can be put onto the wiki as application expert in data analysis using R and Python.

    19:22 <wligtenberg> #action Put wligtenberg on the wiki as an expert in data analysis using R and/or Python. wligtenberg 19:22 * meetingology Put wligtenberg on the wiki as an expert in data analysis using R and/or Python. wligtenberg

    19:22 <wligtenberg> #topic Review of the goals

    19:23 <wligtenberg> We currently have listed 7 goals listed on the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuScientists

    19:23 <wligtenberg> Are there people who want to add any goals to the list (or remove goals)

    19:23 <wligtenberg> I would propose to reorder them according feasability:

    19:23 <wligtenberg> 1, 5, the rest is already quite a bit harder. So I guess we want to focus on those tasks.

    19:23 <wligtenberg> Also these tasks can be done mostly by putting information on a wiki.

    19:23 <wligtenberg> Then 3 and 4 might be tackled partly by publishing some success stories on the blog, and maybe also tell some personal stories about the members.

    19:23 <wligtenberg> 6 is something that can typically only be done by developers.

    19:23 <wligtenberg> 2 is a very difficult task, because they have already invested a lot in the current software that they use.

    19:23 <wligtenberg> 7 I am unsure what is meant by that

    19:23 <wligtenberg> #topic 3) Other language support

    19:24 <wligtenberg> It was brought up that we might want to also support other languages in order to attract people who do not master the English language.

    19:24 <wligtenberg> Personally, I think this is currently not an issue, the group is still growing and then spreading people across different languages will limit the amount of work we can do.

    19:24 <wligtenberg> Also, anyone who wants to pursue a career in science is almost expected to be able to understand English anyway, since most journals are in English.

    19:24 <wligtenberg> #topic 4) Any other business

    19:24 <wligtenberg> I have no other business to discuss

    19:24 <wligtenberg> Thanks all for this productive meeting Wink ;)

    19:25 <wligtenberg> I never had a meeting where people were so in agreement. Smile :)

    19:25 <wligtenberg> #endmeeting

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