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This spec describes Ubuntu's Small Business Server storage, a solution aimed at making it easy for non-technical businesses set up an Ubuntu based server for a simple but scalable storage solution.

Packages and tools to make configuring of a Small Business Server for Ubuntu as easy as possible.

Some goals:

  • Easy configuring and distributing document store and other mountable filesystem resorces for local and remote users
  • Easy configuring and distributing generic diskresources for virtual machines
  • Scalability, adding new resources with no limits and as little computer outage as possible
  • Scalability, scale when the company start up other locations
  • Security; encrypted, distributed, redundancy and backup-strategy

The process for investigation:

  1. Indentify best-of-bread solutions on the Ubuntu-platform for Ubuntu-servers and clients
  2. When this is done, check how to involve other client operatingsystems, check if there is any feature in Microsoft Small Business Server not adressed
  3. Make a full scale test


The free software universe in general, and Ubuntu in particular, already provides most of the tools and infrastructure components needed to fulfill the needs of small businesses. What we need is good integration between these components and easy configuration.

Use Cases

  • Jane is responsible primary for accounting, and secondary, IT at a small business and needs storage for Open ERP and indirect PostgreSQL.
  • John wants to be able to work at his home-desktop and on the train on his laptop (offline) and share the same documents that he has at his office workstation.
  • Steven finds out that he has done some major deletes by accident some days ago in one of the documents hes working with. He wants to be able to recover to an earlier version of his document using the file manager (Nautilus).
  • Rose wants to share documents with a) her colleagues in management b) all of her colleagues at office. This without compromise the integrity of information between these groups.
  • Matt discover that one storage server have severe hardvare malfunctions. The service agreement states that he has to send the computer to the service workshop. When he do so hes not compromising the business or industrial secrets, nor he creates computer outage.
  • Cathrine wants to add storage resources to the company network, she founds a storage server that can handle more disks so she buys some more large disks and adds them.
  • Tony is starting a branch office and connects his small network to cooperate with company network.


Storage and file servers. Announcing services, adding users and workstations. Administrating rights and adding resources. Implementing backup, redundancy and distribution.


* Avahi? * OpenAFS, GlusterFS....? * iSCSI ? * When to share and when to replicate

Backups of home-directories

  • Backintime, dirvish ???


Everything in this spec will likely be done as deb-packages that will fit in well with other Ubuntu distributed software.

BoF agenda and discussion


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