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Ubuntu Instant * Servers are specialized Ubuntu installations with pre-configured software sets geared toward specific services such as a Web Server, Groupware Server, or Source Control Server. Ubuntu Instant * Servers are aimed at providing users and administrators with a very simple method of very quickly installing servers and services on their network without needing to be an expert using the server/services in question. These Ubuntu Instant Servers would provide their intented service as well as a complete management interface for the service it provides.

These pre-configured software sets are not strictly enforced in that if someone would like to add or remove some package, they are free to do so. These sets are meant to get you up and running in the quickest possible time while providing you with a robust feature set. There are no strict rules. You can always customize further if you need.

This will be python or shell scripts which will provide us with two install options (Easy Instant and Advanced instant), and those script would be run the first time the system boots. Easy Instant and Advanced Instant are explained at first meeting summary, so please take a look there.


Get people new to Ubuntu, up and running with their own specific servers in under 30 minutes. Provide additional proof of Ubuntu's flexibility and ease of use.

Scope and Use Cases

  • MattCo needs a new web server. He installs core Ubuntu Server. The first time the system

    • boots he chooses Easy Instant/Ubuntu Instant WebServer and hosts web pages in matter of minutes (depending on his internet connection and computer) on rock solid Ubuntu Server.

  • TrihCo sysadmin wants to offer developers a SourceControlServer. The first time the

    • system boots he chooses Advanced Instant/Ubuntu Instant SourceControlServer, configure things throught wizard, and has a stable & optimized SourceControlserver in little time. Additionaly, he can always tune other things on his own.

The Ubuntu Instant * Servers

IRC channel

  • irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-server

Maintainers contact



  • The docteam are working on a Server Starter Guide (see ServerGuide) for Dapper that aims to be a beginner/semi-advanced guide to installing and configuring a Ubuntu server. If this project ends up going ahead it would be great to be "kept in the loop" so we can include information on it in the guide. - RobertStoffers

  • What features are you providing other than wrappers around 'apt-get install?' When I install apache today with apt, it is fairly well pre-configured. What would you fix? Should those fixes go to the apache deb as well? -KeithCurtis

  • Isn't the choice of source control or which database software a big religious debate you are wading right into? As for groupware, there are a lot of different choices. -KC
  • What about building software an Instant Server for media streaming in the home and content management? -KC
  • If a user is a beginner, I believe they will need the GUI and all the GUI tools. Windows servers ship with a GUI and I'm sure that is helpful to people. If they don't need the GUI, they might not need your help here either. Furthermore, there are a lot of administration tools which have GUIs now and more on the way. Therefore, as an alternative way of implementing this, what about adding a server section to gnome-app-install? -KC

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