This page reflects the current developmental Ubuntu Studio 11.10 artwork. If you're a user who would like to post your art please do so in our User Art section.

Please note that this release sees the project switching to XFCE so things here will be a little different.


Concept/Overarching thematic ideas. A "etched" look is what we're going for this release.

Example images: ubuntustudio-wallpaper2_IDEA2_final.jpg ubuntustudio-wallpaper2_IDEA4_final.jpg ubuntustudio-wallpaper2_IDEA5_final.jpg

Apologies in advance if I'm submitting my comment in the wrong space/time in the development cycle. These are 3 EXCELLENT wallpapers. Any chance that they could be included in 12.04 or released as source files for users to modify? Thank you.

  • Black or white text based on use.




Install Splash




  • 2560x1600px is a must. PNG is preferred but JPG with no visual compression artifacts is acceptable.
  • Image composition must work when used on a 4:3 (zoomed) setting where recognizable images are used. ie: Official logo. people cars, ect. Stuff people would notice looks odd out of aspect.
  • Generally logo use on the wallpaper is discouraged but something tasteful will always be considered.



UI Ideas

The plan is to 1st copy our GNOME layout using XFCE. Development will then continue with the "AWN Only" idea.

AWN Only (this will be short)

No panels or icons on the desktop. Just wallpaper and AWN.


This info is meant to guide users if they want to submit art to Ubuntu Studio as well as provide people with resources for Ubuntu Studio related projects.

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