This specification describes the development of a -lowlatency kernel that will be upload to the repository.


A tuned kernel for audio work that minimizes xruns and assists in providing lower, stable latencies would be extremely beneficial to Ubuntu Studio users as the default, shipped kernel (i.e. not requiring user to enable additional repositories and installing an additional kernel).

Use Cases

  • Most users will use the website to find the download link for new releases.
  • Users can visit or subscribe to News RSS feed for news and updates.
  • Educate non-users and encourage them to try Ubuntu Studio.
  • Provide access to tutorials and work flows to assist existing users.


This specification covers creating a new website theme, deploying the theme via ubuntustudio-dev website launchpad branch, and develop content on the website.


Acceptable Website Platform:

  • Durpal
  • Wordpress
  • Make a suggestion if an alternate platform is desired.

Required Pages:

  • home page
  • news - provides latest news and udpates
  • releases - provides links for ISO images
  • tutorials - provides tutorials and work flows for existing users
  • feature walkthrough - provides information for non-users to encourage use
  • help - provides avenues for users to acquire help (i.e. forums, IRC, mailing list, etc)
  • contribute - provide information how to contribute to development



A demo website, on the preferred platform, should be developed and refined through peer review.

Launchpad Branch

Once the demo site is approved then the appropriate code would need to be pushed to the website bzr branch hosted in Launchpad.

Content Development

Then content would need to developed in situ

Outstanding Issues

  • specification needs to be completed, reviewed, and approved
  • blueprint needs action items appended to it and assigned
  • further information is required for which code should be in bzr branch
  • more people need access to website to create content

BoF agenda and discussion

Further discussion can be scheduled as needed.


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