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About Me Name: Scott Lavender Email: <> IRC: ScottL or scott-work on Freenode Website: Ubuntu Forums: Scott L Launchpad: Scott Lavender

I started using computers in 1982 programming BASIC on an Apple ][ in junior high, even spending my lunch hour typing away to make some silly ASCII art rocket ship fly off the screen. Note that this is not the ][+ or the ][c and this was way before Macs. From there I moved onto a Commodore64 where my real inner geek developed.

While I have used Windows as I muddled throughout my life and my professional career I began using Linux with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 in January of 2008 (thanks PC Magazine!) and reawakened my inner geek. Suddenly life has meaning again.

Ubuntu Feisty was my first experience with Linux and I eagerly read and learned from, Ubuntu Forums, mailing lists and blog posts. You can see a specific subset of my accomplishments during this period below in Goals Accomplished.

During Hardy I became aware of Ubuntu Studio. This was a great interest to me as a musician and I spent the next year learning about Ubuntu Studio, the associated applications, and how to make and record music on my computer. Some of the results may be heard at my RPM Challenge page.

Discovering Ubuntu Studio was a momentous and life changing event for me. After I developed modicum of competency recording my own music I began to advocate to others about Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio, which I still perform currently.

But I felt that I needed to give back in a more direct and active manner to this phenomenon that had so richly impacted my life. Therefore, during Juanty I introduced myself to the Ubuntu Studio developer team and volunteered myself to help how ever I could.

I have been modestly involved with the Ubuntu Studio developer activities since that time.

Membership Application

This section provides pertinent information about my Membership application.

Summary of Contributions

Contributions for Ubuntu have been limited primarily to advocacy. However, contributions to Ubuntu Studio have been more expansive, including answering ubuntustudio-users email, filing bug reports, creating and/or filing Main Inclusion Reports (notably for JACK), packaging for back ports, helped keep audio applications current, updating Ubuntu Studio documentation, and helped organize Ubuntu Studio developer activies.

Launchpad Profile

My Launchpad profile can be found here.

Complete Descriptions of Ubuntu Contributions

This section will focus on my contributions to Ubuntu Studio based loosely on chronological order. However, they will be sorted by their initiation date and grouped together for completeness.

Introduction to Ubuntu Studio Developers

Ubuntu Studio Documentation

Main Inclusion Reports

Ubuntu Studio Developer Meetings


ISO Testing

Rakarrack in Ubuntu Studio

New Upstream for Hydrogen and Ardour

LV2 Application Inclusion Task

This not only included packaging and getting new applications into Ubuntu but also repacking existing applications with support for LV2 flagged.

  • Coordinated with quadrispro, who as a member of Debian Multimedia will continue to package new LV2 packages for Debian from task matrix

Ubuntu Studio forum at Ubuntu Forums

Updating Ubuntu Studio Website



Ubuntu Studio Mailing Lists

Ardour Mute Bug

gnome-network-admin Bug

Rakarrack Sync

Plans and Ideas

Near Future

  • Develop consistent communication with community
  • Address most common user complaints (gnome-network-admin bug and JACK/Pulse Audio integration)

  • Rebuild Ubuntu Studio team and fill positions
  • Update website
  • Create better testing documentation
  • Begin developing better working relationship with Debian Multimedia Team
  • Begin reducing delta between Ubuntu Studio packages and Debian packages (creates less work for Ubuntu Studio developers)
  • ubuntustudio-controls bug fixes and redesign

  • create "official" Ubuntu Studio backports PPA for rolling updates as applicable
  • Plan process to identify current Ubuntu Studio audience characteristics and needs
  • Begin improving Ubuntu Studio documentation

Far Future

  • Improve user testing rates
  • Continue developing better working relationship with Debian Multimedia Team
  • Continue reducing delta between Ubuntu Studio packages and Debian packages (creates less work for Ubuntu Studio developers)
  • Identify current Ubuntu Studio audience characteristics and needs
  • Adjust Ubuntu Studio scope to address current audience
  • Continue to improve Ubuntu Studio documentation
  • Identify, evaluate, and engage new audiences


I've been working with ScottL on Ubuntu Studio related tasks through the Karmic and Lucid cycles. Throughout this time he has demonstrated high levels of commitment and concern, and often ends up being *the* contact point to get things done. His work includes advocacy, support, coordination, administration, development, release management, marketing, testing, bug triage, and many more areas too diverse to count. I wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorse his application for Ubuntu Membership. @-- persia 2010-05-25 12:00:56@

Unfortantely I can't say very much about Scott's technical skills because our respective fields of interest are different. Nonetheless, he really surprised me for his presence, humility, never denying to do what is necessary for the Ubuntu Studio project. He has great organizational ability and I'm sure that, in the near future, he will also show a good job as leader. He also demonstrates good diligence in the learning process. So I strongly encourage the Board to approve his application. @-- abogani 2010-05-25 19:20:02@

In the time that I have worked with Scott, I have seen some great work done, mostly for the UbuntuStudio project. Scott has been willing to learn, is willing to lead, and has been very keen to see free software, particularly the UbuntuStudio project succeed. I am sure that Scott will continue to do great things for the Ubuntu community and the UbuntuStudio project. I am more than happy to recommend Scott for Ubuntu membership. @-- themuso 2010-05-26 11:19:12@

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