Meeting opened by akgraner at 23:01

  • <akgraner> hi everyone thanks for joining the news team meeting

    <akgraner> the agenda for this meeting can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Meetings

    <akgraner> we may not go in that exact order as I'll do my best to group related topics together

    <akgraner> so who is here for the meeting?

    <cjohnston> o/

    <cjohnston> yay

    <cjohnston> what do i win

    <akgraner> ok so it's been a while since our last meeting and there are many new and exciting things

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - Improving UWN Survey Results

- Improving UWN Survey Results

  • <akgraner> not sure how many of you all were able to review this results, but based on these answers (as well as the free form answers - which I still need to send to the list), I wanted to propose various changes to the UWN template

    <akgraner> any comments so far from anyone who has reviewed the survey results?

    <cjohnston> nope

    <akgraner> if you get a chance please look over the survey and should you have comments or questions please bring them up - before Monday (as this is when the next issue will be released)

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - Revising UWN Template Based on Survey Feedback

- Revising UWN Template Based on Survey Feedback

  • <akgraner> the link above is the current UWN Template

    <akgraner> I had every intention showing an example of the new proposed template but I ran out of daylight - I'll work on that one tonight before I send the logs out so everyone will have a chance to see it before publication on Monday

    <akgraner> You can see from the survey which sections are the least read

    <cjohnston> I'm assuming the ones with the highest vote of not read are going to be cut?

    <pleia2> I think it's worth noting that even ones which "weren't read" much we still have 50+ people saying they read them

    <akgraner> these sections - Monthly team reports, Upcoming Meetings and events, updates and security, for example can be represented with links to those wiki pages/archives/calendars rather than listing them all out

    <pleia2> 14% (the lowest) of readers is nothing to sneeze at

    <akgraner> pleia2, correct - but the biggest complaint is UWN is too long

  • pleia2 nods

    <pleia2> events and updates I absolutely agree should be put elsewhere - not least of which because they sometimes change

    <akgraner> so if on the fridge we are giving links to the sections that are listed in "In this Issue" so people can just click on the sections they want to read, my thought was this would fit into that model really well

    <pleia2> and raising the profile of the community calendars is always a good idea Smile :)

    <akgraner> pleia2, yeppers exactly Smile :-) if we can drive more traffic and raise the awareness of various Ubuntu resources that are available then as I see it it's a win-win

    <internalkernel> o/

    <internalkernel> sorry...

    <akgraner> internalkernel, no worries - just glad you could join the meeting

    <akgraner> so how does this sound- I'll revise the template and let everyone compare/contrast the two version - and offer feedback between now and Sunday. How does that sound to everyone?

    <cjohnston> +1

    <internalkernel> +1

    <pleia2> +1

    <akgraner> [ACTION] akgraner to revise UWN template and send link with meeting logs to mailing list

akgraner to revise UWN template and send link with meeting logs to mailing list

  • <akgraner> [TOPIC] - Rotating Editing Publishers List

- Rotating Editing Publishers List

  • <akgraner> which brings me to the next topic - who wants to learn to publish UWN so no one person is always responsible to getting the final version out

    <cjohnston> I will

    <pleia2> I would like to learn the process, but it would be difficult for me to find the time to actually step up and be a regular, rotating editor

    <zkriesse> oop, Im here now

    <akgraner> the following *topics* on the agenda sorta fall within this topic for discussion so here is what I was thinking

    <internalkernel> pleia2: ditto...

    <akgraner> 1) revise the steps so they aren't so intimidating at first glance

    <akgraner> 2) break up the process so various team members can publish/update some of the areas at the same time - ie one person posting to fridge, while someone else is posting to forums, and someone else is sending to mailing list etc

    <akgraner> so instead of it being step 1, step 2, step 3 etc

    <pleia2> making it modular does make sense

    <akgraner> all those steps can be done by different people - then people rotate those areas and by doing this every eventually learns all the steps anyway

    <akgraner> without it being an overwhelming or all day process for someone

    <akgraner> also by making it easier for people to contribute, simplify the how, as well as mentioned earlier revise the template to make it easier to edit etc

    <akgraner> then it should in theory at least, not burn anyone out

    <akgraner> thoughts?

    <pleia2> sounds good

    <cjohnston> sounds good

    <akgraner> nhandler, ping are you available?

    <akgraner> nhandler, had listed a couple topics about the team reports for UWN and the reporting process - we'll skip those for now and come back to them if there is time

    <akgraner> anything else about UWN before we move onto the Fridge topics?

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - ubuntu-news.org / Fridge

- ubuntu-news.org / Fridge

  • <cjohnston> Is it going to be UN?

    <cjohnston> sorry

    <akgraner> ahh thanks for the reminder

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] Proposed UWN name change and publishing schedule

Proposed UWN name change and publishing schedule

  • <akgraner> so when I talked to jono about me stepping down as Editor in Chief - one of the things we discussed was publishing bi-weekly and changing the name to Ubuntu Newsletter

    <cjohnston> +1

    <akgraner> any other thoughts? comments? other ideas?

    <akgraner> as I am not going to be able to contribute as much this cycle the burden for publishing really falls to you all and the rest of the team - so this was not a decision I wanted to make for everyone

    <pleia2> seems like a good idea

    <internalkernel> +1 as well

    <pleia2> if the number of commited volunteers increases we can go back to it being weekly, but calling it "Ubuntu Weekly News" removes the burden of having to do it weekly

    <akgraner> nods

    <pleia2> I think right now we simply don't have a choice, we can't do it weekly with the team we have

    <akgraner> nods

    <internalkernel> and theres something to be said about being a bit more picky about content and a larger window makes that available

    <akgraner> correct as well

    <akgraner> anything else on UWN before we move back to the fridge topic?

    <pleia2> (btw: I am working on the natty post for the fridge at the moment)

    <pleia2> alpha1

    <akgraner> pleia2, thanks - yep I just posted it for work before the meeting

    <akgraner> pleia2, thank you!

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] ubuntu-news.org /fridge

ubuntu-news.org /fridge

  • <akgraner> ok so ubuntu-news.org site code has been reviewed by the Canonical IS team and we have been provided a link to the test site on the Canonical Servers

    <akgraner> I know myself, pleia2, and nhandler have had the opportunity to *test* the new Fridge on the Canonical server - what other Fridge Editors would like access before we go live with this?

    <akgraner> also pleia2 and nhandler besides SSO issues is there any other questions or comments that we need to send to IS?

    <pleia2> I haven't tested actually making a post, I'd like to do so with an image to make sure that's all working ok

    <akgraner> oh live being what you see on ubuntu-news.org (which is already live and being maintained) becomes fridge.ubuntu.com

    <akgraner> I hope that makes sense and y'all know what I mean?

    <akgraner> pleia2, +1 - I was going to test links and stuff this weekend as well

    <akgraner> pleia2, can I list you in addition to me as a contact for the other fridge editors to contact if they want access to test site?

    <pleia2> akgraner: yep

    <akgraner> great thanks!

    <pleia2> and I should be available more this month, december is my peaceful month Smile :)

    <akgraner> nhandler has also taken the time to write up a "How to Contribute to the Fridge" document. For some reason I am not finding the link to it but will include it in the logs

    <pleia2> I think it's still private (unless it was moved to the wiki?)

    <akgraner> iirc it's ready to be moved over, but I'll double check before posting it publicly

  • pleia2 nods

    <akgraner> so is there any questions, comments, thoughts about the ubuntu-news.org or fridge.ubuntu.com sites?

    <pleia2> thank you for spending so much time working with canonical to make this happen Smile :)

    <internalkernel> what pleia2 said, thanks!

    <akgraner> Most welcome - I learned a lot - about websites, Canonical IS and even myself Smile :-) So, I know we need some more active Fridge Editors suggestions on how to make this happen?

    <nhandler> o/

    <akgraner> right now I think nhandler, pleia2 and highvoltage are the ones contributing - I know there is a process, does the process need revising? Or do the current fridge editors just need to nominate more people?

    <nhandler> Sorry about being late, I thought the meeting was an hour later for some reason

    <pleia2> the process has people nominate themselves and then we bring them on board

    <akgraner> hey nhandler you made it! Yay! (if no one minds staying 15-20 minutes longer we can circle back around to nhandler 's topics.

    <akgraner> nhandler, daylight savings time seems to have messed up a couple of the meeting times (sorry I thought I had fixed them all)

    <nhandler> akgraner: No problem. I'll read the backlog and give feedback/comments where appropriate later

    <akgraner> nhandler, thank you!

    <nhandler> m/51

    <cjohnston> Should UN publishers have fridge access?

    <nhandler> I think that came up a few meetings ago

    <cjohnston> Well, now that we are going to a rotating publisher model thing

    <nhandler> I thought we determined that they could definitely go ahead and apply and go through the training process, but it shouldn't just be automatic

    <cjohnston> ok

    <pleia2> nhandler: +1

    <akgraner> nhandler, yep I was going to say that

    <akgraner> also with the Fridge being a WP site we can give new publisher - fridge access to only contribute and posts will have to be reviewed before they are posted

    <nhandler> Yep. FYI, we have an ubuntu account (username: ubuntu pass:ubuntu) that does just that

    <akgraner> then they can go from contributor, to author, to editor (i think that is the right order)

    <nhandler> Yep akgraner

    <akgraner> nhandler, that reminds me is your how to contribute to the fridge guide ready to go to the wiki?

    <nhandler> akgraner: I have it on the wiki (link on the agenda). Can we bring up that agenda item?

    <akgraner> I wanted to include a link to the information in the meeting minutes - I am going to send out later tonight

    <akgraner> yep one sec and we will be there Smile :-)

    <nhandler> Smile :)

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] Revising Ubuntu News Team Wiki Pages

Revising Ubuntu News Team Wiki Pages

  • <akgraner> so as some of you maybe painfully aware there is a new wiki theme - and as such some of the pages really need a facelift

    <akgraner> also some of the pages haven't been touched since 2008

    <akgraner> many of the pages need to be consolidated or moved under a different page etc

    <akgraner> while none of the tasks are terrible hard - they are time consuming

    <akgraner> so I was thinking we need 1) a list of pages that need fixing so people can grab a task and just do it and 2) prior to that list being made come up with some sort of guidelines for how we want the team represented on the wikis

    <akgraner> thoughts?

    <cjohnston> I must go.. if something comes up that my input is needed (haha) call me

    <akgraner> cjohnston, thank you! and will do!

    <pleia2> akgraner: presumably these are all the pages under and linked to /NewsTeam ?

    <nhandler> One thing that I noticed the other day is that a lot of stuff is clumped under the UWN namespace. I think we definitely need to try and use the NewsTeam namespace as much as possible

    <nhandler> pleia2: We have UWN and Fridge namespaces as well

  • pleia2 nods

    <akgraner> I agree

    <akgraner> I was just getting information on a page when I was updating stuff

    <akgraner> and figure it was easier for someone to change a namespace than create the wiki from scratch

    <nhandler> +1 akgraner

    <akgraner> nhandler, do you have time to work on News Team Wiki generic organization guide?

    <akgraner> so people who like working on wikis can see the suggested guide and know where they need to move stuff etc

    <nhandler> akgraner: I could create a basic guide

    <akgraner> or if someone is adding a page they sorta have a better idea of where something needs to go? Or maybe I am just making it to complicated and we just need a todo list?

    <nhandler> akgraner: Most of it should be self-explanatory, but cleaning up the namespaces (maybe moving Fridge and UWN below NewsTeam might help)

    <akgraner> nhandler, so let's go with an action item for you to cleanup namespaces and then go from there

    <akgraner> (I'll help where I can as well)

    <nhandler> Sounds good (and thanks)

    <akgraner> nhandler, thanks - hope that wasn't a terrible volun-told thing - sorry if it sounded that way

    <akgraner> [ACTION] nhandler to cleanup news team wiki page namespaces

nhandler to cleanup news team wiki page namespaces

  • <akgraner> [TOPIC] - How To Contribute to The Fridge Guide

- How To Contribute to The Fridge Guide

  • <nhandler> We had talked about converting it to be more bullet list like (instead of paragraphs), but I haven't had the time

    <nhandler> It could also use more people looking it over and making corrections/suggestions where necessary

    <akgraner> nhandler, thank you so much for drafting this up.

    <nhandler> So the agenda item was mainly just to toss the link out and ask people to look it over and provide feedback and help make changes

    <nhandler> akgraner: No problem. Thank you and pleia2 for looking it over earlier

    <nhandler> Any comments/questions?

    <akgraner> [ACTION] - News Team needs to review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Submit and give feedback

- News Team needs to review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Submit and give feedback

  • <nhandler> akgraner: Once it is reviewd, it might be helpful to link to it from the actual fridge

    <akgraner> +1

  • nhandler has nothing else for this topic tonight

    <akgraner> nhandler, can you email any questions, comments thoughts etc that I need to add to the list for IS about the test site?

    <nhandler> akgraner: Yeah. When are you sending that?

    <akgraner> Shooting for Monday

    <akgraner> is that doable for you?

    <akgraner> I can delay if I need too?

    <nhandler> akgraner: Should be. Just give me a poke over the weekend if I don't have it to you by then

    <akgraner> k thanks!

    <nhandler> If nobody else is around now, or if you want, we can bring some of my other agenda items to the ML

    <pleia2> I'm still here, but ML is fine too

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - Request for feedback on Interview Script on ubuntu-news.org/future fridge

- Request for feedback on Interview Script on ubuntu-news.org/future fridge

  • <akgraner> nhandler, pleia2 yep was going to post these to ML as well Smile :-)

    <internalkernel> im here too

    <akgraner> oh sorry internalkernel wasn't trying to leave ya out

    <internalkernel> lol... no worries

    <nhandler> The interview script parses https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Interviews for the most recent interview. If it is from a white-listed site, it is posted as a blog post to the fridge and added to http://ubuntu-news.org/interview/

    <nhandler> One issue I still can't think of a good solution for is dealing with stuff like FCM (that uses a pdf)

    <akgraner> nhandler, so you are needing the team to review this as well right?

    <nhandler> I'd also appreciate some feedback on whether the team thinks this script is useful and if anything should be changed

    <nhandler> akgraner: Yep

    <nhandler> And making them aware of its existance

    <akgraner> [ACTION] - News Team needs to review interview script and give nhandler feedback

- News Team needs to review interview script and give nhandler feedback

  • sladen arrives, sorry for being late

    <akgraner> hi sladen no worries - thanks for joining!

    <akgraner> so there are two more topics do you all want to discuss them now or just add them to the minutes from the meeting as ask for feedback there?

    <akgraner> I can stick around for about 10 more minutes then I have to run

    <nhandler> akgraner: It might be best to have them as separate threads on the ML to keep things organized

    <internalkernel> either way for me

    <akgraner> nhandler, yep - I'll list the minutes then note for discussion there are separate discussion threads

    <nhandler> Thanks akgraner.

    <akgraner> well it is late and we've gone about 30 minutes longer than normal - so here is the big question before we end the meeting

    <akgraner> who would like to be the 1st rotating publishing editor to publish UWN on Monday

    <akgraner> (I can help train on Sunday and get it all ready for Monday, but I am traveling for work on Monday)

    <akgraner> ok - I'll ask in the meeting minutes/notes as well Smile :-)

    <akgraner> anything else from anyone before we adjourn the meeting?

    <nhandler> akgraner: I can "publish" monday, but I would not be able to do the actual writing of the sections the editor normaly does for UWN

    <internalkernel> I'll help do the sections - is there anythign up for Monday yet?

    <internalkernel> I'll be available on Sunday for working with you akgraner

    <akgraner> nhandler, awesome! internalkernel nope but I'll get it all set up for everyone

    <internalkernel> if your gong to be at the wnclug on sat, we can go over some stuff there...

    <akgraner> internalkernel, I'll see what I can do..

    <akgraner> Do we need to meet again this month or Just wait til January?

    <akgraner> (promise my last question)

    <nhandler> akgraner: Wait until January (we have the holidays). But we might want to try and use the ML a bit more to keep everyone on the same page

  • nhandler is at fault there a bit

    <akgraner> nhandler, agree - I am guilty as well.

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] Next meeting January 6th, 2011

Next meeting January 6th, 2011

  • <akgraner> who wants to chair the meeting?

    <nhandler> akgraner: Might be best to sort that out a bit closer to the meeting (things have a habit of coming up last minute for people here)

    <akgraner> not a problem just wanted everyone to start thinking about it Smile :-)

    <nhandler> Smile :)

    <akgraner> ok thanks everyone! Great Meeting!

    <akgraner> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 00:32

People Present

  • akgraner
  • cjohnston
  • pleia2
  • internalkernel
  • zkriesse
  • nhandler
  • sladen

Actions Recorded

  • akgraner to revise UWN template and send link with meeting logs to mailing list
  • nhandler to cleanup news team wiki page namespaces
  • - News Team needs to review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Submit and give feedback

  • - News Team needs to review interview script and give nhandler feedback

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