The FAQ contains questions which are most commonly asked about the group, this is a great place to start when looking for information about the group!

Joining the Group

Q. Do I need to become a member before I start interacting with the community?

A. No, feel free to talk with other members in the IRC channel. We are a completely open team!

Q. I am an adult, can I still join the group?

A. This depends upon your age and intentions, if you ask in the IRC channel we will be able to ascertain whether you will be an appropriate member in the group.

Ubuntu Wiki

Q. I do not have a Wiki page, how can I create one?

A. Read the guide on creating your own Wiki page..


Q. How can I join the IRC channel?

A. You need to install an IRC client. In Ubuntu go to the Ubuntu Software Centre and search for xChat, install it. When it's done join the Ubuntu server. (irc.freenode.net) Type /join #ubuntu-youth and it will enter you into the channel. If you need some more help, see the guide.

Q. How do I register my nickname?

A. Type /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER - Follow the prompts NickServ sends you.


Q. How do I create a Launchpad account?

A. Go to Launchpad and fill out the signup form.

Q. How can I join the UbuntuYouth group on Launchpad?

A. Go to the UbuntuYouth group page and click join.

Ubuntu Youth Forums

Q. Why should I join the forum?

A. The forum lets you get help from a wide range of users, although it can take days for a response.


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