About Us

The Ubuntu Youth team has quite a few goals and purposes. The guidlines are not only for the group as a whole, but for individuals within the group itself. More details may be added from time to time, but the general aims of the group will remain the same.

Aims & Goals

» To provide a safe, friendly and informative environment for young people. They may already use Ubuntu or wish to learn how to use Ubuntu. (No previous experience is required!)

» To teach all members how to use IRC, Launchpad and the Ubuntu Forums to obtain the help and information they need.

» To help new and existing members find answers to their questions and solve their problems, whenever possible.

» To get members involved in other communities if they feel comfortable in doing so.

Members' Promise

» To follow the Ubuntu CoC (Code of Conduct).

» Be polite at all times and provide help whenever you feel comfortable in doing so.

» Attend the team meetings when possible.


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