The Team

What is this team for?

The Unanswered Posts Team is a specialized team here on the forums dealing with one thing: Topics with zero replies. (aka. empty topics.) The team goal is to try to answer as many unanswered posts on the forums as possible, dealing in subjects ranging from installing Ubuntu to configuring video cards. The less empty topics there are, the better. We don't want users to go away from the forums thinking that no one cares about their topic or problem.

What makes this team different from the Beginners and Hardware teams?

The Beginners team will specialize with posts in Absolute Beginner Talk, and the Hardware team will deal with anything relating to hardware, such as wireless, graphics cards, etc. The Unanswered Posts team will overlap in both areas, as needed, and will collaborate with the Hardware and Beginners teams whenever necessary.

What can I get for being on the team?

The main thing you get for joining the team is a sense of pride. Your support on the team is valued on the forums, and the people whose questions you answer will be grateful for it.

Searching and Posting

Is there an easy way to find unanswered topics and posts?

Yes! Please see SearchLinks for some helpful search tools.


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